Clownfish That Look like Cows?! (Also, Addressing a Concern…)

Introducing the Black Storm Clownfish, I am lucky to be one of the first people to own these clownfish in their home!
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Also, addressing concerns about my animals safety.
**I'm aware of the hair algae in my 150. I am running gfo and carbon and it still wasn't doing the trick.. I'm now changing the lighting schedule and I added a refugium. Hopefully that'll do the trick :) I think I just have been running the lights too long ever since I moved. Gotta get that fixed!
i know my eyebrows are uneven there's a reason i'm not a beauty guru ok.
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Hey what's up guys so i'm still kind of . unpacking it's been like a month i keep . thinking i just moved in and i keep . using that excuse like when people come . to visit i'm like i just moved in sorry . about the mess and then i realized i've . been here for like a month and a half . i just am lazy coming to that conclusion . pretty quickly here and i need to go . ahead and unpack my stuff before i've . been here for a year and i'm still . apologizing for just moving in my place. is still kind of messy but just to ease . some people's worries a lot of people . seem to be really worried about my . animals people seem to be really . concerned that i'm keeping animals in . the dark and like stacked up in like . really awful conditions or on boxes or . all these weird weird weird accusations. so i just wanted to clear it up really . quick so people stop worrying about my . animals and know that they're safe i . always have some weird intro that has . nothing to do with the rest of the video . but i guess that's just my thing but . yeah real quick before this video starts . yeah i hear my animals let's uh look at . them real quick over here's my . freshwater tank . everyone's looking good all the betas . are accounted for there's one beta right . there one right there and the other ones . down there my leopard bush fish is still . doing great everyone's doing great sweet . there's cole whose enclosure it always . looks like that here the snakes bottom . ones a new snake top ones a new snake . we'll talk about that in a little bit . maui louie . here's sabor who looks like you did a . nice little poop right there so that's . great but as you can see yes they aren't . on a rack right now they are on the . ground because my rack is being made . right now it's being custom made it's . gonna be an amazing rack but all the . cages are clean all the cages are good . they all have delighting they need and. the heating they need they're all doing. fine here's my 30 gallon tank here's a . zoo coming out because he thinks it's . time to eat here's another new animal . we'll talk about that in another video . this is the room that people are most . concerned about it is a closet that has . all my animal supplies in it and for now . just to keep the mouse smell away from . my snakes my my mouse is in my closet . and i have a light in here that'll you . know represent the daylight for him for . now i also have a light right here . that's a uvb light it comes . during the day it's getting pretty late . so i turned it off that one's for the . hedgehog but it does shine into the side . of his enclosure so yes he's in a closet . but he's not in a dark little closet . suffering he's doing just fine and i . keep him in here so the snakes don't . smell them and try to eat them then we . have ella in that enclosure drogo and . daenerys in that enclosure bhindi in . that enclosure you can see her right . there her enclosures looking great over . here is celia's enclosure king snake . crested gecko kenyan sand boa . the tarantula enclosure and the pac-man . frog leopard gecko down there other king . snake in there other crested geckos in. there so as you can see no they aren't . on their shelves yet but that does not . mean they're being neglected they're . doing fine all the animals are doing . just fine and then my axolotl mushu is . in the kitchen my 150 gallons in the . living room and my cats have a bathroom . to their selves for now it has a heated . area that has a heater in a cool area . and a heating pad for them to sleep on . kitten load her food water milk . everything so my animals are fine i . understand you guys are concerns about. animals well-being and you know always . want the best for the animals i promise . you that all my animals are doing fine . and we please stop worrying about them . hopefully that cleared up the confusion . about where my animals are right now. since i don't have my shelving yet so . yeah a million minutes later let's get . into the topic of this video shall we my . intros are so long i think i can make a . whole video that's like 30 minutes long . just of my intros like a collection of . all my intros and it would be like 30 . minutes long because my intros are the . longest part of the video if we're being . honest yikes topic of this video i got . from sea and reef aquaculture two . amazing beautiful clownfish and i got . these guys like three months ago and . i've been wanting to film this video for . a little bit and i just keep having . different things pop up that i'm like oh . i need to address this first oh i want . to make this first blah blah blah so i'm . finally getting around to doing it and . i'm super excited so seeing reef is . breeding they're da vinci ocellaris . clownfish with some all-black ocellaris. clownfish and they were really surprised . one of the eggs hatched this . crazy-looking clownfish . they really thought it was one of these . one-in-a-million never can replicate. clownfish but they went ahead and tried . to breathe that clownfish with some . other black ocellaris a--'s and they . were surprised when they came up with a . whole new morph of clownfish so these . guys i've actually been watching for . over a year i remember when i first saw . pictures leaked of them and i like 2016 . and i was like i am going to get that . fish and literally for like a year i was . always checking up online trying to see . if those fish were available yet and . just never they were never becoming . available but then out of nowhere like i . was scrolling through my emails and i . saw something about black storm . clownfish limited supply whatever so i . clicked on it and i had realized that . they had about 15 i think they had about . 15 babies for sale it was a first sale . that they were ever doing and those 15 . were the only 15 in the entire world . that they were selling now it may not be . exactly 15 i don't remember the exact . amount but what i'm trying to get it is . that there was a very small amount of . these fish available for the entire . world and that they were just doing a . limited release and then you know later . on they're gonna release them you know . to the public i jumped on it and i was . so so lucky to get two of these sent to. me they are beautiful and when they came . i was just i was so happy they were . beautiful little cows and it just it . goes so well with cheese because you . know cheese is a cow fish and now i have . two more cow moos i think the most . perfect fish in the whole world though. would be cheese mixed with these like if . we can get a cheese that was white with . black spots what am i saying i'm sorry . cheese is already the perfect fish . anyway so let's first show you the . footage of me receiving them and this is . back when i lived in my old house and . then we'll catch you up to present day . when they are right over there okay guys . it's hard to do this with one hand but i . wanted to like film okay never mind . that's not happening i just want to say . right now before i open this if they're . dead i will cry that's a good joke guys . oh it has the little cat on it i love it . okay they're so little oh my god they're . perfect it's hard to see cuz of the tank . right now but they're so perfect and i . love them hey baby i don't need to freak . out everything's okay someone jokingly . told me to name him milk on my twitter . so i'm literally gonna name him milk so . i could have milk and cheese i love him . so much . look at him. i'm in la oh my god he's so cute . i love you too this one's a little . younger you could see the size . difference if these two pair up this one . would be the female and that one would . be the male so milk would actually be a . girl cuz the bigger one when they grow . up whichever one's the biggest is . normally the one that becomes the female . oh they're so cute i love them i love . what i spend my money on . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. all right so now i'm in the living room . with my babies geez say hi i know that's . why people are watching this video hey . cheese can you introduce your tank mate . to the people watching the new look on . fish can you introduce them no oh look . at here food no there's one man get . airwing oh there's there's both of them . you've seen the video thanks for . watching make sure to comment rate and . subscribe. geez come here so i can kiss you okay . i'll take that as a kiss thank you . so okay um was i saying about these fish . yeah so these fish aren't available to . the public yet i don't know when they're . going to be available to the public no . clue but keep an eye out check out see . and read fava culture they have a lot of . cool captive bred fish which is always . my favorite way to go with saltwater is . captive bred i know it can't always be . done sadly like cheese wasn't captive . bred yes cheese was taken from the ocean . but i think he has a really good life i . think he's doing pretty well i tried my . best not to give all my money to wild . caught fish but i know we had it just . does happen sometimes cuz it's just . that's where the industry is at right . now or not to the point where . everything's captive bred i do have a . number of fish that aren't have to bred . yeah but i do have a lot that are . captive bred as well and i always will. you know push that whenever the . opportunity arises. so check out sea and real aquaculture . yeah keep an eye out for these awesome . fish because the cool thing about them . is even though they are a whole new . morph and that they were captive bred . they do know how to host they hosted . enemies are very well actually i always . say an enemy wrong i'm 20 years old and . i say an enemy instead of an m&e i'm . trying to correct myself i don't know . why my brain always wants to say an . enemy instead of an m&e there are some. fish that i really don't like getting . wild caught specifically like i don't . have any yellow tangs and i don't have . any blue tangs because i do think they. are over fished at this point but there . are some fish that you know they don't . over fish so it's not that bad because . population control so yeah that's that's. these fish and thank you so much for . watching and i hope you enjoyed looking . at these little cow fish because they're . adorable. there's . adorable and i think they're the cutest . little fish other other than cheese is . this single microphone more than cheese . i know he's listening so yeah thank you . guys so much for watching and subscribe . if you haven't subscribed yet if you . like fish if you like reptiles if you . like cats cuz guess what i have cats now . i'm a cat lady if you like animals . subscribe to my channel and i will make . sure you enjoy some cute animal videos . so yeah thank you guys so much for . watching i love you guys so much thank . you bye okay guys let's go show you . these guys these guys guys okay guys . let's go i wonder why people think i'm . on drugs. [music]. .
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