Dogs Try the Viral Egg Challenge

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The egg challenge is a viral challenge where you place a raw egg in a dog's mouth, and see if they can keep it without cracking it. The test is supposed to prove your dog has a soft mouth. It first started with golden retrievers since the "softly-mouthed" breed were trained to fetch hunting kill. With the knowledge that consuming a raw egg could cause salmonella, we cautiously tried the egg challenge ourselves.
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[music]. [music]. the term soft mouth comes from the . hunting world and retrievers have been . bred to retrieve the game or go get the . game and bring it back it simply is the . ability to retrieve and return game that . has been killed in the field without . damage. [music]. i only saw online dogs that seemed to be . successful at this challenge i didn't . see many failures so i don't know if. that really means that these retrievers . that don't squash an egg would in fact . successfully retrieve game without. damaging the game specimen but it's kind . of fun. of course the skeptic in me says how do . you know those things aren't hard-boiled . the other thing to think about with this . egg challenge is one of the reasons that . we cook eggs is to protect ourselves . from salmonella dogs can get salmonella . too after watching all these people try . the test i decided to try the egg . challenge for myself with my dog i do . have a labrador retriever so i think . he's gonna have no problem passing the . test that i am just not sure if he will . put it out there in fact i am going to . watch the egg before i put it on hold it . oh no i said that didn't go so well but . i think it was my fault because i should . have trusted him i am going to give it . another try . [music]. jojo okay i tried three times he just . doesn't want to put into his mouth and . i'm not gonna force him i guess he would . not be able to go retrieve games or . hunters but it doesn't matter because we . love him anyway and we don't need him . for that . you . .
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