Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their Home During Hurricane | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S02E01

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Family Brings Baby Cow Into Their Home During A Hurricane | This tiny baby cow was spotted in a flooded field after Hurricane Harvey. She was very sick, but she fought so hard get better. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, watch how Harveigh bounced back and grew up to be a happy, sassy cow who has the run of the house β€” all thanks to her rescuers, and her friendship with a very special pit bull. **UPDATE** We received news that Harveigh got sick suddenly and was admitted to the hospital a few days ago. Sending her and her family all our love. To keep up with Harveigh and Sealy, you can follow @harveighthecow ( and check them out on Instagram: You can learn more about Fort Bend Pets Alive here:
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Hi . she just soaks it everything around her . now her odds were against her from the . beginning . i named her harvey after hurricane . harvey devastating flooding because of . the speed at which this storm is moving . it was getting bigger and stronger and . moving closer we made it through the . hurricane okay but then the flooding is . really what destroyed our our city my . husband noticed there was a little cap. and a puddle of water oh in our pasture . that was starting to flood my husband . went out there and just came right in . the laundry room and laid her down the . first thing i did was try to get her . warm she was shaking she was wet her . mouth was ice-cold her body temperature . was extremely low i told our friends . that were here you know she's probably . not gonna make it don't get too attached . i made a call to see lee's vet she told . me just to let see lee come in see lee . didn't have a mom and see lee was . abandoned it was the same thing that . harvey was going through it just made . sense to let see lee in the larger room . she immediately went over there and . started licking her face kind of like . her mom would do her little eyes opened . she just really stayed by her side . [music]. celie made harvey feel safe so i let all . seven dogs in and they all took their . turn just kissing her and smelling her. she slept right here in the laundry room . and there was one store that was open my . husband jared about 20 miles so we could . get milk for her she totally trusts us . she doesn't know any different . ended up taking her to the vet a couple . of days later they suggested that i kept . her in the laundry room or in the house . just because she had no immune system we . just let her in and just walk around and . hang out with the dogs . she had so many odds against her and she . just kept beating them harvey got her . fighting spirit from seeley seeley story. is is just so similar the sealy police . department had found a litter of puppies . on a dirt road and they actually found . sealy on the hot concrete she had little . burn marks all over her paws and even. one on her chin there was a huge concern . with the puppies not making it seeley . just had a strong will to survive she . has no fear at all she just loves life . sealy helped harvey just trust people . and other animals after the hurricane . came through we let harvey out in the . front yard i think she was probably . confused thinking she was one of the . dogs her personality really started . coming out well harvey would kind of but . her head-on seeley's tummy that could . try to get milk and celia was so . tolerant she just let her do it i knew . that she was gonna be okay there's not a . day that sealy and harvey don't get to . see each other the relationship was more . like a mother-daughter type but now that. harvey's getting bigger it's turning . into more of a friendship . she was sealy loves our milk too . harvey just turned six months old so . harvey spends most of her time outside . okay she just loves to be brushed there . you go. you ready for your photo shoot see lee . and harvey they're gonna do a calendar . to raise money for forbin pets alive . which is an organization that supports . our local shelters it's just kind of . like a full circle now my little rescues . are helping so pretty. [music]. good. [music]. however you'll eventually come out here . graze and hang out with their other cow . friends out of all the cows harvey is . the most interested in roxy my son . showed her for 4h after we were done. showing roxy i just didn't want to not . know where she would end up just really . started getting to me so at that point i . was like just let this herd live and be . happy. roxy seems to really be interested in . harvey and harvey she's still a little . shy but i think that's gonna be the . first relationship whenever harvey moves . out to the pasture it's really cool to . see her explore a harvey and see lee are . always gonna have just a special bond . and relationship they found each other . and they just love life she seems to be . pretty happy letting her go is gonna be . a little tough but if she's happy then . i'm happy here we are six months later . and she's healthy and she's thriving . i cannot get over this little calf that . was almost dead in my laundry room . she actually beat all of those odds and . here she is. [music]. [music]. .
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