Ferocious Cat NEEDS MEAT!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew enter an enclosure with two feisty Serval Cats!
Now to be clear these are in no way your typical domesticated house cats; they are wild South African felines being bread in a program designed to repopulate the area with their beautiful but threatened species.
Get ready to see if the Brave Wilderness team has what it takes to feed two feisty cats!

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HUGE THANKS to the Kariega Game Reserve and the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africaโ€™s wildlife! - http://bit.ly/RPAwildlife and http://bit.ly/kariega
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Caption: Coyote why so nervous well today i'm . gonna enter an enclosure with a serval . which is a feisty little savannah cat . and i'm gonna attempt to feed it this . bucket of chicken . the season gonna end really well or . really badly . the rolling grasslands of south africa . visually define this epic landscape and . set the tone for a series of epic . adventures the brave wilderness crew and. i would embark upon this is big country . and with it comes big animals in fact . the world's largest land dwelling . animals can all be found here including . african elephants white rhinos and . hippos aside from these massive . herbivores there are also a fair share . of stealthy carnivores sure we all know . lions leopards and cheetahs but what . about the smaller more secretive felines . today the crew and i are visiting the . cricket game reserve this . internationally renowned site is set. amongst 10,000 hectares a pristine . african wilderness and their . conservation programs are some of the . best in the country currently they are . working to reintroduce the serval a . medium-sized spotted wildcat that has . become completely extinct in the eastern . cape due to habitat loss and hunting i . will be working alongside joe considered . the mother of servals . she is one member of a conservation team . whose ultimate goal is to successfully . breed and reintroduce this species to . the reserve . alright guys swim this bag i have a dead . bird that we found the other day out in . the field what i'm gonna do is center . this enclosure and attempt to feed it to . a serval i have this pole here and this . bird here i also have go ahead duck down . i also have a piece of twine in my . backpack what i'm gonna do is build a . good old-fashioned cat toy yeah that's a . that's a dead bird right there now i'm . gonna actually tie the rope around his . feet all right so there you go bird on . one end tie this twine to the snare pole . can't get that secured on there like . that. now you said you were nervous is this a . wild circle it's a circle that's been . raised in captivity but you have to keep . in mind that this still is a ferocious . little animal i would consider this a . bobcat of south africa they're a little . bit bigger than a bobcat but they are . completely spring-loaded so we've got . the bird set up on there now i'm gonna . actually position a gopro on the stick . as well so we can get some epic shots of . the circle jumping up trying to get the . bird alright i've got a good shot there . bird dangling from the stick. and i think we are ready to enter the . servals enclosure entering the enclosure . of an animal especially an athletic . predator like the serval is incredibly . nerve-racking therefore was important . that we stay quiet and calm so that the . cat could acclimate to our presence . there they are they're starting to come . out getting ready all right mario go . ahead zoom in there and get a shot wow . oh what a beautiful feline that's the . female that's skye her name's sky that . sky phoenix is just in the background . there look at that short tail short. bobbed tail with rings around it look at . that coat it's like a mix between a . leopard and impossible right well it. looks like the surface ready to play so . i'm gonna head into the closure . [music]. [music]. [music]. hissing sound what a beautiful animal . real quick before you get into trying to . tempt it with the bird take a look at . the anatomy of this cat their . disproportionate when it comes from. front leg to back leg their back legs . are actually bigger than their front . legs. they're completely spring-loaded what . they will do is slowly slink through the. grasses and then as they scare up a bird . they will leap into the air and grab . ahold of it with their hands pull it . down with their claws and then have a . feast look at how big it's ears are they . have an excellent sense of hearing even . the smallest vibration in the grasses . they can pick up that could be a little . bird it could be a little mouse even a . lizard and then they creep in and pounce. as compared to their body size and other . cats they have the largest ears of any . feline out there in the wild and it's so . cold. i love the patterning in the coat . stripes and spots helps them keep . perfectly camouflaged in between the . light and the shadows of tall grasses . this is a savannah cat you'll oftentimes . find them hunting by day but based on . what sort of prey item they're going . after they will also hunt . excellent eyesight excellent sense of . smell excellent sense of hearing okay . now we've got our interest in the bird . on a stick this is how i would play with . my cat at home actually i don't have a . cat but if i did this is exactly what i . would do okay . pow-pow-pow you got it oh got the bird . just like that got the bird rip the legs . right off of it look at that that's okay . those little legs will still work that's . a good little cheat nice you've been . touching a little bit closer oh she says . no this is my burden okay i'll stay . right here . look at that feathers and all just . scarfing that bird down oh its head fell . off you give me back that head oh give . me that give me that you see how she's . whacking at the stick that's exactly . what they'll do to their prey whap whap . whap with those paws and look there's . still some drumsticks. there's the drumsticks you know my good. friend steve kroschel taught me how to. talk to animals let's see if i can call . the server room . ready. [music]. those were some epic shots holy cow that . was cool okay let me put a little bit . more bait on the end of the string and . see if we can go another round okay guys . i have the ultimate cats way right here . check that out that is chicken all wound . up with the twine this one's not gonna . be as easy for her to get away from you . so hopefully we're gonna get some more . epic shots here we go i am moving in . play a game. [music]. [music]. now she's gonna kill a snake like a puff . adder this is exactly what you would . want to do rip it up with her claws so . this she would avoid a bite it's amazing . how she just pat's it to chicken like . that she's just gonna chew the chicken . out from the rounded wanting oh she's . almost got it now got those claws lashed . in you can see those retractable claws. coming out . [music]. she's all closet water i got . well how cool was that entering an . enclosure and getting to feed a server . i'm coyote peterson be brave stay wild . we'll see on the next adventure yeah i'm . gonna back up real slow since 2012 the . cricket game reserve and the kuroko . foundation have been working to . reintroduce servals. to the wilds of their conservation area . upon the filming of this episode there . were rumors that one of the females was . pregnant and sure enough just a few days . after our visit a healthy litter of . kittens were born these future savannah . stalkers are currently growing strong . and in just a matter of months they will . be released ultimately defining this . conservation effort as an incredible . success looking back on that snarly . feline face i feel fortunate to have . been given the chance to get up close . with one of south africa's most . impressive cats and i hope that this . letter of servals will for us for . generations to come . hey coyote pack i have some exciting . news i am proud to announce that the . crew and i are headed back on tour with . brave wilderness live our next shows. take place in the midwest tickets can be . purchased at the brave wilderness. website and these shows are certain to . sell out so make sure that you reserve . your seats today . and don't forget subscribe so you can . join me in the crew on our next big. adventure. [applause]. .

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