FIRE ANTS vs FLOOD! | What Happens to Ants When It Rains?

Fire Ants vs Flood: Will these fire ants of The Fire Nation survive this natural disaster? How do ants deal with a mass flood inside their nest? Today we find out in this epic fire ant farm video! Visit us at
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Caption: Oh my god acfm this video has got to be one of the craziest i have ever filmed on this channel today i made the random decision to flood my fire ant colony the fire nation and what happened was completely not what i expected and totally shocked me what happens to an ant colony when it rains with this captive raise fire ant colony survive or will the fire nation workers brood queen and all die and failed to adapt to their very first experience of a flood i didn't know couldn't even swim you won't want to miss all the action ahead so keep watching until the end put on your wetsuit ac family because this is going to be one epic wave of adventure here at the ants canada engine i used to feel like i provided my aunt's with the perfect lives i mean how could it not be perfect let's look at the living space of the fire nation here we give them all the living space they need the larger the colony gets the more territory units i add to their setup like this new out world edition here where we now film our and reaction time lapse videos and if you look there in the distance you'll see the remains of one of our previous and react videos where the ants were eating a sugar statue of hillary clinton which brings me to food i felt these firearms had the perfect lives because they get fed every day a very diet food they don't really have to work for and then it just sort of falls from the sky right on time every day something new and if you look to the foreground you'll see a new graveyard site that they've established in this new fire nation territory are ants here don't have to worry about predators or injury and being in an indoor set up the dangers of acquiring and diseases or parasites is reduced so these ends here in the graveyard have all died from natural causes having lived there two-month lifespan and simply dying of old age after what is safe to call a perfect life right well let's take a look at the antigone now our intricate network of tubes crossroads and water test tubes the fire nation has all the water they need and don't need to travel too far to visit any of our five water test tubes available to them at various places of their setup and the fire nation drinks a lot of water these test tubes run out and need to be changed every four days ants are visiting these water reservoirs 24-7 and these locations of the fire nation are always busy and if you look here into this tube they've pulled and collected bits of the cotton from the water reservoirs creating a sort of and road which i bet they find easier to walk on then the smooth tubing how crafty right follow the white cotton road follow the white cotton road ok not sure if you millennials know that reference for moving on alright enough of the fire nation highlands now let's move down to the lowlands here you'll see someone office hill and fire and mountain and all the dirt they've caused see all that brown stuff that is an ant bathroom each and visit this place perhaps once a day eliminates their waist and moves on and it all connects here for me to clean up in the wild microbes and other small creatures help break this down but of course i'm there and paper so i gotta take care of this once a week so you see the answer of the fire nation here have a pretty predictable safe secure and spoiled life better than the lives they would have been living in the wild wouldn't you think so well up until recently i thought so until one day something occurred to me that made me question the quality of life i was giving these ends of the fire nation now here in the philippines it brings a few days ago and the humidity caused more violates than usual to emerge from the inside of the nests see these queen late here they're kind of just wandering around and if you look here you'll see a male elite now these male and female late feel the changes in humidity and naturally are induced to make an attempt an actual fly but because they're indoors and not completely exposed to the environmental cues that cause ends to have no flights in the wild these elates just sort of confusedly walk around it's as if they're saying okay i know i should be out here but i don't know why things don't seem quite right and i'm not sure what to do next and suddenly it occurred to me i'm not providing these ants the perfect life i realized that a perfect life for a human like me might not be the same as a perfect life for ants like these ants from the fire nation and so i decided to start a new mission as their provider the one who ultimately gets to decide what happens in their universe i was going to start trying my best to duplicate their life in the wild perhaps that would be their perfect life like they would be living in the wild and looking at the fire nation's all eighths just congregating in their nests waiting for humidity cues from the long-awaited reins to signal when they should fly my first fire nation natural event was going to be a mass flood here we go guys may god help the fire nation here in the tropics fire ants are forced to deal with massive rains in the philippines we receive an average of 20 typhoons or tropical storms a year and floods happen all the time being in cities and communities or in forested and wild areas fire ant colonies have even been known to form living graphs using just their bodies so for sure these ends were able to withstand some kind of flooding right or is that something colonies learn as they grow it made me question whether this kept abreast colony the fire nation would be able to fend for themselves if they did live out in the wild in light of the fact that they weren't really exposed to the elements and factors that i as their human caregiver wanting to give them the perfect life initially perceived as unwanted dangers to their comfortable existence but no it was time to do the right thing and make the ends uncomfortable for once i needed to stop thinking from a human perspective and start thinking from a red tropical fire ants perspective keeping them from natural experiences i find might not be helping them so my plan was to flood their two main nests solid ups hill and fire and mountain and see how they react to the small natural disaster i just felt the ants needed some kind of enrichment you know what i mean a little more stimulation that was different from their everyday happened now i wasn't planning on unleashing a noah's ark type flood because these outworlds don't allow for drainage of large amounts of water but i wanted to add just enough to create a teenage sighs blood again as a human at face value it is very nerve-racking because i think about all those ants the main queen the babies all that brood being underwater and the thought is truly scary but on the other hand i think 20 typhoons and tropical storms a year mass flooding these tropical fire ants nest in the ground so we must have some way to deal with flooding right well we're about to find out to be honest guys i've never tried anything like this with any of my colonies before and i highly encourage all of you guys to not try this with your ant colonies at home if you don't own a tropical species or a species that's known to deal with a wet climate here goes nothing 123 i release the water onto the fire nation [music] [music] ants brood slates possibly the queen or submerged under the big body of water that just fell into solenopsis him the site of seeing all those ants underwater left me absolutely speechless the ants were not floating they weren't forming a raft with their bodies i couldn't help but think could this have all been one big mistake there was nothing else to do now but watch how the fire nation was going to deal with this one hold on let's stop this dramatic music i noticed as the water began to subside which naturally happens in a nest like this because capillary action sucks water into the spaces between the nest and the acrylic of this out world it seemed like the fire nation was really kind of chilled they weren't panicking at all it's kind of odd i assume that if this mini experiment didn't work out that they just completely panic and go crazy brushing the brood in all directions in a mad dash and just go completely berserk but no the ends kinda kept their cool quite calmly and nonchalantly they started to mobilize and bring the brood to higher areas the workers of the fire nation began bringing the larb i in the brune and eggs towards the back of solenopsis hill some began carrying the larvae i upwards it was so peculiar an unexpected to see because usually when i'm sticking my fingers in there or i play some food into their world the ants go completely crazy butbut their nest and it seems like they just go into routine it's almost like they knew exactly what to do i could almost hear the answering all right guys it's raining you all know the drill isn't that funny guys look at how relaxed they seem when i saw this i decided to throw in another wave of water this time i was going to let a steady stream go and add more water than before i watched us the fire nation was submerged underwater once again but this time around i noticed something very interesting that i hadn't noticed before check it out this time it looked like a silver lining was calling the ends the ants weren't drowning they were enveloped in a layer of air it became much more evident when i went back to edit this video during both times that i added the water when the fire ants were together they were able to not break the surface tension of the water andrew questioned by a layer or a bubble of air wow it's no wonder these ends can survive floods they're perfectly adapted to being submerged and this layer of air helps them float on water i wonder if the ants have some kind of hair that helps them create this air pocket or if they're simple anatomic design when in a group causes them to not break the surface tension of the water whatever it was it was super cool to watch imagine if being together for humans caused us to all flow and cause us to create a protective air bubble underwater it's an amazing thing to think about now as the water began to subside the ants continue to move the brood but to my surprise another cool thing they did was they began drinking the water workers came to the site of the flood to get a fresh drink of this fall in water and a few hours later they even began to make use of the moist ground plate and started digging tunnels the and seemed determined to make total use of this fall and water overall i was so impressed with how these ends truly were able to deal with this flood it's no wonder they can survive all of these storms and typhoons selling me for under estimating these ends as the ends of the fire nation here in solenopsis he'll continue to carry on with business as usual i went on to flood fire at mountain and again the same result the ants dealt with the water like masters watching these ants deal with this grand scale natural disaster really struck me it made me realize that while we humans feel like this earth is ours and that we are the ultimate masters of it and are even capable of thinking that we can master the world of thousands and thousands events in a set up in our home in reality we're not the masters natural disasters of epic proportions take lives of humans every year cause damage to our homes and cities break down the structures of civilization that we've built and then one sweep can wipe out everything we have are we really masters of this world these fire ants dealt with this micro flood beautifully but every day around the world even in your very backyard wild ants are dealing with floods millions of times the size and are able to continue with life as normal without even batting an eyelash okay well an antenna it's no wonder and have survived millions of years survived the mass extinction on this planet and will likely survived millions of years past our species extinction whenever that might be perhaps it's something to think about the next time you see an nth they are our elders they were on the planet first and they are our masters not the other way around as for the fire nation here the colony i serve while i was pleased to watch the elates following the night of the flood attempting to nuptial flight as they would after a storm in the wild really amazing i think i'll continue to do periodic flooding of this colony every time it rings here in manila so i'll leave it to mother nature to decide they're flooding schedule not me forever on a quest to learn how to provide these pet ends with the perfect life i was happy to learn on this day that not even water could put out the fire nation [music] alright guys thanks so much for watching this video what did you guys think isn't the fire nation such a cool colony of ants of course for you in our colony members i created a hidden cookie here if you just want to watch the ants reacting to the flood it was a long process and i had to edit it then but you can watch the whole thing here and now it's time for the ac question of the week last week we asked what is the name of the anatomical structure found on harvester ants that inspired austrian taxonomist gustav mayor to come up with the name partner max congratulations to its diablo who correctly answered the semaphore congratulations it's the hablo you just want a free shirt from our shop and for this week's question of the week we asked what is the average number of tropical storms or typhoons the philippine islands received on a yearly basis leave your answer in the comments section and you could win a free ebook from our shop alright and now time for an announcement this christmas season you've got the chance to start and keeping or give your special science lover something cool for christmas i'm super excited to announce our christmas sale of twenty percent off on all honest products including the all you need on the nest care pack and ac outworlds and on top of that we've got an exciting and keeper beginners promo so get this if you order the all you need on the gear pack which is already at twenty percent off just add our ultimate and keeping handbook to your shopping cart enter the promo code beginner and we give you the handbook absolutely free another cool thing is we now have gift cards so if you're buying a gift for someone and are afraid it won't get to you by christmas time you can simply buy a gift card and they could choose what they want from our shop just remember guys to plan ahead you can actually get all of our sale items before christmas as long as you order before december 18 i'll leave all relevant links to the sale and promo in the description box so check it out now is such a great time to start and keeping guys i would love for you guys to and keep with me and spread that and love take care guys until next time ac fam its and love forever [music]

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