From Zero Snakes to Six – Meet All My Snakes

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All my snakes in one video! People kept asking for an update on my snakes... so here it is :) Snakes are definitely some of my favorite animals and pets, i'm so fascinated by them. Sorry I ramble in this video, love you guys so much.
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I got my snake hook ready i'm gonna take . him out and hopefully he won't bite my . face hey what's up guys my name is . taylor and i am pit stop so i did a . video where i showed you guys all of my . snakes earlier today i recorded that i . was happy with it i was really feeling . the video i thought it was good i got . through all my snakes they were really . cute i really liked the video i was . really happy with it . er why are you sniffing my elbow see the . thing is though chiara please stop . sniffing my elbow see the thing is . though i went to go edit that video . right i went to go do that 90% of it is . out of focus like how does the camera . stay out of focus how was the camera . that bad at focusing but then i . remembered i dropped this camera a few . days ago so i just screwed everything up . i hope you guys are having a good . halloween here's some pumpkins so it's . officially a halloween video there we go . i get to refill in this video i don't . know how much i'm gonna really refill . how much footage i'm gonna use from . earlier so it's gonna be a little weird . some moments i'm gonna be sitting over . here other moments i'll be sitting in my . bed this is a weird video i'm a . perfectionist though and i am not gonna . release something where i'm out of focus . okay i'm just not gonna do that so then . i go and i rerecord the intro and. there's freaking lipstick on my tooth so . then i'm like okay i can't use that . footage so now i'm here i started . filming at 9 a. m. it's 5 p. m. now thing . is i love making videos so i'm not . really complaining i'm not mad about . filming i love showing you guys in my . life i love showing you guys animals i . love talking to you guys about animals . i'm not really complaining about filming . i'm just complaining that i have to . refill in the same video and then it's 5 . p. m. and i still haven't gotten this . video up and i wanted it up way earlier . basically i wanted to apologize in . advance for this video being a complete . mess i thought this video was gonna be . put together so much better but i look. like i'm going through a midlife crisis . and 5 p. m. and i stopped a brief film . and it was all out of focus and there . was lipstick on my tooth . i don't really know what's going on at . this point i just hope to get it up at . some point today that'd be cool you're . probably all gonna be out doing . halloween stuff but so that's what . that's what i'm upset about today also . my dog keeps like smelling my arm so . today's video is supposed to be about my . snakes i'm gonna show you all of my . snakes i have six of them now the thing . stop sniffing my elbow. reason i wanted to make a video talking . about all my snakes it's because one . year ago i wasn't even allowed to have . snakes my parents were very against . owning snakes in the house my mom. particularly more so she was worried . about like she just thought they were . like escape artists that could just get . out and be free and blah blah blah so . she wasn't too big on snakes but times . have changed and now i own six so i . really just wanted to do a video where i . show you guys all of my snake this is . not going to be a how to take care of . all six of my snakes video this is just . introducing them i have not been owning . snakes that long and i really did not . want to just repeat facts that i had . read online to you guys because i don't . know how true or not they are i need to . experience taking care of these animals . myself before i start preaching to you . guys about how to take care of these . animals you know so that's why i haven't . done any snake care videos this is my . first year owning snakes i really wanted . to get some experience in before i start . educating you guys about how to take . care of them so in this video i will be . showing you guys my snakes and some . basic facts about them but i will not be . teaching you how to take care of them so . far i do want to say i've had an amazing . year with my snakes they've all shed . great they all eat great i've had no . issues whatsoever with any of them so i . think what i am doing is going really . well but i just want to give it some . time before i started showing you know . teaching you guys things you know so i . will start getting into these care . videos about how to take care of snakes . pretty soon because i know you guys have . been asking for them but i'm just . there's some species that i'm just not . quite comfortable with yet for example . ball pythons there's so much online . you're gonna read that contradicts each . other about their care all these . different opinions about what's best for . them and i really want to give myself a . lot of time to make sure that what i am . doing is what i believe is best for them . compared to other information that's out . there i will say my ball pythons have . been doing great just like all my other . snakes but again i just want to give . myself a 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trick-or-treaters since when did. halloween start this early i just still . early wait til the sun goes down come on . wait till things get spooky so here we . have celia and celia is a western . hognose here she is she has definitely . grown a lot since i first purchased her . she was a lot smaller when i first . bought her she was eating one pinkie and . then she started eating two pinkies and . now she eats a fuzzy . [music]. i do think western hognose azar . incredibly easy to take care of but they . do have some temperament issues she's. gotten a lot better but she used to . really hate me she used to be a brat . oh she's hissing at me right oh okay . well she's still a little bit of a . breath so we're working on western . hognose is are technically concerned . okay you got to calm yourself celia they . are technically considered venomous but . it's extremely mild in the wild they do . eat a lot of unfit beings such as frogs . and that's really what the venom is most . potent - the worst thing that can happen . is you would swell up wherever the . injection site is someone's calling my. house why do we even have a house code . anymore go away i'm making a video with . my snake these guys are rear fang which . means that their fangs are in the back. can you believe that that's what rear . fangs means i know i can't either that's . what they are and there's someone . talking leaving a voice mail whatever . hopefully you can't hear it like i said . this videos a mess whatever these guys . are rear things so even if they do bite . they actually have to get a pretty good . grip on you in order to actually inject . the venom in you now western hognose is. actually can play dead if you scare them . that is going to be their initial . response their initial response is not . going to be an attack it's real actually . going to be to pretend like they're dead . similar to how a possum play is dead . these guys roll over on their backs and . literally stick their tongues out and . look like they are just roadkill i . really do like these guys females get to. be around three feet boys get to be . about two and a half feet if i remember . correctly which i believe i do they . definitely don't get that big i think . there are great snakes i have seen . people say that they have sometimes . feeding issues mine eats like a maniac . my favorite thing about western hognose . azar their keeled scales their scales . are very similar to how a rattlesnake . scales are they're very bumpy and rigid . the pattern of their scales and the . shape of them are a little different . than other kinds of snakes such as the . ball python these guys have scales that . are called keeled scales another thing i . absolutely adore about the western . hognose is their little hog nose she's . not gonna like this but trying to show . you guys oh she actually didn't give a . fuss so as you can see it's pointed i . love that i think it's adorable are you . sniffing my nose next up we have maui if .
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