GIANT dog spent her life alone in a landfill… she only wanted LOVE!

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Every animal is special, but some stories hit you right in the heart.
Maya spent her entire life alone, isolated, enduring heat, freezing rain.
We couldn't let it happen... so we set out to change her life forever.
They're about to see something beautiful . [music]. hi about three weeks ago we heard of . amaya a giant of a dog abandon inna in a . landfill in the south of the country a . party she had been there for years alone . isolated dying slowly when i saw the . first video i thought we cannot let this . dog die like this we just cannot do it . then then this happened . just have a look. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. one lights go out. [music]. i close my eyes . it's just you. [music]. and i tell myself. you'll be back again . the stars or the like we will dance . [music]. ah are favored please when spring has . come there . [music]. where are you. [music]. pure fine. i won't lie. pastor . you. [music]. you had to . we'll save you the space for the dance. and the matter . favorite plate . when spring has come . [music]. sure. [applause]. you. [music]. why is it so . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. for a dog that was so loving imagine how . her life was years and years of . loneliness of sadness of wind of rain of . sun disease i'm so happy . but turning her life around so guys . thanks for being here . thanks for allowing me to make this . possible thanks for letting me achieve . all these miracles and thank for your . support so please if you can don't . forget it can only do this if you guys . help so please if you can consider . becoming one of my sponsors i set up . months ago a patreon page you can click . here you can select the level of support . that you can give us on a monthly basis . doesn't have to be much just a little . bit but it does make a great difference . please join us help me save maya help me . save or laugh and all the animals . thousands of them every year . click here join us page thank you . [music]. .
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