Guy Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The Footage

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Guy Who Put A GoPro On His Dog Is Chilled To The Bone When He Looks At The Footage
Many dog lovers think it’s a shame that our furry friends are cooped up indoors all day, only to be confined to a leash when we take them for walks. Don’t they ever have opportunities to do as they please?
Most people like the idea of having a pup who is well-trained enough to be “off leash” at the right opportunities, but even if the dog is trained, things can still go wrong. This is what Tommy Berglund discovered when he strapped a GoPro to his dog, Klara.
What started off as a calm morning in the woods quickly went south when the dog stumbled upon some serious trouble—and filmed it all from her own perspective…
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[music]. many dog lovers think it's a shame that . our furry friends are cooped up indoors. all day only to be confined to a leash . when we take them on walks don't they . ever have opportunities to do as they . please in order to take advantage of . moose season tommy berglund and his . swedish al count clara were recently out . spending the day on a hunt in the woods . just as they normally would it began as . an otherwise ordinary day for the two . but that would soon change . clara ran ahead well tani stayed just a . few steps behind to keep an eye on where . she was going as any dog owner could . tell you most pups love to run around . aimlessly the moment they get a taste of . freedom but tommy never expected clara . to run into anything as scary as this an . angry wolf the entire encounter was . captured on tommy's gopro video camera. which he'd strapped to clara's back that . morning it provided a unique perspective . of something we rarely get to see up . close and personal these terrifying . images were taken directly from the . footage clara captured one would think . that a wolf being as strong and . aggressive as it can be might intimidate . clara or even attacker if provoked to do . so but after an initial staredown . between the two the wolf appeared to . back down or so clara thought clara . didn't seem at all shaken by this. strange encounter with the wolf and she . continued on her path through the forest . no problems here i guess i'll just keep . looking for moose she must have been . thinking boy was she wrong clara would . soon realized that she wasn't alone at . all do you know that strange feeling you . get when you feel like you're being . watched by someone you can't see that . must have been what clara felt deep in . the woods that day because her previous . encounter wasn't exactly over the wolf . was back clara didn't know whether she . was in danger or if the wolf would . attack her right then and there it . wasn't clear how this run-in would end . so clara bared her teeth to show that . she wasn't afraid to defend herself . first the wolf darted by in a tree . perhaps he was initially trying to hide . from the dog but it quickly became . apparent that he had something much more . sinister in mind for clara than anyone . could have guessed then the wolf finally . made a lunge in clara's direction this. would have been enough to scare away . most other dogs and humans for that. matter. can you imagine such a vicious predator . jumping at you like that . however clara wasn't frightened in the . least bit swedish out cons are loyal . companions but there's also one big . reason they're brought along to hunt big . game like moose . they're fierce hunting dogs and are . ready to battle at any given moment the . battle only got even more intense from . there it was a fierce brawl between a . brave dog and the wild animal from which . she evolved almost like a fight with her. former self . the wolf lunged in her direction once . again but she jumped away the wolf . employed a number of small attacks to . try and weaken clara. luckily clara had some clever moves of . her own and used them to show the angry . wolf who was really in charge not so . fast. her actions seemed to say more than one . can play this game then the wolf finally . took off and it appeared that clara had . won the fight once and for all. clara must have felt pretty proud of . herself for standing up to that wolf . wouldn't you feel that way have you just . defeated a wild predator just what it . seemed like the scrap was over the wolf . reappeared once again that must have . been a terrifying sight for poor clara . he or she thought that the wolf wouldn't . be a problem anymore would he ever leave . her alone. this time the wolf brought backup in the . form of even more wolves clara didn't . look like she'd be able to stand a . chance against these fierce predators. but she wasn't gonna give up after all . she was a warrior just as capable as . they were as the wolves came towards her . things were not looking good for clara . at all even the biggest strongest and . bravest animals would be terrified by . the threat of being attacked by a pack . of wolves what would happen next one of . the wolves then began to circle clara in . an attempt to confuse her the last thing . you ever want to happen in battle is to . be surrounded by the enemy whether . you're human or an animal it appeared as . if things were really going south for . the sweet swedish el count would this be . the end for poor clara . how could she survive such a perilous. situation without the help of her own . kind to back her up incredibly after a . few moments that must have felt like . hours the wolf seemed to disperse . someone clara must have been an immense . pain after the attack and she was lying . on the ground it's a wonder she was . still alive at all but her experience . wasn't over yet clara the swedish i'll . count wasn't out of the woods . metaphorically or physically even after . all of that . see the heart-stopping action for . yourself in the video that follows just . wait until you see what happens between . clara and the alpha wolf at the end what . a scary experience clara was certainly a . tough pup to stand up to a pack of . wolves like that and her owner must have . been horrified when he watched the . footage. [music]. .
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