Hope For Paws and the L.A. Fire Department saving an injured Mastiff from the L.A River

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[music] [music] ok the further he moves in that direction the better it is for me i know his leg is so swollen [music] we need one of these ladders comes the this stuff is so slippery to speak very careful count ok if he continues running he's going to the ocean if he jumps over that thing oh no no no american boy come on it's okay stay stay stay say no no faith no sorry i don't know what work ok it's ok i got in by the mouth he's working tonight ok it's ok shh hey watch out ok good that it's okay it actually to our advantage here that have it around this month most often okay hold him right we ready to pull him away from you okay hey it's okay no hey shh good job what's the matter look at your leg so swollen you have a you have the keys right the car ok hello everybody be ready to bowl game boy come on boy fly here we go okay don't go cool here i'll take it off of you i trust you ok this pause so swollen holly broken it's alright the orange right no no [applause] work we gotta make sure to keep it even what [music] d ok good together fire department is here everybody's here ok right baby not a good size for a massive butt ok not like after all this one back to you guys ok right the girl thank you so much for help with john yours yes thank you so much thank you for hooking a chain but thank you good job you in action fire department said thank you we already got your knees weeks i got lucky there is basically never happen to mainly chai tea with me maybe you're right everybody thanks for doing always been on a horse thank you guys for helping hand from here everyone i know i got 130 baby you're my goddamn and perfect all she's become smile feel so much better already you can tell right life is good now what so weird she has changed we looked at by the dollar [music] no she doesn't it does ok shattered interesting tinkerbell bound her name's tinkerbell kirpal take a real girl i could girl up with her name crazy she's from arizona and oh my girl back how do you feel with you know they're coming on saturday from arizona are you such a good girl bad girl your mom is coming at all right she's coming for you [music] girl gotta be careful with apologize susan are you princess anybody and jump on you [music] you guys really brought her back to health thank you very much it's already sure she is just actually protecting austin very grateful team happy bday manager a told you here [music] everybody loves you [music] get in there and then this bad [music]
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