Hope For Paws – Epic CAT rescue down a 60ft. long pipe! Please share.

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There's a cat there and their kittens . there. yeah she's definitely ok. this is a nightmare be careful wherever. you're stepping because there many . snails on the ground here. sorry. in. [music]. [applause]. amazing okay all right start driving a . little bit deeper tonight no no we. better cheer gonna be the mama now don't. go too fast another pull out with the. rope. now we're missing all the duct tape . right now. [music]. [music]. okay we got the mom and we got the moms. dancing house. [music]. okay so now i like think that if you'll . use the thicker boot add another blanket . floor it'll just like a piston you'll . just push them but you have to go very. slowly big there at leap for you there. right dive in sorry i let joy joined the . conquered doable for one more week . another paper to write um no more all. right okay okay i think it is good i . think you'll work just like a piston . like it so slowly tight right let's go. running low. wait wait whoa whoa whoa wait you're. already in contact with them telling me . we contact with them yeah go just very. slowly go no not yet not yet keep . pushing slowly you're good you're doing. very well they're only there only keep . going babe please. okay wait no pull out and then push back . in. pull the car a little bit . tiny bit more. full boat car car car car keep going but. no no kevin polka pushing slowly they're. so covered with leaves and it's a. complete feel on the pole tube cool car . car car okay so cool funny parts for the. car all the way all the way boys boys . alright get ready blanket . okay wait wait there we go okay joanne . grab one lisa grab on loretta there it. is i think we got okay okay wait wait. don't pull out yet don't fill out don't. move okay. good nothing i don't think she's a feral. cat jimmy out . [music]. she'd be absolute we can figure it out. [music]. kokoro. [music]. [music]. [music]. you. .
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