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A look behind the scenes at Aaron's Animals and how we make cat videos.
Big thanks to Chris Pratt and Zach King for being in the video.
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Hey what's up guys aaron here at our . office and today is very exciting her to . be giving you guys a behind-the-scenes . look that everything that goes down here . on the aaron's animals let's take a look . [music]. for those of you that don't know this is. prince michael it was mike at one of my . great friends and he's the star of our . youtube channel michael wait so it was a . cat. yes michael's real capped and the top . two questions we get asked are one is. michael real once people find out that . he is they want to know too how is he so . talented so we decided to make this . video not only to show you how michael . does what he does but also to give you . guys the steps to make your own cat into . a superstar so a productive day starts . with a good night's rest and a . well-balanced breakfast the sleep part . comes easy for most cats but the . breakfast can be a little more of a . challenge as you may know most cats are . carnivores michael loves fish and so . once a week i'll head to the ocean and . fish some grade-a sushi for it to enjoy . [music]. michael's hungry . [music]. now that your cat is well fed and rested . it's time to move on to step two so here . we have the baked michael this is an . animatronic lifelike version of michael . when we have stunts or if michaels . feeling tired none into it we use this . to get the crazy shots of play so it's . pretty cool it's built to a size and you . control the arms and the legs . it's got no tail or head as you can see . and margo michael's girlfriend actually . love this because of michael's away on . travel she has someone to keep her . company in this right here is a . life-sized cat costume that i wear for . some of michael's most advanced . movements. [music]. all of the dancing shots that you see. are actually the initiative he gets all . the blurry though so and you know the . truth so those are the keys to making an . awesome cat video thanks for sticking . around till the end as a special . surprise we're gonna be showing you guys . some of our favorite behind-the-scenes. clips enjoy . [music]. no . [music]. [music]. [music]. a half head how's the guy . yeah they've been feeding him too much . live and gone oh that wasn't bad . [music]. [music]. [applause]. yep keep on michelle and then back up go . faster faster faster guys faster slow . down . nice. [music]. .
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