Kitten Evolution – The Gibbyson

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Random Short Video: Catch up on Gibbyson as he has grown from a kitten to a cat. A short documentary explaining the transitions during kitty life using zero facts. Flaggle Claggle
Welcome to the evolution of the give you . seven brought to you by the animal and . it upon birth get me from talking . chainsmokers you all this continues for . seven weeks into their lungs collapsed . causing their eyes to open their eyes. finally open they're able to breathe . through tiny holes in their pupils that. director gives them to their favorite . place the human means the knee reminds . them to stay with their family for . pictures and also teaches them how to. defend themselves from siblings should. they turn against each other fighting is . essential for the geese unissued a . natural ninja capable of incredible . jumps like this life-giving sun is . incapable of cleaning itself and instead . relies on other creditors to clean it . such as the ferocious black labrador the . labrador spent hours cleaning to give . you some to prepare him for his comments . during the hunt to give you some notices . a shiny black chair yet the chair has. already been spoken for. he toys with the chairs owner a brave . yet risky move a thrilling fight ensues . between the owner and giving side . battling to the death. the owner take his spot above the . intruder claiming dominance over the . chair never willing to give up his . rightful property until eventually the. owner gets hungry and walked away. leaving the giessen with nothing left to . do but defend his new property from any. other possible intruders such as human . hands . .
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