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This week, in response to requests for an update on the blue crayfish which served as the resident 'Kraken' of the Spring Pool of the Hacienda Del Dorado of the Golden Empire (yellow crazy ants), we attempt to introduce a male for the purposes of breeding. Will our Blue Empress accept her new suitor, or will they battle it out! You won't believe what happens!
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Caption: In this ant room, which we call the antiverse,. we've watched the evolution and growth of. many ant colonies whom we've come to love. we've seen new ant colonies be born, even. ant colonies showing up uninvited, and have. said good bye to ant colonies whose journeys. sadly came to an end. but with these epic and ever changing ant. life stories, we've also come to befriend. the many creatures, great and small, who have. become part of the lives of our ants. many of such beasts are actual residents of. the ant kingdoms. so today's story takes us to a special place. in our antiverse, a great kingdom known as. the hacienda del dorado, belonging to our. yellow crazy ants called the golden empire,. where a majestic aquatic empress lays silently. below the waters of the ants' spring pool. for all the time we've known her, she's lived. here in solitude, feasting on dead ants and. garbage dumped into these waters, running. this entire aquatic palace by herself. but today, ac family, she will be forced to. meet an unexpected guest who will surely cause. a stir!. and so begins today's story!. please subscribe to my channel and hit the. bell icon. welcome to the ac family!. enjoy!. ac family, a great introduction is brewing. in this episode that is sure to shock you. today we're going to setup an incredible meeting. of beasts, but man, i totally did not expect. what ended up happening and it will surely. also shock you!. but before we get to this grand event encounter,. let's catch up on how the residents of the. hacienda del dorado have been doing. this week, a surprising batch of mushrooms. have begun to spring up in the territories,. like soft, pillowey umbrellas next to the. golden empire's feeding dish. and oh, as you can see, the springtails whom. you guys have called "the springcleaners". are still very active at picking up the scraps. of the golden empire's feeding areas. as for the golden empire, as usual, they're. ever healthy and strong, but funny enough,. it seems the colony has reached a sort of. population equilibrium. their numbers don't seem uncontrollably explosive,. like before. perhaps our spring pool installation has been. effective!. if you're new here, we installed this beautiful. spring pool into the hacienda del dorado for. the purpose of providing a source of water. to the colony, and more importantly, to act. as a natural agent of population control,. i. e. we needed the waters to naturally cull. the population down via ant drowning, but. to deal with all the ant bodies lethally swept. up by the cascading waterfall or trapped in. the pool, we also needed to recruit a water. beast, to take care of all these dead ants,. because without some kind of creature to feed. on the ant carcasses, the water would have. fouled up very fast, and foul water, means. a poisoned water supply for the ant colony. so we moved in a gorgeous, blue crayfish,. which by the way, as you might have seen in. our previous video, i was told was an electric. blue crayfish species, called procambarus. alleni from florida, but i was surprised to. find out, thanks to one of you guys, that. she is actually a tropical blue crayfish from. australia known as cherax quadricarinatus. minor id change, and thank you for the proper. identification. whatever the case, ac family, i am pleased. to share that this graceful blue empress has. been a total delight to keep over the past. couple of months, completely peaceful, picking. off any and all ant carcasses within the waters,. cleaning up debris and ant garbage, and doing. her job at keeping the waters clean. in fact, she's been doing an unbelievable. job at keeping these waters clean!. check it out!. those waters have never been more crystal. clear, no debris floating on the surface,. no ants trapped in the filter mesh, no rotting. material in sight. and now, ac family, another thing you may. be surprised to know is that our young blue. empress has changed. yes, she's grown bigger now, and also, wears. new armour of a different colour!. she's probably having a snooze in her shadowy. cave, so we can't see her right now. but let's add a few fish pellets to the pool,. to coax her out into the light. with her oc levels in cleanliness, she's sure. to come out to say hello. and voila!. behold our blue empress. check her out!. isn't she beautiful . she's no longer just blue now, but has now. taken on a gorgeous mix of blue and peach. i'm not sure if this colour change is a result. of eating so many of our golden orange yellow. crazy ants, or if this is just a result of. her maturity process, but i love how she looks. now. so, ac family, now that we're here, let's. finally give her an official name. please take a moment to vote here, on your. favourite of these name suggestions from you. the ac family. thank you, ac council for your input. i have come to discover over time, that our. blue peach kraken here, doesn't just eat ants!. she is actually a big fan of veggies and plant. trimmings. i love giving it to her myself. watch as i offer her this leaf. as soon as she accepts my gift, i respect. her desire for space and i'm quickly out of. there to allow her to eat in peace. at this point her and i have a mutual understanding. of respect and she now waits for me every. time she senses me close by. she's my girl!. so in the last video featuring this crayfish,. many of you felt concerned that perhaps she. was alone and that she should at least have. a partner to live with in these waters. now, up until then, it never occurred to me. that she might feel lonely. these crayfish, in the wild, are solitary. and greatly territorial. they do not live in colonies like our ants. do, nor in collective schools like our fish. it is said that they establish a territory. and defend their space at all costs. but then i figured, these alleged loners must. come together to mate at some point right . there must be a point when the drive to breed. takes over and male and female crayfish come. together to allow for the passing on of genes. and continuation of their species. so, ac family, i felt today was the day, i. would try my luck, and find a suitor for our. beautiful empress. can you imagine if she ended up finding a. mate and breeding . i don't even know how crustaceans mate. i felt it was the perfect opportunity to witness. some critical biology so i was set to make. this grand introduction happen. i waited for the perfect night. last night, as i watched the hacienda del. dorado, i marveled at the most beautiful sunset. which framed the kingdom as if it were a painting. i felt this was mother nature's way of signifying. that tonight was the night!. ac family, this was it!. when darkness befell the antiverse, and the. black of night cloaked all ant kingdoms, i. setup some moon lighting to hopefully get. our empress in the mood for some loving. the trickling sounds of the waterfall and. the nocturnal ambiance of insects provided. a romantic chorus setting up the stage for. this grand meeting of royals. and speaking of which, let's meet our dashing. suitor now. behold!. here sits our glistening male prince, in shining. platinum armour. with an exoskeleton white like ivory, and. long thin claws, this crayfish will hopefully. have the chops to impress our blue empress. his black beady eyes and long fuzzy antennae. would be sharp at sensing and locating where. our empress may be hiding within the recesses. of her cave. this male crayfish has been residing in his. own tank for the past few weeks, but i was. hoping he was in the mood to mate. based on my research, these crayfish have. a breeding season, which begins as soon as. the waters start to warm up. here in manila, where i currently live, it. is officially our summer time, which means. all territories in the ant room and resident. waters within are naturally heating up. so my hopes is that both this male and our. female crayfish are in mating season mode. this male, by the way, came to me with both. claws somehow broken off!. the poor guy, but thankfully, after two sheds,. his claws were fully replaced. regeneration in these crayfish is truly amazing!. but, i was hoping there would be no such injury. resulting from tonight's introduction. i was so nervous, and was prepared to have. to separate them at any time, if things didn't. go as planned. again, i had no idea how crustacean breeding. worked so i was going to really have to improvise. all this a long the way. please god, let there be no pinching off of. limbs. so ac family, all was set, here goes nothing!. it's time to release our platinum prince into. the aquatic palace of our beloved empress. i took the male, and gently dropped him in. he instantly backs up into our empress's cave. no!. don't do that!. i held my breath!. bang!. he shot out of there like a bullet!. she must have given him quite the shock welcome. clearly startled he regathers his composure. and sort of sits there in a daze. i felt as though at this point he was realizing. that he had come in contact with someone beautiful. inside that cave. if crayfish release pheromones into the water,. i was positive our prince here was reacting. to our empress' love potion. in a trance, he once again but this time more. cautiously, approaches the back cave, but. suddenly out of the shadows rears the powerful. claws of our empress. they lock and begin to spar!. in a sudden cloud explosion, our platinum. prince retreats. this was not a friendly greeting from our. empress. the rough play had now stirred up a blinding. cloud of debris. my heart was racing!. but i didn't want to assume just yet that. this was a claw snap away from a bloody meeting. could this be part of the crayfish courtship. ritual . i wasn't sure but my heart beat loudly in. my chest as i filmed the rest of this great. meeting of royals. all i could see of our empress was her antennae. waving from within the darkness of the pool. our platinum prince decided to retreat to. a quiet corner of t

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