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Mink and Badger were born under an oil painting and left behind by their mother, who was a community cat. This video shows the hard reality of kitten rescue and why it is so important to prevent suffering. Please spay and neuter your cats, and get active for Trap-Neuter-Return for the cats in your community. Do it for the little ones. Do it for Mink.
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And are there like stiff and freezing . but i can feel that there's still life . they're so cold well we can't feed them . anything until they're warm they're like . frozen stiff right now hey let's get you . frozen. but they're moving this one's moving . this one's doing worse but alive but . barely. i didn't realize it was i mean when you . said like newborn like they're literally . like just born . this one's literally like her ears are . still stuck. i'll get you dressed . you're still so it's like they're just . you core their core temperature is just . so cold. should get them in the incubator . we should get them in the incubator. that's exactly for situations like this . is your little body gonna start working . that would be real nice if you're a . little body wanted to start working all . black except her little tail tip is. white that's too cute we gotta make you . live cuz you're gonna be so cute we just . had a blizzard and it's absolutely . freezing outside i get a call about a . woman who has an art studio a few blocks . away and she is frantic she feeds . community cats and sometimes they come . into her art studio but today a young . cat has come into her art studio given . birth underneath an oil painting and . left behind two newborn kittens still . wet from birth what the little here . popped up finally welcome to the world. they're filthy. you're alive there's movement in there . i'm like can they even breathe with all . this afterbirth on them i mean it's . interesting because when you care for . orphans you have to do everything the . mom does but usually she at least cleans . them after they're born she just ran. away i think sometimes they get scared . you guys starting to warm up a little . bit your head is so cold . [music]. they stink yeah i know they stink . yeah they smell like rocky like they . were not cleaned up yes . they do yeah yeah you do they smell like. actual medical term for that my friend . your names will be tampax and pearl well . you got to think right after birth what . a mom cat does is she licks them all . live and these guys were not cleaned at . all so they're moving gonna be up and . running in no time look at that oh hi . look at you you got a little life in . there. i think they're like almost to the point . where maybe we could feed them soon both . kittens are in horrible shape still wet . from birth they are stiff little icicles . who had never gotten a single drop of . their mother's milk . it's not safe to feed a newborn kitten . until they are warmed up and even then . you have to do so so carefully one drop . at a time is your body understand that . or not really know . [music]. do you understand this or not really . like actually almost try but not . well the back end is working alright so . we need the front end to start working . but that's a good sign things are moving. [music]. she was meowing and she was very vocal. today. i'm with. these two guys . you didn't even know she was pregnant . she's small to begin with so i didn't . know what it was like and i just got . here so i didn't know . and then she's very hopeful the mom ran . away mom's gone mom she's spunky look at . how spunky you are i like his little . spirit he's good this one i'm a little . more worried about but i'm surprised . this one is even life so it's . interesting to see all the different . places but . we get back to the house and i put them . in the incubator this thing is perfect . for tiny newborns the incubator stays at. a temperature of about 90 degrees and a . humidity of around 40 so this is our . incubator this is an icu unit it has . controls for temperature and humidity so . we had to run to the store to get . distilled water and so we had to get . tubing for an aquarium that goes down . into distilled water and that is how you . keep the humidity moving around with our . one moment . [music]. feels good and rare. it's so hard for me to believe that . people don't know to keep kittens warm . but i guess that's because i do this all . [music]. little beans. so these guys really do not weigh much . this one is 91 grams 91 grams. the really little one . [music]. seven million. [music]. i like hearing your wooden toys 71 grams . is so tiny i mean they look so different . than when we got there they were . freezing cold still wet from birth . practically lifeless and now i'm moving . around a little bit . i'm worried about this one she's so . little. she's hanging in there . [music]. guys i love seeing them wiggle around . oh okay so what i have here is formula . that is very diluted with pedialyte and. it also has better back unit so this is. a very very diluted formula this is . [music]. really their first time eating for a . newborn kitten that is first eating you . don't want to give them full strength . formula are you gonna eat . it would make me so happy if you would . me hope you very patient with you right . now my goal is to get them to eat just . one cc per meal just a very very little . bit to keep their blood sugar up and to . keep them hydrated to get their stomachs . acquainted with drinking formula syringe . feeding is really really dangerous when. you're working with a kitten based a . little they don't have a gag reflex at . all so you cannot just shove formula . down their throat you really need to . make sure they're swallowing which means . this could take a really long time one . tiny drop at a time . [music]. the kittens are preemies and they're not. able to get a full belly or their food . safely via syringe so i have to switch . to tube feeding tube feeding is a skill . that absolutely must be learned hands on . at a veterinarian's office it's where . you put the food directly into the . kittens belly by injecting it through a . skinny tube this is a more advanced . skill so please do not do this at home . without training you must learn how to . safely place the tube from event once . you're trained to do this it can be the . best way to help these kittens who are . very young or very sick or unable to . swallow food on their own people think . working with kittens is so cute and a . lot of the time it is but the reality is . that rescue is not about cuteness . there's nothing cute about being born in . the freezing cold under an oil painting . to a cat who's still a kitten herself . there's nothing cute about being born . prematurely being orphaned or being sick . this is preventable suffering and it is . preventable through spay and neuter we . have to be spaying and neutering not. just our pet cats but also the cats who . live outside who share our streets in . our community community cats create . eighty percent of the new kittens born . every year we have got to be sterilizing . the cats. or outside holding these vulnerable . infants in my hand i sometimes wonder if . people truly grasp the gravity of not . spaying and neutering by her second day . of life mink lost her battle she was . premature. she had congenital defects and she was . not viable no matter how hard we tried i . sat there crying so angry for mink and . so devastated for mink and for all the . other kittens who are born outside and . who suffer or die on the streets or in . animal shelters who are not able to care . for newborns everyone deals with grief . differently my personal way of dealing . with the sorrow of losing a kitten is to . try to take action i try to learn as . much as i can i try to teach others and . i try to inspire others to get involved . so inmates honor i am begging people to . step up and be part of the solution in . this way minks tiny to day life can . still have a mighty impact and people. are already stepping up and doing this . within one day i was getting message . after message of people saying they. rescued a kitten in minks honor even . naming the kittens after mink they'd . signed up to foster or to tnr this stuff . means so much to me one of my friends . was even able to go and trap the mama . cat and get her spayed so she won't be . giving birth under any more oil . paintings this is why rescue work and . tnr is so important we have to do better . for these cats and kittens it's badgers . one-week birthday today and i am so . happy for him even if i'm a little . sleepy from having to wake up . at all tonight it is all worth it for . this little guy who is nursing on my . finger at the moment we'll get you a . bottle you don't have to nurse on my . thumb i hope if you're watching this and . you feel touched by this story you take . action you get out there and you do . something for cats volunteer at your . local shelter get your cat spayed and . neutered get out there on the street and . trap community cats and get them . sterilized foster kittens don't just be . a cat lover be a cat advocate there are . so many ways to help and when we all . work together we can make such a huge . difference . bad boy let's get you fed . [music]. .
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