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In this segment of On Location, Coyote encounters quite possibly the creepiest creature we’ve ever featured on Brave Wilderness.
The Hellgrammite…yes thats right, a creature this bizarre deserves a horrific name to match!
So how about it, DO YOU want to see something REALLY SCARY?
Get ready to witness a LIVING NIGHTMARE!

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Caption: Never ends well for the people that go . out cameras and flashlights does it we . see those all right it could be a . sasquatch you guys want to see something . really scary no yes you do . come on let's go down to the river i . don't know if it's a good a oh i'm about . to show you guys the scariest thing you . have ever seen i was thinking about this . all day . i found one earlier but at night can be. a whole lot better so where are you . really taking us to the river what you . know rivers at night can be really . pretty scary so we're going to do is go . all the way through the deep dark woods . and down to the river let's find some . creatures. oh frizzy eyeballs where you see that we . happen where those our eyes looks like a . kilo gamer that are you oh what is that . oh i can't be a little more wildlife . biologist identify identify those are on . that well . most logical oiling is a deer but we are . in bigfoot territory it could be a . sasquatch come on let's go that way. but you watch guys they want mario we're . being watched edi so man it's like a . creepy old shit out here yeah you don't . want to go in the shed think we've seen . too many horror movies to know how these . all begin kind of feels like that . doesn't it an old rusty shed don't shed . in the middle of nowhere in west . virginia this never ends well for the . people that go out with cameras and . flashlights does it yeah . see all this moisture and the grass this . means that they're going to be out and . about tonight say a really good sign . yes where there's more than one there . will definitely be more than one but all . it's going to take is one to kind of how . bad vitus . what was that you hear that no not your . foot sounded like rocks knocking . together what does that mean . that's actually the finit of sign of . sasquatch calling that's how we're after . tonight the odds of us seeing bigfoot . limb to none we do see one we're going . to film it we want to get to the river . and i can hear it from here come on just . over this ridge . this is creepy . like a beach . about our equipment put all kinds of . reflective eyes all right i need a big . flat rock put the vendor cells with no . so look under there. okay let's bench up this way a little . bit. [applause]. no nothing. oh. ah ah oh gross pick it up under the rock . under the rock i got it ha ha oh let's . try to bite me oh there it is what is . that it's a hellgrammite pull mackerel . that's a big one too oh wow all right . guys well if you remember an instagram . post i made a few weeks ago of a . creature that looks how we whitey me . okay they do bite there you have it . everybody want to know do they bite yes . they do bite it is latched onto my . finger right now oh that hurts but it's. not breaking skin that's uh oh it's got . ahold of me now the hellgrammite can you . see it okay there yeah it's got ahold of . me the hellgrammite is actually the . larva stage of the dobson slide now the . dobson fly maybe think is yourself off . well is that maybe some beautiful . butterfly type creature no it's about as . wicked-looking as this thing is only . with big wings and enormous front . mandibles. however those mandibles aren't strong. enough to pinch and bite onto anything . like the larva stage now i'm going to . turn it slightly like this wow it is . just latched now if the bite isn't . enough what they will also do to deter . predator is squirt a nasty smelling musk . from their rear end and it actually . smells just like human feces and here . what oh smells like oh like poop exactly . like poop and it is already squirted. musk all over my finger oh it absolutely . stinks ah wait not harder that is about . the most alien looking creature i think . i have ever come across like something . out of the show stranger things. okay it's been latched on my finger for . a while now and what i'm going to do is . just gently dip it into the water now . they are semi-aquatic so putting in the . water isn't going to cause any issues . but i do want to get it off of my . fingers right here try this it's going . to set it down gently just like i get . crayfish off of me oh no let go let go . wow . oh it's pointing out harder oh there. goes guy okay ah oh . bit me again man there we go sink that . your break okay it's good look at the . anatomy of this creature . look at that underside wow that is . gnarly this is like a mix between a . scorpion a centipede a water bug and a . tremor wait look at it now that was on . your finger yeah . those front mandibles right there can. you see that those were latched onto my . finger and these two back appendages. there have hooks on them just like the . rear hooks on a centipede whoo . see that how they move backwards wow . yeah i got me right underneath the . fingernail i'm going to hold him there . though. all right now he's hooked on an oak . there let's go there look at that . wow that is so bizarre . oh wow it's like an alien ah oh it has . all these little hooks on its arms with . the wave move did like blink what'd i . tell you it's like an eye a living . nightmare look at their head oh i took . don to me oh where'd it go for you can . you imagine what it would be like to . have one of these things crawl into your . ear it's gonna eat your brain good no no . no no no oh oh that actually really hurt . oh i think it's actually poked a hole in. my ear oh what do you guys think . helga my earrings maybe peter laughs no . he's dangling down from my ear oh yeah . ah . ricky kirk turn to the oh my god i fell . down hold it there what if it went in . your brain oh my gosh yeah i got to get . it off my ear oh no oh wow your ears are . lot softer than your finger that hurts . so at this point i pretty much just have . to wait for it to drop off on its own . you can't just take it off well if i . touch it or pull on it it's going to . just bite down harder all right let's uh . you want me to try to get it off uh let . me see ah let's see it come here . oh wow yeah see the bleeding it's got a . good crease this little white speck out . well i would say that this without . question is the creepiest looking . creature that we have come across here . in west virginia i'm kerry peterson be . brave stay wild we'll see on the next . location tides back under your rock wall . creeper. oftentimes we fear things that have a . creepy and alien looking appearance even . i'll admit the moment i found my first . hellgrammite i was incredibly nervous to . pick it up especially with that set of . intimidating mandibles however in the. end i think what we all learned is that . while this creature may look . intimidating its non-venomous if it's . bark . it's far worse than its bite kina what's . creepier than one held your might 25 . held her like that for what marc doesn't . know is that earlier today when i was . done with river and iphone the first . hellgrammite i also found 25 of them and . i'm going to mark put his hand in this . bowl hold them hey mark . really well that's cool so you know how . early we started this and i was like hey . you know what i found today . something really gross yeah i know the . hogan might yeah how's your mic right . and that was super dressed well i kind . of in tell you the whole truth okay . i found one hugger mic and then i kept . whipping over rocks and i found 25 . dude so what i challenge you to do right . now oh my gosh you really did its push . your hand into this bowl and see if you . get bitten by however mine no no yeah . god i got done by a bullet ant come on i . was stunned by a bullet in and i just . want you to put your hand in there for . 60 seconds 60 seconds yeah you guys . always tell me can you last for 60 . seconds can you last for 60 seconds with . your hand in a bowl of hellgrammite i'll . calm it down for you ready wait he . signed me up for this i didn't agree to . this. yeah right are you and i were kind of . like you know i'll be really fun getting . mark finally bitten by something and . it's not that bad i was even bitten on . the ear and it didn't break see on tv . one two three five is definitely 25 in . there said so good okay so you you know . what the line is right no i don't well . you got to say your name and i'm about . to enter the bite zone with the . hellgrammite i mean you got to just . plate one of your hands in there and let . them crawl all over you for 60 seconds i . don't know advantage here you want me to. film this mario come on man i'm gonna . put you here give me your camera all . right you're gonna you're gonna film it. i'm not going to film it just so you . don't drop your camera people give it . and move it yeah let's get it let's get . ourselves get on the ground we'll have a . little setup and we're going to do this . just like a normal scene here all right . i did find it senator milky but this is . okay well we don't care that you found a . millipede we care about you getting. bitten by howler mites you have a good . shot yeah that's kind of hoping you'd . say no there we go all right coyote pack . mark is going to do it okay director of . breaking trail is going to enter the . bike zone okay . i'm director mark and i'm about to enter . the bike zone 25 healthy i can't watch . this put your hand in there come on . [music]. like in the old so creepy small on you . there well they're pooping on you. ah skip it oh yeah hair keep your hand . in there all the way in a hole all the . way in the fall that's my third . oh there's nobody one thing i think . after another plate me dude ah 3 2 d go . 3-1 i let them out oh holy that's my . [music]. hand yosh oh mario so my hand well good . job buddy i'll give you a five oh my i'm . like shaking man that hurts a little bit . right oh it's just super super creepy i . saw that one really got your finger . pretty good oh man well we're going to . let all these little humdrum rights go . back off into the wild and they're going . to metamorphosize into dobson flies and. then they're going to be flying . everywhere. absolutely all right it's got some that . in my heart all right guys i get to wash . my hand back . and the ground . if you thought being bitten by the . hellgrammite was nerve-wracking make . sure to go back and watch the episode or . a soul puget chomped on my finger . yikes and don't forget subscribe so you . can join me in the crew on our next . location . [music]. .

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