Lucas The Spider Creator Explains How He Makes People Fall In Love With Spiders | The Dodo

Lucas The Spider Creator is Making People Fall In Love With Spiders | Lucas The Spider is the cutest spider ever - we caught up with Lucas The Spider's creator Joshua Slice to learn more about Lucas and the 'how' and 'why' behind the most adorable spider ever! For more of the adorable Lucas the Spider, you can check out his videos on YouTube:
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Cry not my name's lucas hi i saw me . spider feet and it looks really cute i . wonder. [music]. all right i want people who are afraid . of spiders to say i wanted to challenge . people to ask them the question of what . you would do if encountered over this . character and that's why i kind of . wanted to make it a cool on the . realistic side so cute but it's a spider . i have too many eye box and let go a lot . of high laws wait wait wait say what . i'll give it is okay bye . can i go outside please it's really cold . out here that fighter looks very nice . i can warm my legs all eight of them is . anyone there . okay out is costly busy said . [music]. it's dark davi i wanna do a selfie and . you say lucas quebec it's funny you're . talking to a five year old without the . dialog inflection it's like no you say . like this i played easy and i ran up to . him like anchor pin up darius he's . looking at me how's my chance to escape . [music]. oh . you. .
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