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Hey people want to see your life you . gonna play gets you off the plane so i . recorded last video february 10th the . day that we got her today is march 18th . i think so it's been four to five weeks . since we last did a video on er so this . is an update and if you don't follow her . on instagram stop stop shoot woofer i'll . leave link in the description to her . histogram right so you guys can keep up . to date with her but she has grown . massively so all of you guys have been . requesting like where's mochi we want to . see more mochi let me treat you real . quick so welcome to the mochi play date . first thing you understand that mochi is . we understand that she's just like her. mom and dad weird you wanna say . hi to the people. oh my god you're such a flat balls let's . see the first time i know she gets super . distracted she's going with this like . weird awkward teenager stage we're here . before like her ears were flopped over . here's our flopped over and there was no . real parting between your fur in her. head but now which she absolutely adores. the ball more than five feet that's gone . through existence . it's the elephant she hasn't had it in. like a week i believe i believe and she . barks at it she barks at it when it . doesn't do what she wants she thinks the . ball is perfect but come to me the . elephant used to be like the size of her . no no for sale she likes to hoard toys . as well she'll pick like two or three of . them to play with and put them in a pile . and then chew on one of them she's . greedy that's perfect thank you for . giving it a good clean so if you look . you'll be here my boy snap but this is . the photo that i took a few days into . getting her on instagram and now this is . her she's so huge massive now look at . that face though i did the camera she . gonna lick this one too oh good girl . [laughter]. see those are really good luck daddy . cake patty cake pop be good for those . who this is first video mochi she is a . samoyed she is born december 7th last . year and one beautiful thing about . samoyeds is her nicknames are the . smiling sammy's so if you look she is . like smiling all the time . [laughter]. i can high-five for teaching boy she . wasn't at first and then we made her . gonna be hilarious . yeah cuz now she's like 18 she was 11 in . the last video she's grown to 18 pounds. and she's gonna be around sort of fifty . to sixty she's looking at you like what . the hell are you doing now you didn't . you really didn't you didn't need to you . did not you did not need to say that . this is my household . okay beats well we're not together . nah we aren't the same person so we . picked 8 cloudy days to take her out a . little bit later in the afternoon . mitchell . yeah and cloudy day for a cloud oh god . right honey for fitnessgram pacer test . is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test. that progressively gets more those are . ever thinking about getting let me show . you something so when you have a cloud . yeah hey butchey gonna go inside . lucky me can't bring your elephant oh . you can only bring one . she likes to hoard she's like i need to . bring everything inside or not oh you . brought me the carrot thank you fold . imagine mochi a bolt cosplay and someone . can like photoshop a black lady yes can . someone do that you tweet at me good . girl alexa turn on downstairs . dining chairs yay . that's why it's taken me a year to build . this house alexa turn on all dang . although do you guys well this is a brag . us at me just because i tweeted about it . her so if you go on . sani or signed a stream she has this as . an emo which is actually a reference . from my city in video i'm sure that now . [laughter]. the focus wait wait oh yeah look sunny . creep the biography is talking about a . long time to do a lot of really detailed . thought construction what you know . trying to get the rights to do this was . near impossible who the is this . book hey where do you get your . girlfriend this that you know you can go . out there you can get her flowers . chocolates you do whatever or you can . get her a book of herself making a derpy . ass face one thing we've also noticed. about mochi is that she loves not bird . but burbs you know birds are i wish a . real quick. [music]. it's cuz i almost type a she was like . wait what the hell is this okay no run a . fleet deserve a mochi she has a weird . thing with strawberries and we don't . know why. let me show you hit much eat anything . strawberry what she she doesn't . understand the fundamental fundamentals . so much on the fundamentals all . strawberries frozen strawberry that . she's just like are you she dry around . the floor look at some more pick it up . nice gonna cool it down she'll eat it . you're doing up this regard oh do you . have anything else to say nope nope . we're good to go see goodbye okay thank . you for watching this little mochi . update video she's all longer in the. other thing i figure out what videos . like this or get any ideas of what we . can do with mochi let us know in the . comments subscribe if you are there's a . little more low-key in the future all . don't get much in either on instagram . that is in the description as well he . got that to move her hero down like a . hundred and ten thousand followers thank . you . many appreciate you all works nested . here and keep playing with her but like . some pasta . i'll see you on the next one . [music]. [music]. .
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