Monkey Talks To Pet Human About Cunchies MANGO

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MonkeyBoo and his pet human Pete try some Crunchies’ Mango! Yummy say MonkeyBoo and Pete! MonkeyBoo even has a nice little talk with his pet human!
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Are you shy yeah your teeth this is we . got some crunchies manga who we've never . had the mango is open up on a child you . [applause]. [applause]. or the best out there . oh it's so strong oh yeah china where we. can see it you want to see the . expression on boots face when he tries. got mango crunchy is it good oh please . do it even share his real mangoes with . me really wow boot crunchies monkey. booze dad really likes the mango but the . guys decided to send some more you can . write eat all my bags oh my goodness boo . this might be the best stuff that i've. tasted for curtains i really like the . strawberries but so you take it wet land . of your mouth there you go ahead . are you sharing with me are you thank . you for them yeah me just took the baby . besides it . tell them to send you another box guys . help you know i don't know i can't . remember who sent these to booth . they come in one of your little boxes . didn't it yeah he said get big nice . boxes these are some tasty mangoes . mm-hmm you get you one yeah yeah yeah. yes do not argue with me no ha ha you . have moving i won't argue it you shut up . don't tell me - you hush what are you . the boy yes i'm a good boy are you a . good boy huh are you good lucky hey . what mm-hmm. yes i'm not gonna pet human i'm a good . boy. thank you hi so this is mine . all right guys . his never talking about - hi guys thanks . for watching the video . lucky goo lovers lane little crunchies . in hit crunchies like a booth his dad . really likes him look or aka lucky . bruise pit human they dead right . hey i'm with you kid for me oh go check . out my hand yo good boy . the criteria so we'll see you guys in . the next video so don't forget to hit . like and subscribe . who's gonna dance for mangos . [music]. .

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