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How to set up a pet Bearded Dragon. Today I'm going to be using the Zoo Med Premium 40 Gallon Reptihabitat.
Lots of extra tips on how to care for your bearded dragon!
Thank you to Zoo Med for sending me this amazing Bearded Dragon kit!
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Caption: My arch nemesis is near we have this . this one escaped crickett who i just . cannot find for the life of me but when . i find him i'm probably just gonna end . up liberating him hey what's up. creatures it's m and today i'm going to . be showing you how to set up a bearded . dragon enclosure specifically today i'm . going to be using the zoomit premium rep . tea habitat which is a 40 gallon and it . really is a premium bearded dragon. enclosure it's one of the most popular . choices to keep bearded dragons in so . you might have already seen it in your . local store or online if you've already . seen zuma's 40 gallon rep sea habitat . for bearded dragons you'll know that . it's actually a kit and it comes with a . whole load of accessories and essentials. that you're going to need for your . bearded dragon so i'm going to show you . how to set up a bearded dragon using . this kit which was sent to me by zoo med . if you're planning to bring a bearded . dragon home this video may be of . interest to you or equally it may also . be of interest to you if you're looking . for ideas to maybe upgrade your bearded . dragon that you currently have so stay . tuned if you haven't already remember to . hit that subscribe button down below . become part of the creature creep and . also hit that notification bell over . there so you don't miss a single upload . today is going to be an unboxing and a . step-by-step setup of how to actually . create a bitter dragon environment . however if you're looking for bearded . dragon facts then i still have you . covered because i have an entire . creature feature dedicated to bearded . dragon facts so if you're interested in . bearded dragon facts or you want to. learn something different you might not . have already known about your bitter . dragon visit my description box down . below and you'll find my bearded dragon . creature feature before we get started i . just want to say this is not the . definitive guide to bearded dragons this . is how i like to set up my bearded . dragon as much as i'm sure you're going . to love this video remember to check out . other videos too because you should . absolutely look at how a lot of other . people keep their bearded dragons and. you might get some great ideas but stay . at this video first cuz that's not gonna . be the best if you keep bearded dragons . too and you've got some great tips to . share with people leave them in the . comments section below and you can . really help other people and share your . knowledge bearded dragons are one of . the most common reptiles in the reptile . hobby and they are a wonderful wonderful . reptile to start with and know it can be . a bit daunting to think about heaters . and lighting and substrates and all. sorts of different things that you have . to juggle when it comes to caring for. your bearded dragon so zoomit has you . covered and they've actually got a 40 . gallon bearded dragon kit which is a. premium. bavarian setup so that's the kit that . i'm going to be using today which was . sent to me by zoo med so thank you very . much more to zoo med for sending me this . i am sure that my rescued bearded dragon. bad idea over here is going to love her . upgrade let's go check out our very own . kit shh so first things first the space . and down here we've got a really great . space which is just a void right now a. void which we're gonna fill with our . enclosure. let's admire the sexiness now a 40 . gallon is the minimum space requirement . for an adult bearded dragon so this is . how big we're talking and it's big this. is my lifting for the day here we go . let's liberate this beast with my . seriously inadequate scissors already . you can see we have two sliding panels . and they are both covered in mesh it's a . mesh top five area which is great . because you definitely want to get some . airflow if you only have glass the whole . way around you're going to be hosting a . lot of negative bacteria so having a . mesh top zoomit has you covered and this . will ensure a good healthy supply of. airflow so let's remove this mesh oh . hang on a second so do you see this lip . just over here on the inside of the . vivarium this lip here is actually a . snake guard because if you are planning . on keeping snakes in this enclosure . which you very well could do it'd be . wonderful for a ball python or a royal . python if there wasn't a snake guard . there there's every likelihood that. snakes being such great escape artists . would be able to just nose their way and . just enough to push it open but if they . tried that in this enclosure they . wouldn't get very far because of the lip . underneath so that's a really great . feature well done to zoom out for that . here we're gonna slide both of the . panels off. and let's look at all these goodies on . the inside this is so exciting i have a . thing about bright packaging if there's . bright packaging and animals on it i'm . probably going to get it so first of all . we have zoom its guide to bearded . dragons by john clavier so let's have a . look on the inside oh this is great it's . got loads of really useful useful it's . got very useful hints and tips and then . helps you with understanding the kind of . maintenance you should be doing we also. have a thermometer humidity gauge allows . precise monitoring of both the. temperature and humidity of your . terrarium in one unit so that's a great . way to gauge what the environment is . like inside your bidded dragons . enclosure very importantly we have the . rep t basking spot lamp and the reason . why spot lamps are so wonderful is. because they concentrate the heat in one. area because remember your bearded . dragon is not always going to want to be . in the sun let's say that the entire. enclosure was very hot there would be . nowhere for your bearded dragon to . escape to so in actually having a spot . lab a spot lamp will actually . concentrate the heat on one side . enabling your bearded dragon to bask or . to go away and stay cool in another . section and that's very important so . this wrap t basking spot lamp should . last in theory about 2,000 hours which . is great and it provides heat day light . basking and uva which is wonderful now . this light is very important this is the . light that's really going to help your . reptiles to absorb the nutrients in. their food this is the number-one . fluorescent uvb reptile lamp worldwide . for desert creatures and the bearded. dragon is indeed a desert creature if . you're a bit lost on the lights let me . explain your bearded dragon or future . bearded dragon is a reptile and reptiles . are ectothermic they rely on external. heat sources to survive and stay healthy . if your reptile eats but it's cold it . can't and won't digest its food properly . that's why a spot lamp is so important . it gives your dragon the chance to . thermoregulate and to digest its food . now the second bulb is a uvb bulb this . bulb doesn't give off much heat that's . the spot lamps job but the reason that . the uvb bulb is so important is because . the uvb is what your dragon uses to. produce d . three is what allows them to actually . absorb the nutrients and calcium from . their food without uvb you can throw all . of the veggies all of the live foods and . all of the calcium you want at your . dragon' but even if they eat their food . it's going to be like eating cardboard . there's no goodness there for them . without uvb your dragon won't absorb the . calcium and they won't grow properly in . some cases they will become disfigured. and develop metabolic bone disease or . mbd for short in extreme cases they will . die so you definitely need heat for your . beauty as well as the uvb we also have . the rapti rock rec t food and water . dishes in the size l so it's large so . here are the food and water dishes they . are up to you whether you want to use . them for water and food or for food and . water so personally i would use the . deeper one for the water just so that. you make sure that you always have a . fresh supply in there that should be . changed daily by the way and then over . here this one would be great for your . greens you know bearded dragons love to . have mustard greens dandelion greens now . rip tea sand hold it right there . calcium sand so oftentimes when you see . calcium sand you get people going that . is the worst thing you could ever keep . your bearded dragon on it's gonna cause . an impact and it's true almost any . bedding can cause an impact in your bed . a dragon or almost any other reptile so. it's really down to you to be vigilant . to make sure that if your bearded dragon . is on a substrate which is easily . ingestible and which you think that they . are ingesting too much or for example . juvenile bearded dragons will do this . quite a lot as they're still learning . how to eat and to catch their food they . get mouthfuls of dirt or different kinds. of substrate it's up to you to find the . right substrate for your bearded dragon . i would say that the vast majority of . adult bearded dragons will know better . than not to go and get a mouthful of. dirt but if you do have live foods which . are tunneling down into the dirt or into. the substrate the sand the bark whatever . it is that you're using that can become . an issue so if you're very worried about . using sand and impactions then just . don't use sand just because it's in the . kit it doesn't mean you have to use it . but if you use it with great success . then great it works for a bearded dragon . and everyone should take into account . that every . dragon is different so you really want . some monitor your bidat dragon i've been . to the australian outback now twice i've. been very lucky to actually see a . bearded dragons in the wild and . everywhere that i've seen them there has . been sound around but it's not simply . sand there's there's lots of different . kind

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