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Okay here's the font guys - because jen . moves too fast . look at that freaking rhino alright guys . so i'm all decked out in my southern fin . apparel he's actually given away these . awesome cool buffs . there's all types of colors as you can . see this shirt is freaking sick it shows . off my guns and shows off peacock in the . back. it's just really cool really cool gear . so i'm going to be wearing a lot more of . guys if you want a free buff i'm going . to have a link in the description below . that you can get a free buff on me . because i appreciate you guys you know i . try to hook you up i'm giving away a . freaking paddleboard on my instagram . catch them all fishing guys and we're . getting a new monster let's catch them . all with catch em all fishing with that . catch oh there you go alright alright . baby bird alright guys so franklin i can . i get a selfie franklin good remote . we're going to go get some food some. little fish were in a cast of them while . we're waiting for my man sc k cichlids . to give me a call mr. gonzales my hookup . my go-to fisher man who i call when i . find these exotic he hooks it up with . the fish he's the best pet store on time . and he delivers so we're gonna go catch . them all all right guys we're out here . catching bait we need to feed the mighty . shamu my baby knows me it knows that it . needs to be sacrificed so it like comes . to me we've got to get some space going . you make the calls then they start to. trust you you think that you're their . mom oh there's no my there seems a bunch . of beach right in front of us guys they . listen to the calls of the moment . cichlid body we got a is that catch i'm . catching them all . no he's catching nah we gotta stop . because we have one how do we have one . how do we have one find the fishy call . them in alright so we're done with this . little net call a couple little dinks as . you can see sacrifices to the my shamu. and franklin's going to throw it eight . footer in the pawn go ahead get us some . fish straight ahead straight up get them . staggered off isis must be made to the . margie shamu wrong oh my god that's . going to check all of the food we need . for this new monster good oh oh hold on . alright hello is this what i think it is . yes mr. gonzales it's time it's time we . got okay okay okay okay guys our monster . is here we're gonna grab all the bait . we're going to throw them inside the . bucket and we're going to go meet our . monster got a couple decent ones in . there yep. shamu sacrifices must be made to the . mighty shamu and now oh yeah we got . quite a few baits now that's going to be . good that's gonna be good yes . or is it franklin good job come on cosmo. oh oh okay okay so this is what we . transported on my guessing guys this is . my boy stk cichlid aka the guns all is . what's up what's up what's up what's . going on guys what's going on what's up . pretty good pretty good . so what do we have guys what do we have . a big monster red tail here for you must . be right i'm gonna put them in there . with shamu you know oh my god dude that . thing's like 2 feet long absolutely our . best bet i mean will probably be two for . us to take them in the container that . they're you know if we're in a container . we're going to . grabbed this heavy thing and then we're . going to walk it to the back by shambu . and do you mind if one of you guys help . me record this thing alright awesome . okay what's your name again . diego what's your name buddy josh all . right josh diego out here with my man. sek cichlids mr. gonzales we're going to . get this monster do we have a new pump . it got so excited i'm excited for the . feeding look at this i used to have a . couple and i miss them so much so okay . guys i'm going to have you film it for . me okay buddy thank you we look good we . look good enough yeah beautifully . everett okay here we go so we're taking . them back come on man come on . don't wear your steps good if you do. decide to fall we have good insurance . your hand i'll be taking care of your . guy look at this guy . okay you guys are good you guys are good . don't worry in the camera man or one now . yeah you're like the avatar you know . we're seeing effect dude i'm so excited . right now i don't know if you can tell . but i'm freaking out okay here's the . pond guys thanks to the camera for just . alone my friend okay here he is . look at this home here it's like . everyone's happy hey how you doing corey . shamu obviously look oh no baby don't . joke want to jump on the jumper camera . oh okay so what we're going to do i'm . going to put this guy in there and we're . going to feed all of our pets so they're . not stressed out they're not thinking . about what's going on they're going to . be distracted with the food as this guy . goes in do it no use out of his notes . ever with you i'm just going to lift . them careful oh that's fine that's fine . bugger that's very strong rick okay . we're going to do here is try not to get . stabbed because i have been stabbed . quite a few times by many of my captors . we're just going to try to be gentle . try to try to caress them and push them . against the side of the foot box . the side of the freakin container which . is becoming increasingly difficult okay . ready we're going to go fast . you ready not you're not that fact but . there is there he is got sharp sharp . sharp let's go okay ready . oh-ho okay one more one more geez look . at this look at this look at these guys . okay okay he's going in bills it's going . in now this is a large animal this is a . hot water that was getting kind of cold . he's looking good he's looking good . jimmy was trying to bite me and stuff . wow wow okay we're going to see how he . does hopefully he does great i can't . thank you enough my man i cannot thank. you enough. this is my hookup man sp k cichlids oh . my gosh. oh my gosh look at the size let me see . it's in the way right now with this are . you starting to kick he's starting to . explore you're going to get really well . often you like i said guys all of this . water it's coming from the lake into . that pipe so this is constantly. constantly refreshing with a brand new . fresh water that's why my fish are so . healthy guys like this monster pacu big . old six pound bass obviously the koi and . now look at the size of that red tail. we're going to feed these guys since the . red tails in there he's starting to get . a kia kleh mated look at him beast . weatherby she's a perfect size for this . pond honestly i told him that i needed . one around 24 inches and he came through . so fast like the same day guys i . literally got off the phone with him and . it was like bum s ck cichlids miami . south florida guys if you need fish this . is who you talk to 305 six zero zero . seven eight six seven barnacle saying . turn around give us a give us something . back we'll give us some back that's our . instagram @ ms uk underscore signals . anything you're looking for contact us . and they deliver guys remember we will . be any competitors price and they will . they will they will literally be any . competitors price all . these fishes like it's like crazy crazy. like literally half the price for . something like that swimming in your . pool pond this is insane this is insane . look he's happy now he's starting to . explore i'm going to start going to . clean this up right now before i leave . guys i'm leaving the icast pretty soon . all right guys fast forward got my . mother out here she was taking care of . my fish while i was at icast as you can . hear i lost my voice but we did get. somebody get a little hungry feature . moved i'm going to teach you but i have . to look the other guy no turn off . correct . she's doing pretty well let's see what . hungry oh family gemma was always hungry . oh yeah whoa oh look at him oh look it . look at how it started look at how. excited around the circuit oh all right . who's going to feed shamu you want to be . the first all right my man help me with . the camera so go ahead and grab a piece . and then i'm gonna turn this camera to . slow-mo and we're going to see shamu . completely record let's see your hand . before before shamu destroyed it okay . his hand is fine now we're going to have . an after okay all right buddy you're . good to go let's go . [laughter]. well we'd clean that would clean well . does clean and nothing off the shell . move man go ahead . come on shamu come on he goes oh yeah . all grab are too fast and here comes the . blood sacrifices must be made to the . mighty shamu ha ha ha whoo oh yeah man . so here's the is what i normally feed. shamu either some shad or the cut-up. tilapia and gar and stuff and then the . paki likes to eat it into so i you throw . them around the pocke we'll get right . get a piece too because 10 moves too . fast. look at that freaking rhino freaking . rhino this was every little chap that . red tail is going to be eating right out . of my hand . because right now he's just you know a . little stressed out still from the . transport boat he'll be fine absolutely . are we doing good . absolutely so delighted ate that already . you don't he did that fucker right off . the surface looks like a freaking rhino . dude i love this thing i wanted to show . these guys the bottom part the yellow my . midas's and i got some shiners and all . sorts of stuff i have a couple weird . capuchin stuff too you might as well can . you throw some uh . throw some of these a boy bites into the . pond. these guys will also eat out of your . hand but start out in there they all go . nuts. hey there's so much fun and this guy can . get you absolutely everything name . everything you name you can have all of . this stuff all of that stuff all stuff . that you've never seen that i have never . seen before i've talked to this man and . he has it everything under the sun and . janica lake malawi lake victoria central . america. flower horns are one i mean you name it . just ask us to - ah six zero zero seven . eighty six seventy one more time for the . one time let me stick zero zero seven . eighty six seven turn it around turn it . around i see k underscore cichlid method . sure is little all right guys so i'm all . decked out in my southern fin apparel . he's actually given away these awesome . cool bus there's all types of colors as . you can see this year is freakin sick it . shows off my guns and shows off peacock . in the back guys if you want a free buff . i'm going to have a link in the . description below that you can get a . free buff on me because i appreciate you . guys you know i try to hook you up guys . guys i am so excited right now . this he did so happy you can tell he was . in a smaller tank before now he's in . this huge pond he has plenty of room to . grow and stretch out look look out look . like cheese excited look brick euler oh . man we got a name this guy guys i'm . gonna have to ask you guys for some help . to name this massive new fish oh man. probably like shark or something but . anyway guys let me hand over the camera . to frankie god i have to think this is . my man man this is the only person i . talk to about fish you know you can go . to your local pet store and stuff but . there's nothing quite like someone who . is hands-on this guy will deliver any . species any species you can think of if . i don't know it he's the guy i go to and . he has all the fish for sale for half. whatever you think you're going to be . purchasing it's really low prices really . awesome species can you give them a sum . about somewhere with any any stickers . that you want lake tanganyika on lake . malawi lake victoria central america and . south american arowana flowerhorns i . mean you absolutely name it anything . you're looking for we got it we'll be . more than happy to take care of you we . will beat any competitors price three or . five six zero zero seven eighty six . seven and has almost on the back we have . the bellows agatha se que underscore . cygnus tom well anyway back man hey no . problem don't thank me i'm asking you . all of my friends everyone watching at . home is thanking you because we have . this awesome new pet i have one more . thing to say to you guys gotta haul him . up . get my vision youtube and instagram like . this song like and comment . [music]. .

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