NEW YEAR, NEW PETS. (Animal Room Tour. Again)

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ALL MY PETS. People kept begging for me to redo this, and as much as I feel bad about giving you guys content that I've already done before... I decided getting this out at the beginning of the year would be a good way to kick off 2018.
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Hi guys what's up so i figured what . better way to start off the new year . with a basic classic on my animals video . because guess what i have new animals if . we're being completely honest here this . could almost become a weekly series but . we're gonna try to keep it to a minimum . because i don't like to repeat videos . but this is one that i often repeat . because people request it a lot so . apparently people cannot remember what . animals i have and don't have people . have lost track so let's let's go over . that shall we . okay so right now all the animals are . basically on the floor but i'm getting . some new shelves in they're gonna come . it's a whole process cuz they're also . custom-made so literally it's gonna take . like four weeks but every single animal . in this room except the fish are getting . cage upgrades every single cage is gonna . be so much bigger than the cages they . have now of course if an animal like the. transferor or something requires smaller . space they're gonna stay in smaller . enclosures but benji's getting a cage . that's like three times as big all the . snakes are getting upgrades crested . geckos are getting upgrades hedgehogs . it's kind of cool that i'm doing this . now cuz then you know in a few weeks we . can make another video where you see all . the differences so anyway i'm gonna shut . it down so that show the animals okay so . first up we have ella ella was asleep so . it might take ella minutes be a little . friendly here's ella hello ella can you . calm down for two seconds ella just to . say hello come on come watch she is an . african pygmy and she's a pinto you . could see she has one great ear ouch and . one pink ear that wasn't very nice i . didn't i didn't okay i'll put you down . i'm sorry they don't really like to be . held on their backs like that so i'm . gonna go ahead and not do that no ella's . leaving he's done okay see you later . don't know what coming back up not . leaving where you going oh she's going . to see her sister her sister is nowhere . near as friendly she's in here this is. surabhi as we can see here ella is down . to play but surabhi is not you can't . really keep a dog's together there's not . really there's only occasional . circumstances where you can keep them . together but most of the time it's more . of a risk than anything because if . they're trying to sleep together or . something one of them can poke to each . other's eyes out most of the time you . definitely want to house them alone she . was a rescue we rescued her from someone . who just abandoned her completely they . were feeding her like one . mealworm everyday and that's definitely . not sufficient for a hedgehog she was . extremely underweight couldn't even walk. right and she was surrendered to a local . rescue group and they contacted me . because they knew i had had jobs and so . i decided to take her in apparently her . owner gave her to a friend to watch and . then the owner moved and never came back . so yeah she's mine now and i love her . but she's really shy ella's a little . upset that her food bowls empty . okay she's walking away she doesn't care . that much and she's going back to sleep . so now we're moving on to the vape house . here we keep teenagers in here who are . too cool i don't know where to go with . that we keep angsty teenagers in here. it's the vape house for real though in a . real note we have let's see if we can . find them it's always hard to find them . teenagers these days okay so here's . drogo he is a crocodile king he's a . little moist all right here is daenerys . put her in there and she's gonna run off . yep two seconds she's gone and they . don't like to be held at all so that's . basically all you're gonna see from them . they're definitely observational animals. you look at them and that's all you do . you don't really hold them or anything . that's all you're gonna get out of them . so then it put them back away and turn . their vape system up so this is bindi . bindi is my blue tongue skink she thinks . that i have food for her hey bendy she . just winked at me . i'll bring you food in a second okay . bendy i see what you breathing really . heavy you're getting excited thinking . about food like in your lips okay here . we have my pride and joy you say hi . that's a good lick thank you for the . lick for the camera now these guys are . native to australia it's actually kind . of funny because i don't know where . you're watching from but here in america . we have these little things called a . knowles and there are these tiny little . lizards and they run all over our . backyards and they're all over and we . see them every day basically no in . australia people see these things every . day they're a little bigger than a . knowles but these guys will run around . in the backyards in australia you'll see. them crossing the road they're all over . the place they're now blue tongue skink . some really really like snails but i . can't even promise you that she's gonna . eat these right now but we'll give it a . go we'll see you shortly . nell bindu you're gonna pass that right . up i'm talking about how much you love . them and you are passing them up you're . making me look bad like this is how i . get paid to buy you snails look if you . ever want to snail again you got to eat . it for the camera okay i won't be able . to afford buying you snails unless you . bought eat a snail for the camera so . people can say whew that's a cool video . okay buddy forget you you just you made . us go bankrupt. thanks bindi that's it careers over i . hope you're going to the trash can yep . that's where we belong and in here we . have a western hognose now these guys . are rear fangs venomous but their venom . only affects frogs and an phibian sand i . just broke this plant and i was kind of . distracted by that so i'm sorry let's . start over okay anyway these guys are . rear fin venomous but it really only . affects and fib ian's and if a human . were to get bit it would really be the . equivalent of a bee sting . in the wild these guys will eat in . phidian's but in captivity they really . are normally just about a diet of mice . i've had celia since she was eating . pinky mice and now she moved up to . fuzzies and then hoppers so she's eating . hoppers now now these guys actually . don't normally resort to biting as a. defense that's one of their last resorts . the first thing they will do is a lot of . fall strikes and hissing well they're . gonna you know they're gonna puff up . they're gonna try to look scary and . they're gonna pretend to jump and bite . you but they're actually not going to if . that doesn't work then they're going to . roll over on their back and play dead i . see you doing a little wiggle there it . looks really funny so i'm just just. filming it for a second you're doing . you're doing a really funny wiggle now . these guys are called hog noses because . they do have a very pig-like nose it's a . super cute feature it's one of my. favorite features about these guys other . than their keeled scales which just . means their scale pattern . more rigid than other snakes these guys . have scales that are very similar to . like a rattlesnake this enclosure is for . a leopard gecko her enclosures being . upgraded when all those new enclosures . come in she's in need of a big upgrade . because she's getting really big she's . actually not blind she just has very. white eyes and a good way to tell the . health of a leopard geckos by checking . the thickness of their tail as their . tails really thick it means they have a . lot of fat stored up and that they're . eating really well and if their tail is . very thin then they may be emaciated . they may not be getting enough nutrients . in their diet and it's a good indicator . that you need to maybe change up their . diet a little bit feed him a little more . frequently we're gonna go ahead and get . her out of these bright lights because . she just does not enjoy bright lighting . at all and they actually can completely . detach their tail so you have to be . really careful when handling them . because they can completely throw their . tail off because some predators will . grab them by the tail they detach it so . they can still run away i can't wait . till i get all those new enclosures guys . i'm telling you she's actually in this . hole right here now this snake here is . gucci and she's just about to shed so . we're not gonna keep her out too long we . don't really want to handle her too much . handling a snake that's about to shed. can really stress them out and make this . shut a little difficult now gucci is . this a no lean milk snake one way you . could tell she's about to shed is her . eyes become very blue this is a skin cap . it's basically a protection protects the . eyes when they go through a shed so the . eyes don't get damaged also become more . joel in color so she's normally a little . brighter of a red when they're about to . shut it's best you just leave him alone . they normally won't even eat sir about a . week before the shed and use leave them . alone and let them do their thing and . then they will go back to their normal . diet all right this one can be a little . difficult to find because she likes to . burrow . now her enclosure is really just the . bare minimum right now it's just so she . can adjust to being where she is now a . whole new place moving it's very . stressful on these crabs these crabs . will sometimes have a very hard time . acclimating to a new environment so i . want to start with something small to . make sure you know she was comfortable. if you're gonna handle these guys i . always like to handle them close to a . surface so if they fall they're not . gonna really hurt themselves thanks for . that little pinch i really appreciate . that my hands got really dirty looking . around for her anyway this is my .
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