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Newborn Kitten Who Was Frozen Solid Grows Up To Be Strong And Feisty | When a litter of 1-day-old kittens was found frozen solid, their foster mom was determined to save their lives. But one of the babies needed more help than the rest. Today on Little But Fierce, watch how Bagel persevered β€” and got so strong and playful that she was ready for a family of her own in no time. You can keep up with Nikki and all of her work with her adorable foster kittens on Instagram, @myfosterkittens:
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They were frozen solid we were in an . ampm parking lot totally numb them up in . front of the vents in our car to warm . them up bagel and her siblings were . found in shrubs by a woman walking her . dog we didn't go home we jump right in . from california and picked those kittens . up right away got there the next day and . they still were cold my heart just sink . when i saw them they never had a chance . to have their mother and they were just . one day old so i didn't know if they . would survive this but we were going to . give him a chance . oh i didn't get really scared until they . go stopped eating we thought we were . going to lose her hair weight was . drastically going down it just killed me . i thought i can't do t hassle it she has . to live and that's when we started to. feeding which is scary . i promise in the middle of the night . when i was - feeding her that if this . baby made it has the biggest party we . went to peter for a few days and every . day i would try the bottle to see if it . worked . and one day it and i text my husband at. work and i was so excited at night i . said she's eating she's eating she makes. quite a mess but i don't care if his. lunch she eating he'll be able started . eating on her own i really felt like . every milestone was important so i . celebrated every milestone her eyes . opened when they gave way even when they . started grooming themselves and we . celebrated it because it was a milestone . that we didn't even know if they would . have . [music]. spud has been a little feisty boy. [music]. yourself pancake is a total left kick . her future family is going to not be . able to get her off their lap you are my . bagel bagel you never know how much i . love you please don't take my little. schmoopy away . bagel wants to be with us and nothing . about her even including the little baby . cake we put up don't do it just wants me . to pick her up yeah i'm already crying. now and we're several weeks away from. adoption but they're bittersweet tears . you know a lot of people say that . thinking of foster because they wouldn't . be able to say goodbye then it's really . hard i'm here to tell you it's really . hard . [music]. [music]. my heart may break just a little bit so . that there's will never have to break . again it's hard for me but it frees up . my home for others that need me and if i . didn't say goodbye the other ones in the . past and i would . these favors . so i have to say but thankfully we have . wonderful ones that they're going to . still cannot believe the progress had . made and so proud of them . [music]. .
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