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Wow! This video shows how fire ants masterfully deal with getting food to its colony by crossing a long tight rope.
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Caption: O m g i know you guys have read the . title so let's get to it . we watched our ends do some of the most . amazing things on this channel but what . you will see in this video will blow . your mind. now i love watching how ants deal with . challenges and this week we put our most . famous ham colony on the channel the . fire nation our massive colony on fire. hands test today we will watch them walk . the tightrope but make no mistake ac . family this is no circus trick in . today's episode you will witness a sheer . display of ant ingenuity as we watch how . the ants will deal with travelling . across a thin invisible nylon wire and. transporting some food back to the nest. from a location on the other side of my . ant room each heart-stopping moment will. thrill you so keep on watching until the . end ac family told your breath as our . ants of the fire nation performed a . death-defying feat on this episode of. the ant canada attention . we subscribe to my channel and it's like . enjoy presenting the fire nation today . in the fire palace i can safely say that . this fire ant colony of ours has reached. the big 1m inside this rubbermaid been . lives a massive colony of the most . aggressive and ravenous ants i have ever . owned ever look at their majestic . castles and nest openings that they've . created i would never dare stick my bare . hands into there as they would instantly . be stung by hundreds of brave and . territorial workers every day they ate a . lot of roaches and if you look over . there you'll see the jar of jam that . they finished just yesterday . i loved watching this colony work and . today i'm going to subject them to a . task i have never before tried today our . ants will walk the ultimate tightrope . across to the other side of my room . stands a platform to which our tightrope . invisible nylon wire less than a. millimeter in diameter is tied to keep . the ants from crawling down the wooden . stick a barbecue skewer i fixated this . small plastic container with baby powder . lining the walls this will keep the ants . from crawling down and escaping and now . for the incentive a firstly killed . cockroach nymph placed carefully on top . i wanted to see if these ants would . travel across the tightrope all the way . to the other side of my room and bring . the cockroach all the way back to the . nest all while balancing on this . tightrope now let's put this into . perspective easy family if this were to . human scale the ants would have to climb . 340 meters up this thick which is . equivalent to just under four football . fields then walk this tightrope for a . whopping 1. 2 kilometers or just over 13 . football fields grab the massively heavy . cockroach then carry it back the entire . distance of over 17 football fields if . that's not a feat i don't know what is . equally as impressive is the fact that . this tightrope stands at human scale . eight hundred and fifty meters above the . ground equal to over 9 football fields . granted if the ants were to fall they. wouldn't go splat like a human would do . to terminal velocity . but if an ant were to fall and thereby. not be able to get back to its colony it . would still die so technically there's a. potential life-threatening situation . there in case an ant slips and falls all . right so let's get to it . ac family let's watch the fire nation . walk the dizzying tightrope all the way. across my aunt room this is going to be . epic here we go . sticking the stick into the fire palace . it isn't long before the ants start to . make the climb at first they simply want . to check out the stick some ants seem to . be much more interested in the nylon . wire or not but inevitably it wasn't . long until one brave end started to walk . the line. [music]. the ant doesn't walk too far but it does . make its way back to tell her sisters . that kate there's a place you can go . this way . [music]. this in turn starts a chain reaction of . brave ants venturing out onto the . tightrope slowly and gradually walking . further and further turning back each . time to inform the colony of where they . had gone . [music]. [music]. [applause]. it seems the fire nation is now aware of . this new foreign object in the fire . palace and more importantly of the new. bridge to somewhere notice the ants . moving quickly within the tubes wow . check out this end it's determined but . it then gets a bit insecure and turns. back i don't mind this because every . time an ad returns it brings with it. news of where it has been and i know it . won't be long before more and more ants . will attempt to walk the tic way finally . one end possesses the guts to travel . further than any ant had gone before . wow it reaches the halfway point that . turns back guys this is crazy . imagine being this end balancing on the . wire this entire way the idea makes me . super nervous our incentive lays there . awaiting for the first ant to reach it . over time more and more ants begin to . travel the tape rolling let's watch to . see who will make it to the end it seems . most ants are only able to make it to . the midway point before turning back . almost two hours later i finally spotted . an ant that dared to venture past the . halfway point this ant was the bravest . so far it crawled and grasped for the . wire as it travel upside down closer and . closer to our end platform wow it's . getting so close and just when it seemed . it was going to reach the end it turns. back to tell the rest of the colony how . far it had traveled watching this was . just unreal it kept me on the edge of my . seat more ants are on the way will these . ants be the ones to reach the end no. they to turn back i began to wonder if . any of the ants would ever reach the end . platform but just as i began to have my . doubts one brave worker finally . approached the end platform i held my . breath and yes our very first worker . makes it across to the other side it . stops to smell the cockroach with its . antennae but first decides to take a . trip downwards to check out the area it . isn't able to go far of course because . it couldn't climb past the baby powder . barrier so eventually makes its way back . up to the cockroach it suddenly shows . signs of excitement what she is doing . now is she is covering the entire area . with pheromones indicating that there is . food here so her fellow sisters know . what to expect when they arrive and . speaking of which here comes a second . end to make the death-defying walk to . the end platform they instantly make . contact. many ants are making their journey . across the tightrope now more ants make . it to the end platform and it isn't long . before a mini party develops check out . the end platform 30 minutes after wow . many members have completed the journey . now and many more still on the way the . entire colony is now aware of this . mysterious fabled place with a delicious . cockroach so more and more ants are seen. embarking on their tightrope journeys. the sight was truly magnificent to . witness. [music]. but now the question was how are they . going to deal with bringing this heavy . cockroach back to the nest i was totally . not prepared for the idea they came up . with all night i stayed up watching and . filming the entire fire nation . you. suddenly the ants showed evidence of a . brilliant idea the fire nation began . breaking up the cockroach into pieces . freaking the cockroach into smaller . pieces for transport back to the nest . was ingenious it meant the ants wouldn't . need to carry and maneuver the entire . cockroach across the entire distance on . this tightrope had they done that they . truly risked completely falling or . dropping their fine and surprisingly not . a single ant had fallen yet these ads . were tightrope-walking pros check out . how the larger ends hang upside down . while the smaller ones are able to walk . on top of it the ants began to carry the . cockroach piece-by-piece . ever so skillfully all the way across to . the other side back to the nest . watch how amazingly this ant manages to. avoid crashing into other ants while . enroute what we are witnessing here ac . family is truly a magnificent display of . balance and strength . oh . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. all night the ants continue to bring . pieces back to the nest while more and . more ants made the distant trek across . the tightrope to help with breaking up . the cockroach and transporting the . pieces back home the next morning i saw . the ants bringing back the final piece . of the cockroach across the tightrope it . was just brilliant and beautiful . watching the ants do this truly showed . me the hidden powers of ants . how they were able to travel on the . thinnest of bridges to food and how . their problem-solving skills can reason . breaking up a cockroach would be better . than transporting the entire cockroach . back to the nest which had this been . entirely on the ground and not high up . in the air the ants would have done . instead so i see fam do you guys think . our other colonies would be able to pull . this off do you think they would do the . same thing the fire nation did let me . know in the comment section which colony . of ours on this channel you would like . to possibly see walk the tightrope to . today i was truly inspired by the magic . of ant teamwork their bravery to explore . what lays beyond the sheer awesomeness . of their strategy and the simplicity of . their execution and truly are some of . the most amazing creatures we have on . the planet thanks for watching another . episode of the ant canada and channel . and until next week it's ant love . forever wow so did this impress uac . family it sure was pretty cool right ac . inner colony ice placed a hidden video . for you here if you just want to watch . extended play footage of the fire ants . walking the tightrope and transporting . pieces of the cockroach back to the nest. now it's time for the ac question of the . week last week we asked what type of . acid is found in the defensive fluids of . the millipedes in our last video . congratulations to tristan and roy ianto . who correctly answered hydrochloric acid . congratulations tristan you just won a . free an t-shirt from our shop and for . this week's ac pushing of the week . yes fill in the blank if an aunt were to . fall from the tightrope the aunt would . not die at landing do to explain leave . your answer in the comment section and . you could win some free test tubes from . our shop perfect for housing your newly . caught queen and hope you can subscribe . to the channel as we release a brand new . and video every saturday 8 a. m. eastern . standard time it would mean a lot to me . if you could like and share this video . if you enjoyed it . it can't well forever . [music]. .

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