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Pit Bull Brings Her Puppies To Her Foster Mom | This pit bull has the most adorable way of telling her foster mom she trusts her with her puppies. Special thanks to Stevoni Wells Doyle for this incredible story! To help her save even more pups, visit: http://thedo.do/savepups.
Credit: Levi Doyle via JukinVideo (https://www.jukinmedia.com/)
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[music]. she was found on the street and she was . already pregnant when i first got her . she was nervous birth was really really . difficult for her she was really scared . [music]. not down and just was across the room . just giving her space and she just . started one-by-one picking him up and . bring him to me my heart melt that i was . like can't believe she's giving me her . puppies. until they got big enough to get behind . themselves like she would always do that . she wasn't my short what to do i think. that she just needed simply assurance . the only stability she really had was . awesome i think she was just looking to . us for reassured so i don't want to move . [music]. she was a great mom she did everything. that she possibly could to take good . care of them . [music]. my first pregnant mamas that's great i'm . gonna throw my hat in the ring again. [music]. race changed my life . [music]. [music]. .
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