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My name is Esme and this is me so I guess my channel is 'This Esme'.
I make videos about all things horsey such as Vlogs with the ponies, horse care videos and edits of me riding to help other equestrians learn more about these beautiful animals as you never stop learning with horses. :)
Casper 15hh grey Connemara
Mickey 13hh cream pony
Willow - White paint donkey
Bruno - Brown donkey
Toby - Black donkey
(Sometimes our guineapigs are featured too)
I am very fortunate to have all these animals in my life and I hope you enjoy my videos :) x
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Hello everybody this is me and shay my . friend scarlett came over with her done . cookie to do some show jumping in the . school we thought it would be fun to . sort pauses for a bit as casper and . cookie are very different to each other . the first thing i do is put on casper's . hair color or halter if you're not from. the uk and clean up many peeps in the . yard where i'll be tying up casper. because at the moment the horses are . free-range as it's the winter so they . have the choice of going in their . stables if they want to because the . weather can be quite unpredictable this . time of year and then i'll take off both. of casper's rugs and the reason why he . has two rugs is because casper is. clipped so he doesn't get as hot or . sweaty when i ride him and it was also . really cold the night before as there . was a frost as you can see casper was . quite dirty today from rolling in the . field and if you've been subscribed for . a while you'll probably know that that's . one of casper's favorite hobbies so the . main brush i'll be using to get rid of . the majority of the mud is a magic brush . which is actually a type of plastic i . read home as you can see casper's face . is really muddy and it's really . important to make sure that your horse's . face is clean because when you put the . bridle on it can cause your tack to rub . so you want to make sure that your horse . is as happy and comfortable as possible . and then try and get all of the mud off . casper's necks as they use tendon boots . on casper when doing show jumping to . protect his legs i also always pick out . casper's hooves however it's day . unfortunately i didn't get any footage . however i did clean the insides of them . but not the outsides as we would be . walking across a muddy path to get to . the arena anyway so there wasn't really . that much point one part of casper where . he gets really muddy is actually. underneath his mane i don't even know . how he gets a month there but somehow he . does. sometimes i'll be naughty and stand on . the fence to brush cats was mean as is . quite high up there and they usually . brush casper's mean every time i groom . him just because it is so thick but . obviously don't do this if your horse . has a thin mane caspo had also been . looking some of his legs so we had a . really dirty face so i just got all wet . sponge and as gently as possible tried. to get all of the brown stain off his. face. so sorry caspi for me being a mom but i . can't let you go out with food on your . face especially when you're sitting . cookie later i also got out the stain . remover and just sprayed it onto a brush . as casper had a little poop stain on his . neck and watch it vanish before your . very eyes. [music]. once i finished grooming casper and . getting him as clean as i could possibly . get a gray owl then start tacking him up . first thing i just put on is his saddle . pad and then his saddle and then i just . make it all comfy and pull up his saddle . pad so it doesn't pinch is with us i'll . then put on his girth and yes it's . actually all the way down here because . my saddle is a mono flat place contact . jumping saddle but basically means it . doesn't have an extra flap underneath . where the girth is usually done up . casper actually has quite a sensitive . back so this type of saddle he seems to . be going really well in and he finds it . very fondly and then i'll put on . casper's stirrups and of course his . tendon boots as we show jumping and . white boots as well i'll then put my . hair into a low ponytail and put on my . helmet . once i'm completely ready i'll then put . casper's bridle on around this time . scholar will arrive with cookie and then . we'll get riding. and of course cookie had to say a little. hello to mickey before walking up to the . arena. once they have arrived and we're all. ready we'll then go into the school warm . up the horses and do some show jumping . [music]. here we are i didn't think we come this . far i just feel . this is truly where i'll be long making . my wings out or shouldn't drive i know . the people pass me by i know they feel . ya they feel it was all you would die . did you enter. ooh. [music]. [music]. so after both of us had warmed up the . horses and jumped a little course we . decided it'll be fun to swap horses . especially as casper has only really . been ridden by myself over the four . years that i've owned him so it felt . really weird of already in different . horse and it must have been really weird . for the horses having different riders . on them as well . it was quite funny because we had to. swap stirrups the scarlets for too long . for me even though they're on the top . hole cuz scarlett's actually really tall . oh my mind it's really . yeah boy . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. in chop country lazy with other people . right. [applause]. [music]. [music]. so you have that bit more like bareback . sort of feel to it . [laughter]. [music]. [music]. once we'd finished writing each of the . school says we then swapped our stamps . back and did one last bit of show . jumping . [music]. [music]. we'll be where i'll be long making my . wings out ocean drive i know the people . pass me by i know they feel . yeah they feel the way . we were to draw. did you enter . [music]. [music]. [music]. once we'd finished our ride or cooldown . the horses and say goodbye to scarlet . and cookie and then start to get casper . untucked i first start by taking off his . bridle and putting his head collar back . on and attaching him back onto the lead . rope. [music]. next i'll undo his girth and take up his . stirrups and saddle and the reason why i . don't roll my stirrups are and take them . off instead is because the stirrup. leathers that i have a close-contact . stirrup leathers so they're really . difficult to roll up so it's just easier . to take them off once i put casper's . saddle bridle and stirrups away i'll. then go onto his boots and take them off . and i do this i always check his legs to . feel if there is any swelling or heat. and just brush down any hair just going . in the wrong direction and lastly i give . castle some treats at the end for being . such a good boy and status i actually do . carrot stretches so this actually helps. and stretch out his neck after he's been . exercising. [music]. [music]. .
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