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Rescue Wolfdog Finds A New Pack to Howl With | When this wolfdog's family couldn't keep him anymore, the best people took him in β€” and they knew he was home when he started howling with his pack. To sponsor the ongoing care of Sarge and his pack, you can support the Apex Protection Project:
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It's amazing the most amazing feature on . the phone we're really really grateful . that we were able to rescue em we were . full and all except shown in this. picture which i was not a helpless guy . first end of story after my heart . [music]. everybody's like i want one i'm very . high percentage of wolves and wolf-dogs . i get bought in this country's exciting . i end up being in sanctuary or use the . [music]. sarge of climbing up a kid's jungle gym . he lost his balance his leg got trapped . in one of the rungs of the ladder his . family was pretty rough to work they . said well we can't afford the surgery . right now we arranged to meet the two . kids from the family up in sacramento . and they were very very sad . [music]. he's getting so much love already this . is gonna be the rest of your life buddy . [music]. that moment when they have with the pot . and it happens with every one of them . and then they blend into the pipe and . it's really emotional like this you know . this reflection. that's when you know that they're gonna . fit in and everything's gonna be okay it . was a six-hour surgery he had a titanium . plate put into his leg and he had a cast . on for a good six months once he had the . cast on and he was out of pain he wanted . to go we didn't see the true start bill . he lightened up a lot yeah but he also . the dominance the way that you know it's . slowly but surely he's through alpha now . [music]. i mean we have an alpha here and they do . sort of get along intrigued by him but . there's no way that she will ever let . him he's funny because then you really . believe that bringing minds do attack is . the best way to heal so it's really just . about growing with him and and growing . with us at this point . [music]. yes beyond our rock star and that is . unbelievable and we went to rescuing we . felt like what we didn't know was he was . gonna be the biggest snuggle bear . [music]. [music]. .
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