Reuniting a Feral Cat and Her Kittens!

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If you find a feral mom and babies outside, it's important to try to keep them together so that the babies have the best chance of survival, and so that the mom can be TNRed! In this video, I show how to use neonatal kittens to trap their mom, in order to reunite them in foster care.
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Today i want to talk about keeping moms . and babies together and how to trap a . feral mom outside using her babies so i . got a message this week from someone who . had found that kittens were born in a . bush in her front yard and she asked me . where should i take the kittens but you . don't want to just scoop up the kittens . you want to try to get the mom to so i . grabbed a trap a carrier a heat pad some . towels and some bait and i headed over . to try to catch the whole family this is . a humane box trap and this is what you . use to catch the feral cat outside . usually you use food as the bait but . today we're going to use the kittens as . the bait for dammam i can totally see . the mom she's right here . [music]. when a fabrica is a fabrica diggity . throw me cat you gotta go . she's so protective of her babies it's. awesome so i'm like i'm trying to help . you. oh my god this there's five babies . [music]. there's babies. [music]. triple-check . [music]. okay so now we're gonna put these guys . in here they are very very young they do . look like they're about a day to two . days old when people find kittens . outside their first instinct is often to . swoop them up and take them inside while . this is often a well-intentioned action . the results can be devastating most . people don't realize that when they take . kittens off the street they're actually. taking them away from their mother . 80% of kittens who are born every year . are born outside so if you find a kitten . outside and they're alive and look clean . and fed that's because they do have a . mom . removing kittens from their mom hurts in . a number of ways first the kittens may . or may not survive most of the time . people take the kittens to a shelter . that might not be set up with a foster . home so it's possible the kittens will . be euthanized in other cases people will . try to take the kittens inside and they. may or may not be able to provide good . care to them of course nobody is more . set up to care for a kitten than the mom . themselves so we want to try to keep the . mom with the babies the other problem is . that when we take kittens off the street . and we don't look for the mom we're . leading a breeding population behind so . there's just gonna be more kittens every . couple of months. so trapping the mom with the babies. gives the kittens the best chance of. surviving and it ensures that the mom . can be spayed once the kittens are. weaned okay so we're all set up the . babies are on the other side of this . bush in a carrier covered up the carrier . is pressed up against the back of the . track she's gonna look through there and . see and smell her babies in the carrier . and she's hopefully going to walk right . in we'll be able to get her and then . weak . reunite before family and ours . [music]. ooh she's like really really trapped . weary she doesn't let me go in the trash . she doesn't even want to go near the mom . doesn't want to go into the bush and . that's okay so this is our setup we've . got our babies back here and they have a . heat pad to keep them warm while they're. not with their mom baby's back here trap . here. a little bit of food in it what hoping . she's gonna go in here. [music]. [music]. [music]. there she goes. okay so we got the mom as soon as the . mom noticed that the babies were in here . she got really upset and was looking . around for an entrance the only entrance . with the front of the trap she went in . to try to get the babies and now we can . reunite them indoors where we can have . control of the situation where we can . raise the babies get them eventually . spayed and neutered and then adopted and . the mama sterilized and then returns to . her home and that's it so now that we . have the mom and babies we're just . monitoring to make sure that the babies . are okay once they're weaned the mom . will be spayed and returned to her . colony and the babies will be spayed. neutered and socialized for adoption. [music]. hello sceptical mom . oh my gosh . okay nevermind . even though the mom totally hates my . guts we just leave her alone for a . couple of weeks so stay tuned to see . what happens . [music]. .
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