Run, Little Lizard, RUN!

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You wont find too many reptiles who can hit the ground running quite like the collared lizard. These dudes are FAST. Native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, these lizards can run on their hind legs and reach speeds up to 15 mph. And today, their populations are making a comeback thanks to land clearing efforts that prevent fires in their habitat.
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This is the collared lizard the two black bands around their neck give them their name collared lizards can actually run on their hind legs and reach up to 15 miles per hour their tails are used for balancing themselves when they're up and sprinting they are medium-sized lizard reaching up to a foot and a half in length native to western north america they prefer to live in rocky habitats with sparse vegetation today they are widespread but only a few decades ago their population was declining clearing land as a form of fire prevention has greatly helped his population rebound as they need open rocky habitats to survive this is the collet lizard [music]
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