Saying goodbye to Steeve!

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Steve stay on my own new dawn a new day . the fact that our walk up to the rails . and windows makers tomorrow is pretty . intense right she should continue . keeping the summary analysis 27 jun so . is this semester or is this all right . laura thoughts and opinions records we . can happen which kind of pizza what i'm . not the false hope of 2017 is real . every time i walk in this room i go oh . yeah that happened it was great i did no . regrets. why is this floor such a ma uh-huh . this look fine at the start tonight . we've been literally you cheeky bastard . this is what we call teamwork we've got . all blast plastic and recycles going in . their cars getting the scrap food . alice is loading the dishwasher and . she's been useless as all fuck this is . why we love always . oh my god and skill and crispy piece . steel that crispy piece of making thank . you all recovered now the bacon bought . it. oh crispy colin i'll see you in a bit . like a month or i keep your real 18 . cheated your day fucking noted that some . of you did kinda miss that guy so much . so it's on . thank you grab that christmas ways our . top feel like i should be on that tape . as well because this house is in. recovery mode right now trying to clean. up all these golden things that nice . decorations cleaned on the size but the . other nothing got just ravaged . absolutely ravaged however no i don't . think that was melting piece of cheese . what the heck place is nice to find a . fucking hole in my wall . holy shit wasn't yesterday . yeah someone's fucking open that door . unlocks all fuckin vast dad put on your . wall. well this is not just a simple paper . that's good i'm going to change huh nice . i will keep it for one every five . everybody. i just can't believe that sharpie sharp . because cooking nothing and then yeah . byron and it's like the best thing ever . a life of nutrition and you drive she . did you think that she can't believe you . pulled this shit coming out . well i don't know but all i can say . india somehow there's no dead bodies in . my pool so that is a success i don't see . any smash glasses in there don't see any . thumbs any man thongs . no no nothing no absolutely not . important for these gold things have . made around my house like a virus like . an absolute virus was good and got there . everywhere age . hey i'm like a chair broke i think just . saying now the rubber seal come off the . bottom of it it's not no biggie . nice our height is your variables gone . now filled feel so mean have i gazer . he's just chilling in areas like what . the hell is going on. try and keep you nice and warm ah but i . say that but try to keep the last one . could take you down to that alex love . you that tale about to shed looking nice . little on you ready you ready . jump in the hat we're going on an . adventure look in football purple got . over the syndicate heart are you ever . seen that before steve that's the sunset . are boo visible but know who else alarms . going off. i was a great job showing it . what you want to tell you . safety first he's like i saw ordered . look at him . this is so confused in a bit of drug and . so chill ma you're right . yeah sponsored well is on it it is . actually is bids not big and he's not . going to great so we gotta get back down . i got heated seats on i need to like put . the heater on and then just blast warm . air in to keep you nice and chill . i love him love him so i'm gonna miss . him so much no birthday haha way to lock . the door . clearly about to come in the house . behind him always spook is replaying was . a plan to fight what you can't see that . i'm feeling a feeling it's not someone . get him in get a get a i'll doogie's . what we got in i was he giving heart and . me up to me eileen listen i know you . love me. oh ok it was like is like now i'm good . hey i'll see you soon or i i'm going to . other side of the world love you i love . you i love you stephen i love you . hey this is the first room i forgot you . in your in that corner over there when . you recognize it. thank you doors you're back you're back . home home one point o little-little . legend ever in the comments legend steve . it's steve getting in our is this cat . what is it doing cat what are you doing . and now look at you you lost without . them you like we're easy the little . lizard is no longer here rick bring in . the boy bring in the butt . let's move well no hands if he falls off . look it just don't care does he really . doesn't carry so just chill and you may . get a nice and well as warm-up love you . buddy love you all right maybe i think . this is gonna be here gonna be a good . buy for a while and i've got my husband . took it taking a massive to our it you . only just got here . this is gonna be a farewell and goodbye . stephen little boy but when i get back . from las vegas okay we're going to start . you out with a bra . new variant for here and there are. varying from my office so you can stay . at both houses dead easy and the next . time i'm gonna take you on a drive with . the heated seats on its gonna be sick . hopefully it's gonna be a jaguar he you . look up yourself maybe bright next time . see you in hell me i was 12 hours almost . much trap or something . philadelphia born and raised on the . playground where i spent most of my days . now see you in the morning . get your backpack oh my word i can't . believe it this is gonna be so dangerous. and i'm going to my granddad bought up . going around and i'm going to my mom's . house for dinner before i brought to . america ball everything came from window . not can't my car is completely frozen . i left except still for about an hour . and a half maybe i don't have and . there's a complete layer of ice over . car-sharing on the ice ax just look . different ages are being joined by alice . again. hello looking very laser pointed right . now like it like it . mine's almost gone cal late last night . getting your other don't see ya even go . with no alice young over can go man . o'clock at night because i'm going to . america tomorrow by 150 pieces before i . go in jordan's feel absolutely amazing . and both trying out the local chinese . something she could get all my colossal . lot of chicken pieces . oh my god it smells nice but it's not. crispy it's like didn't fry it long but . also just like a flowery texture around . it. lucky in a doma . it's tasty but it's got weird text to . that time guys bothered . it's so strange it is not crispy enough . i gotta manage water don't know alice is . about to lose your shit because she's . just found out that compare the meerkat . ones have now got cute little frozen . look at that is well q we got alice . actually thought she collected all of . them just got talking 10 what was the . batman/superman one you got no you need . someone else all someone needs to help . my sister with the attic and your ledger . and watching flog mom . oh my days turnaround homes crap pop . that is all full but is so bad was gonna . say to you i'm gonna miss you so just be . careful in that fast car behind us . like i just get so homesick can just . tell have to push the fire to their . prior you miss me yeah she wasn't that . much doesn't make at all or sense but . it's the first of january and moms . giving me a christmas guard no joke . ahead of schedule for christmas 2017 and . owner who the sudden thomas's because . i'm pretty sure i'm named seven . centimeters so whatever . thank you for the caddo mom 365 days . early four days early . yeah okay oh yeah it's not year is it . right yeah . love you bye team not been awesome i . love you i'm going to seven hours i'm . going to go . example a little while . don't forget it right if you do make an . order from sonic original always made . sure to leave a nice little no one could . be these guys seem to remember you can . help calm because he's looking look you . don't you dare get me a boy but he's . alright i think no get my road is so i . see . check this out this is scary . this is so instead i thought was gonna . roll down the hill in my car man i am . back home and slightly packed ready to. go as you guys know gotye department our . la so when i travel i usually just . trouble with the backpack and as long as . i have my phone wallet passport i could . pretty much go anywhere in the world. however i need to get there that you . know you can pick up clothes along the . way you can do all that stuff along the . way but i'm now so tired plus 12 and . we're about six hours sleep it's not bad . would like some more but it's whatever . i'm going to make sure this stuff is . already charged charges for my phone on . american philosophical blahh oh no i . forgot that i need to get another iphone . 7 plus for my american phone is up to . each donor i know i could just switch . the sims out ball and trust me it's just . easier to do like that but right i need . to do that and get ready . i need to go to sleep some new dawn it's . a new day and im gonna be flying off to . las vegas right now my dad when the. british airways airport lounge right now . i'm so damn tired about five-and-a-half . hours sleep bought and hopefully walking . up on time if it did make sure to fly . crane if we can get to like that's . pretty good down where . and hope that made it safely to las . vegas so you'll find out tomorrow and . the next day book so make sure you . subscribe and i'll see you guys then we . look . oh i saw do cates . .
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