Scared abandoned dog hides in a spot that we couldn’t reach, so I had no choice but…

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[music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. oh there you are hey i'm gonna walk . towards him yeah okay model boy oh now . don't charge towards me come on . ah no no no what's the matter oh my god . i can't even ex access from here this . car is too close to the wall hey look . look look at me i just need . [music]. i'm going to do i'm not going to upset . everyone. [music]. it's gonna come towards you now just . giving a push to me. [music]. no wait. head down head down oh no and i tricked . him. oh wait not yet it's stuck in a weird . angle no no wait wait wait no don't do . anything don't do anything that's it i . got him okay no no i need to figure out . how to get him out of here . okay i know it was a dirty trap look i'm . gonna pet him don't bite okay okay . you're gonna go so fast and bite me huh . you're not gonna bite right tap pick you . up i think we're cool . okay fine okay all right i'm gonna pass . you over to loretta . [music]. that's a lot of fight hon you . [music]. coin boy . [music]. i've never seen . just so special . [music]. yeah. [music]. boy good boy again there we go . [music]. wow. [music]. .
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