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On this episode of Breaking Trail, witness the EPIC conclusion of Coyote Peterson’s climb up the insect sting pain index!
What started as a simple curiosity with Harvester Ant stings has now evolved and captured the worlds attention in one mans quest to document the most painful insect stings from around the globe. Now in what may be his final pain index challenge ever, Coyote takes on the infamous sting of none other than the Warrior Wasp!
The Warrior Wasp, a beautiful iridescent blue paper wasp, lives in the dense jungles of Central and South America. Their stunning appearance is well complemented by their elaborate nests that adorn the rainforest canopies and can house hundreds of these winged insects. However don’t let their beauty fool you, these speedy wasps pack a seriously powerful punch that can cause major injury and even death when swarmed in high numbers.
Now the time has come for Coyote to return to home of the Bullet Ant to be stung by a Warrior Wasp! Will it be his worst and take the throne atop the sting index?
Get ready to find out!
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Caption: [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. the insect sting pain index needs no new . introduction in relation to the work . that we do and might climb toward its . summit began with a small creature known . as the harvester ant this experiments . into what happens from an onslaught of . stings open the door to a world of pain . that i would attempt to endure in the . name of education and science if you . were watching this video there is a good . chance you remember the velvet ants also . known as a cow killer this wingless wasp . is famous for having the largest stinger . in the insect kingdom a sting from that . creature was intense it didn't end there . this is the worst thing i've ever taken . the tarantula hawk delivered as promised . with a tidal wave of pain that literally . put my arm into a state of paralysis . and finally came the moment that the . world had been waiting for the one and . only pollinators . ranked as having the most painful sting . in the insect kingdom it seemed as if i . had conquered the sting pain index . mountain i had to reach the summit . i had done. whispers began to drift amongst the . youtube comment section and questions . began to arise as to whether or not the . bulletin was truly the king of spain . these whispers turned into a haunting . echo what about the warrior walks coyote. have you heard about the warrior wasps. are you going to be stung by . where it was warrior walks warrior loss . warrior walks. that is an enormous nest of angry . warrior wasps . and a lot higher up there than i thought . this is gonna definitely be tough look . again . double-check yeah . those your warrior wasps . one percent and that nest is so big . there are probably thousands of them in . there all inside the walls all it takes . is a little disturbance for them to . literally spill out and swarm like mad . and they're incredibly fast much faster . than your typical paper wasp the local . expert that tipped us off to this field . where he said yeah i've seen warring . wasps there before actually one point . threw a rock through a nest and i was . told that they spilled out of the nest . so fast he barely even had time to think . about running let alone making an escape . to try to get to his vehicle and in the . process he stung multiple times and had . to go to hospital we do know they are . incredibly fast and incredibly . aggressive so the mark and mario we're . gonna actually set up a mosquito net . here underneath the overhang of this . tree now that will hopefully keep you . guys safe and out of the sting zone . because as we know stings don't go with . this is simply on my forearm not all . over our bodies i'm gonna be wearing a . bee suit so hopefully that will protect . me as i go in to extract one of these . ornery little insects and with any luck . we're gonna get one up close for the . cameras known as one of the most . aggressive paper wasp species in the . world these beautiful insects carry the . warrior moniker from their commitment to . attacking. anything that disturbs their nest . however very few people have ever been . stung by one of these insects because . unlike normal paper wasp species they . often build their massive nests high up . in the trees of the central and south . american rainforests a place where. humans virtually never encounter them . let's go catch a warrior wasp all right . guys i think i'm ready let's get you . tucked underneath the net here now in . the event that i am swarmed it is best . for you guys to just stay completely put . and underneath this wrap yourselves up. as tight as you can this is a good . chance they're not going to get through . there it's a mosquito net so all the . webbing is very tightly wound yeah . nothing can really get through this but . still it's gonna be pretty nerve-racking . experiences just think it's swarm find . most painful sleep loss to the world . alright are you guys ready hi guys i'm . now going to slowly approach the nest . and the goal is going to be to just hold . the net up in the air and see if i can . get wasps to actually come to the net . i am swarmed it is gonna be one . incredibly bad situation i'm very close . now we're all down on the low end my . tactic was simple coax a single wasp . from the nest . using my extendable gopro arm and then . quickly swipe it up using my entomology . net this was primed to be one of the. most dangerous animal catches i had ever . attempted as disturbing the nest could . literally mean thousands of these . fearless warriors swarming me and the . crew okay i'm going to cut this handheld . camera and go for a catch here we go . [music]. i got one definitely got one a big one . to pull it out there totally works okay . there it is right there in the night you . see it and what i did is i just provoked . one it off the edge with the aquapod who . got it right into the net check that out . wow okay now this is the difficult part . i need to safely get it out of the net . in the dirty cops opinion one second . here oh man my arm is shaking that was . the most perfect swipe i could have. possibly attempted nothing got scared he . was wasp on the edge of the net i just . spoke to the jackpot it came off one . swipe and i had it hold on a second . yes there it is wow there you have it . that is the warrior wasp . oh my gosh that is a large lawsuit . wow i was excited to catch it and i . realize i have just sealed my fate that . is crazy . look at the abdomen on that creature . well part one of this mission is in the . capsule part two is to get me stung have . a feeling this. just as bad as to go. [music]. just based on the knowledge that these . are extremely aggressive i have a . feeling that the sting is going to be. unbelievably painful but immensely . prepared to take this thing and i know . that this is the moment that everybody's . been waiting for we thought that i had . climbed the insect sting pain index and . reach the summit that was it the bullet . ant was it of course we all in there to . be teased warrior wasp at the end of. that episode and ever since you guys . have been asking for it so today i do . peterson is going to deliver here we go . [music]. there it is that is a warrior wasp now . the ultimate question that we are . answering today is will the warrior . wasps sting be more painful than the . bullet and i have to just sit back for a . second and admire this creature how can . something only that big about an inch in . length possibly contain such a potent . sting look at that iridescent blue . coloration on the wings and its abdomen . almost looks as if it's covered in . velvet you'll notice the body structure . of this wasp is very distinct of course . it has the head has a thorax and then a . very very narrow space between its . thorax and its abdomen now one thing . that i did notice when we saw these out . flying around the nest is when they fly . they actually turn their abdomens . upwards to a point in the air very . different looking than other wasps . species that we see flying around now . it's interesting is that this thing . looks like a warrior and when all of . them are together and they're on the . outside of the hive what they will do to . ward off anything that's thinking about . getting into the hive is that we go to . open and sometimes they are actually . called drumming wasps because they beat . their wings together all in unison and . that's where they get the name where he . was it sounds like soldiers marching so . when i look at this creature and its . fierce appearance definitely reminds me . of one. and you know the other thing that's real . interesting about these wasps is they . have massive front mandibles now this is . a species that will kill caterpillars . and bring them back to feed their young . but they mostly feed on nectar and . sugars so this is not a creature that's . out there hunting for itself only . hunting for its young but those from . mandibles i can easily see be used to . decapitate or kill something like a . caterpillar boy rather well it's an . intimidating face on that creature . almost looks like the face of the bullet . ant but of course it has wings and a . slightly different body structure this. is the only time i have ever seen appl . de vos look at that now just like we did . with the tarantula hawk the way to get . this animal to sting me is we're gonna . actually place the glass capsule inside . of this net and i'm going to take off . the glass top let the net fall down on. top of the insect and i'm going to pick . it up with these entomology forceps i . think you guys all know the game plan . from there coyotes arm goes down on the . table the insect touches my forearm and. a sting is induced now of course for . safety we always have an epinephrine pen . on set just in case anybody's wondering . i'm gonna just place this off to the . side at this point if you guys are ready . let's get the warrior wasp into the net . mark are you all set well set what . happens that the wasp gets aggressive . and flies at us that's a great question . because i will tell you what this is one . fast insect now when i am stung as . always i'm gonna try to get the glass . capsule back over top if i do not and . the wasp flies off just hold your ground . for a second good chances it just wants . to escape and it's not gonna come after . you guys but if you are stung i'm pretty . much just gonna turn the cameras around . and film you guys see what happens that . doesn't happen well so far i have . managed to get every one of these . stinging insects back inside the glass . capsule so that we can safely release it . back into the wild right where it came . from and with any luck we'll be able to . pull that off again once more today . let's keep that speak alive yes yes for . you guys to sake let's definitely keep . it alive mario are you ready . ready mark are you ready i'm ready if . you're ready all right i am g

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