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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote discovers a monster sized Snail!
Seriously Coyote Pack, this is one huge and super cool gastropod and the crew was unbelievably excited to find one right outside of their basecamp in South Africa!
Will Coyote be able to get himself out from the sticky hold of this giants slimy snail trail?
Get ready to find out as we bring you one SUPER-SIZED SNAIL!

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HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africaโ€™s wildlife! -
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Caption: Wait until you see what i found what we . feel their holy feel good honestly this . is the biggest snail i have ever handled . i'm so excited my hand is shaking right . now. i stepped on you guys i've never been. more excited to find a mosque . [music]. during south africa's dry season it's a. rare thing for the rains to show up . unannounced yet lo and behold if you . arrive from ohio the stormy spring . weather has a tendency to follow on the . first leg of our journey the crew and i . lodge said the remote taints kloof game . reserve a 13 hectare expanse of pristine . wilderness nestled in the eastern cape . with heavy rains come the emergence of. life as creatures like termites take to . the wing with aspirations of pioneering . new colonies from beneath the . decomposing leaf fall will appease seem . to appear in droves and from the . saturated earth cause a slimy being that . we simply had to get in front of the . cameras. [music]. okay good yep come here check this out . all day it has been raining and we . thought we would not get an episode but . lo and behold a break in the clouds and . wait until you see what i found there is . i can see it from here holy so big look . at this yes do you know what that is . looks like a giant snail it is it is the . giant african land snail and i have. never been more happy to see a snail in . my life than i am right now because . we've been dealing with rain all day we . didn't think we get an episode sure . enough there's a break in the weather i . come out i'm looking around mario and i . were actually filming termites coming up . out of their nest they got flooded out i . turn around and what do i see this . chilean beauty oh boy i think we may not . have that long yeah we've got just a few . minutes to film this episode but what i . want to do is gently pick this snail up . and see if we can take a close look at . its anatomy you ready i'm gonna try to . do this really gently so that i don't . scare it you sure you're fast enough . yeah yeah right one speedy oh wow . it didn't go into its shell nope that's . because i was incredibly gentle with it . does not feel scared right now . and look at that creature honestly this . is the biggest snail i have ever handled . now similar to slugs they have a very . interesting design to their body now . separate from slugs obviously they're . carrying their house on their back which. you can see that shell right there such . a cool looking shell go ahead and zoom . in on that look at that unique design . almost like the stripes of a tiger and . it's got that conical shape it looks . like it's kind of nubbed off at the end . sometimes they are pointy at the end . he's just latched on to me right now . now most of them you think of snails as . being a creature that as soon as it's . disturbed it will suck its body into its . shell to stay protected and of course if . i was trying to eat the snail that's . what it would do but in this instance . because i picked it up gently and placed . it on my hand it feels completely . comfortable let's look at the face of . this animal . it's got those very distinct eyestalks . and as we know these creatures do not . have good eyesight but what they can do . is sense light in the environment now . just underneath the front of those two . little stalks it has a scratchy radula . blue and i can feel it on my finger . right there . and what they do is they move that . across the environment these are like . little environmental vacuum cleaners . moving about cleaning up all of the dead . debris whether it's decomposing plants . or even animal matter it's fair game for . these snails and we've been seeing their . shells but this is the first hole . actually singing well it's interesting . is that when it rains it's pretty much . the only time you're going to see a . creature like this come out right now it . is overcast and it is very wet look at . this soil this is mud that we are . dealing with which is the perfect time . covered in and out for an animal like . this to come out and move about if you . were to put your hand upside down what . it is stink good question let's find out . [music]. look at that completely glued to my hand . right there wow he actually has some . weight to it . it probably weighs about a half a pound . really yeah it's a lot heavier than you . would think and it's so cool a mosque . like this out here in the desert terrain . of south africa and again the only time . you're going to see a creature like this . is either at night or after a large . rainstorm has moved through obviously . this creatures taking advantage of all . the moisture in the ground and all the . wet plant life that it can chomp up on . i'm so excited my hand is shaking right . now i'm telling you guys i've never been . more excited to find a mollusk this . thing is crazy big but believe it or not . they can get bigger than this their . shells can grow up to seven inches in . length whoa . man that's like twice the size of that . one right talk about being a giant snail . so mario it's not uncommon to have . larger animals in africa why is. everything so big yeah he said big . animal so i was thinking like elephant . but i guess it's the environment there's . probably a lot of food and a lot of . nutrients that these animals could get . in order to get big yeah . yeah cool. now look at its skin so bumpy almost. looks like it would be rough and rugged . like the skin of a rhino but it's . actually very slimy and sticky mark why. don't you go ahead put your finger in . there tell the audience what it feels. like oh wow it's not rough at all . now slimy isn't it's not even bumpy it's . like gooey like a booger like a big . gushy booger fatty is it show growing or . is it going to find a new show no that's . a great question the shell is actually. growing with the snail and it is . attached on the inside so unlike hermit . crab per se this creature cannot leave . its shell and find a new one oh is it . leaving a slime trail no actually that's . good question mario what is leaving is . technically called a snail trail just a . layer of goo on my hand and that . actually helps them to mark their. territory and it allows other snails to . sense when potential mates have gone . through their environment. i think that's stripe down the back of . it is so cool. yeah actually like it looks a lot like . its shell as well yeah right there yeah . and i imagine that this helps to blend . it into the environment . i mean camouflage wise this creature is . gonna want to stay hidden maybe st. yourself so kiting that thing looks . gross like a big slimy booger what would . possibly be eating this birds reptiles . if they could get into the shell . obviously something like you know a. hyena if it were to come across . something like this may think . baboons i'm sure baboons would love to. eat these anything that would be able to . get to the soft insides of this . creatures body would turn it into a meal . but fortunately they are capable of . sucking their bodies in and oftentimes. can stay protected from predators now . let's take a look at the underside of . the snail i'm gonna peel it off of my . hand very slow here . oh that's sticky look at that foot that . foot is what's used for locomotion and . they just very slowly move throughout. the environment and as you can tell . these snails move very very slowly such . a cool primordial creature . now similar to slugs most snails also . have an external lung called a new stone. and i can see that on this one but it's . very hard to identify it's right there . mark see if you can zoom in on that i'm . sure you're watching this episode you're . thinking to yourself wow this certainly . is a cool looking snail but . unfortunately these creatures are . invasive in many areas and they are . detrimental to agricultural crops they . reproduce very easily once you have . thousands of these out there they can . quickly wipe out an entire crop so . coyote could you eat the snail oh . actually that's a great question because . some people do eat these snails however . you have to cook them if you eat one of . these snails raw they sometimes can . carry a nematode inside of their gut. they can actually cause meningitis oh . wow yep this snail specifically could . make you really really sick if you ate . it raw so if you're out there in a . survival situation this is not something . you want to pick up and just chomp down . on they have to be cooked so you . definitely want to wash your hands if . you handle one - yeah considering the . fact that i'm covered in snail trail . little soap and water will get all that . stickiness right off well i'll tell you . what on a day filled with rain when we . didn't think an episode was going to be . possible we have a break in the weather . and managed to find the giant african . snail i'm coyote peterson be brave stay . wild we'll see on the next adventure all . right big guy since you speed back off . into the environment . when it comes to filming animals for the. brave wilderness channel it's simple to . see why working with giant gastropods. makes getting epic shots rather easy . their slow nature and calm demeanor . makes them seem just as friendly as they . truly are if you stumble upon one of . these slinking snails in your garden. unfortunately they are likely eating . your vegetables but fear not when it . comes to handling them if you can . tolerate their sticky slime your. encounter will be completely harmless . and a little soapy water wash that slimy . snail trail right off if you thought. getting slimed by a giant land snail was . a sticky mess make sure to go back and . watch the episode where my fingers were . glued together by the bright yellow . banana slug and don't forget subscribe . so you can join me in the crew on our . next location what an awesome experience . getting slimed by banana slug . .

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