Surrounded by KILLER WHALES!

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On this episode of Beyond the Tide, Coyote and Mark go kayaking with Killer Whales! Yes that’s right…right on the water next to one of the largest predators in the world!
The Orca, perhaps the most revered mammal of the sea, is not only a spectacle to witness in person but has been a symbol significance to human cultures all throughout time. They are intelligent, they are perfect predators…they are beautiful.
With the opportunity to perhaps see one of these creatures from the natural perspective of a kayak, the Brave Wilderness crew set out onto the ocean’s waves for what might be their most epic Beyond the Tide adevnture yet!
Get ready to see what’s its like to be surrounded by Killer Whales!
HUGE thanks to Captain Beau and his team at Outer Island Adventures for making this video possible and keeping the crew safe! If you’d like to see these majestic whales for yourself please book a tour today by visiting -
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Caption: That one's coming right at . [music]. killer whale blackfish orca no matter . how you address this animal its name . commands respect. my entire life i have had a fascination . with this majestic creature and i would . often picture myself one day having the . chance to see them in the wild this is . my account of that vision taking shape . and coming true all right guys this is . it . the moment that we've been waiting for . the gears loaded up it's time to hop on . board and head out on the water to . search for orcas cool let's head on out . let's do it we're launching oh wow that . fast huh we're launching oh yeah we . gotta find the whales he said they're . fast and they're far away all right i . gotta get to them so how far we going . all right papa bo says we're heading out . about 40 miles to search for the orcas . now you may notice that the entire crew . is wearing red caps that's because they . love the wes anderson movie life aquatic . with steve zissou which is also one of . my favorite movies so today we've got . kind of team zissou here this is papa bo . our captain. we got chased him back here he's gonna . be rowing my kayak yes indeed that's my . main man bobby he's gonna be kayaking. marc around yeah . [music]. [laughter]. today we are heading out onto the salish . sea an intricate network of coastal . waterways that includes the southwestern . portion of british columbia . in the northwestern portion of the. united states . with the sun casting a beautiful glow . across the water we motored north into . the strait of georgia as we search for a . palm stretch of sea to safely launch our. kayaks. all right so we're motoring out of this. area you can see we're surrounded also . it's a really dangerous current this . could be a good area to look for orcas . however we cannot bring the kayak sea . into water like this . captain boe tells me this will literally . suck you down about a hundred feet into . the water and will kill you instantly so . we're gonna motor out of this and keep . searching. took some time but we finally found a . spot where captain beau felt comfortable . setting us and out onto the ocean . all right buzz so we need a brief . explanation this the first time that . we've gone into the water with the top . marine predator that's out there now we . know that a killer whale has never . attacked a human but safety first is . always a protocol plus we need to . respect the distance that we get from . these rails so explain to us a little . bit exactly what we should be doing out . there sure thing well we're going to be . launching you hear from blackfish our . mothership today cindy goes out with . training guides bobby and jason and . they're gonna be leading you out into . this area where we have some really good . intel about presence of killer whales we . really want to respect their environment . we're going into an area where they're . known to feed for large king salmon and . we're just gonna set you guys loose see. what you can find i'm confident that we . can probably find in the counter here . today there's a report of 30 to . animals in the region when we encounter . them we're just gonna really be . respectful of what they're doing what's . going on they have a hard job out here . finding fish in the big ocean so we're . gonna get out there see what we see and . i really enjoy whales in the wild right . so it's great well i am ready let's pack . let's get those cocks into the water you. guys ready i could feel my heart rate . increasing as i stepped from the . blackfish and down into my kayak this . was it no turning back now . i'm in . all right you ready let's do it . with cameras in hand mark and i were . poised to get the best shots we could . that is if we were lucky enough to come . upon any whales . alright guys we are on the water and . it's time to begin our search jason you . riley. thumbs out bark you good alright let's . do this . as we set out on the water we paddled . with purpose hoping that maybe just . maybe off in the distance we would catch . the glimpse of a black dorsal fin . reaching the water's surface as one of . these magnificent predators came up for . a breath of air and disappeared back . into the unknown actually pretty smooth . growing rougher than me these little . chops aren't too bad to deal with our . that we steadily paddled north toward. canada and while it seemed like radioing . back to the black fish for pickup was a . wise thing to do we decided to keep . going it was this very choice that . placed us on a watery road toward fate . and an animal encounter that we will . never forget . alright guys we actually have some . killer whales just off the side of the . kayaks here probably within about 200 . yards wow i can see the dorsal fins . breaching mark can you see that that's a . matter of just staying here being calm . seeing if the whales get curious and . come closer to us we're just gonna kind . of drift on the waves here and see what . happens when it comes to encountering . orcas in the wild there are very strict . rules and regulations that boaters must . respect these guidelines are sure not . only the safety for those operating . their water crafts but even more . importantly the safety and well-being of . the animals jason you see anything back . there. it's beautiful conditions and i've heard . a few blows there's some whales up ahead . and it looks like there might be . something behind us right here just some . less than a hundred yards right off the . side of the car did you see that wow wow . that was awesome. did not expect that i was looking much . further out . wow did you get that alright guys so we . have some killer whales just off to my . right here you can see them breaching . blowing water up into the air you've got . the setting sun light it is absolutely. epic . they're a lot bigger once you get down . into the water . aren't they use us orcas are incredibly . intelligent and pods which are usually . composed of related females have a great . ability to work together and an amazing . instinct to protect members of their . community their society's intricate . dedicated and perfectly adapted to being . the oceans top predator a toothed whale. and the largest species of dolphin in . the world there are three different . types resident transient and offshore . the distinction comes in the shape of . their dorsal fin and the design of their . saddle patch which is a grayish marking . just behind and below the dorsal fin . that's a huge male did you see that . well that one's coming right at us on . right at us man so he we do sniffing it . stay put yeah we just have to stay put . we don't know where they're gonna come . up . [music]. right there right there there wow that . is awesome. for nearly 20 minutes the pod graced us . with their presence as they continuously . breach the waves took a breath and ov . back beneath the surface i kept my focus . on the water and i distinctly remember. holding my breath as i hope for just one . more chance to film imagined yet just as . quickly as they had arrived they seemed . to have disappeared . alright guys well the light is getting . low and it's time for us to roll back . toward the main boat we saw some amazing . killer whales today they got so close . because we were just drifting along on . the waves. we had a pod buzzed right past us . heading that direction . wow that was absolutely incredible wow . that was that big guys yeah matt powers . that's crazy it is unbelievable how big . they are you just they come out of . nowhere you're like watching one in one . direction and then all of a sudden one . comes up you just signed you in sense . their presence like you know they're. there yeah it's pretty active as we. safely climb from our kayaks and back on . board the blackfish i can feel an . overwhelming sense of thankfulness for . the universe as a lettuce twirls fateful . moment in time such an epic day getting . deployed onto the ocean kayaking for . several hours and then having a pod of . orcas come right up alongside the kayaks . is a moment that i will never forget i'm . coyote peterson be brave stay wild we'll . see . the next adventure the killer whale the . blackfish the orca no matter how you . choose to address this beautiful animal . it is undoubtedly the top predator of . the world's oceans their elegance and . timeless beauty are unmatched in the . animal kingdom when you see a family pod . in the wild their presence touches your . heart in a way that cannot be described . in words i know that for as long as i . live i will never forget the first . moment i spotted that black dorsal fin . cutting through the waves and the thrill . of how it felt to be in the presence of . orcas. if you would like the chance to . encounter orcas in the wild make sure to . contact outer island excursions and book . your whale watching or kayaking tour . today. hey coyote pack have you picked up your . tickets for the brave adventures tour . yet there's only a few left so make sure . to click on this link to reserve your . seats today and remember the tour is the . only place you can find one of the . exclusive golden adventure tickets and . don't forget subscribe so you can join . me in the crew on our next big adventure . i am so proud to have written this book . and it was inspired by a lot of the . adventures that we have had . .

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