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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets up close with a teeny tiny Owl!
Well a teeny-tiny "Scops Owl" to be more specific, and this isn’t just any ordinary owl folks… "Tiny” as she is appropriately named is actually a foster parent for other owls at a sanctuary in South Africa called “The Caring Owl.” That’s right Tiny actually nurtures baby owlets who have lost their parents so they can grow and be rereleased back into the wild…how AWESOME is that?!

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HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency and the Caring Owl for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! - http://bit.ly/RPAwildlife and http://bit.ly/BWthecaringowl
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Caption: Are you ready to meet the smallest. however get ready to meet tiny the . african scopz out i got an idea you know . what i've got right over here heal worms . no not cookies these are considered . cookies for although one thing that's . guaranteed is that if i get my finger . closed she'll bite it with her being . watches. when you think of african wildlife i'm . sure that animals such as elephants . lions and giraffes immediately come to . mind yes some of the largest land . dwelling mammals on our planet roam . these open grasslands but this ecosystem . is also home to a variety of different . bird species on one extreme you have the . ostrich a flightless giant that holds . several records which include being the. tallest and heaviest bird in the world . this modern-day dinosaur can often be . seen gallivanting across the savanna as . it also boasts the record for fastest . land dwelling avian species that's one . impressive bird the other end of the . spectrum brings us to one of the world's . smallest owl species this scoffs owl . seen these tiny birds of prey in the . wild is incredibly difficult so today . we're going to get up close with once . there's been raising captivity at the . caring owl sanctuary you guys have been . asking for an owl episode for quite some . time are you ready to meet the smallest . owl ever get ready to meet tiny the . african scopz oh it's so cute i wonder . if this is one of the owls it was . featured in harry potter this one's like . pocket-sized i wish i could fit her . right into my jacket but now she likes . hiding behind it but i don't think she'd . actually want to go in pocket . and one thing that's guaranteed is that . if i get my finger close she'll buy it . with her big questions. and i like all those hill of fuzzy . feathers right around her beak won't buy . your name its nose to beak with an owl . right there look at the claws those . talons are laser promised just trying to . look at your countless razor-sharp . talons you notice i'm trying to talk . very quietly next to the oh you don't . want to scare it don't want to stress it . out they have incredible hearing so me . shouting next to the owl it's gonna not . be good that you won't bite me i . wouldn't count on that and i've got you . good. it's pretty cool to actually get the . hold of it let alone a now it's this . small i mean all owls are lightweight . they're mostly feathers and as we know . they have hollow bones but this all . right here weighs about a hundred grams . that's it as one tiny little bird of . prey. what does she well she's opportunistic . but primarily they are insectivores but . an owl of the size completing takes . something down as large as a rat and you . can see what those long talons once it. grapples into its prey it holds on and . then it shreds that prey apart using the . beak you can see how quick she cool see . how quick she moved flashing down with . that razor-sharp beak she can easily . kill something the size of a wrap but . like i said primarily they stick to . insects something like a grasshopper . small lizards and even a small snake . would probably make a pretty good meal . for an owl like this . let me turn tiny like this and look at . her back to see how camouflage she is. now during the day they will hide in the . hollows of a tree or up into the . underbrush and this collar pattern keeps . them perfectly camouflaged from any . potential predators now you may look at . an awl like this you think yourself who . would ever eat an owl this adorable but . actually hawks will take owls of this . size and any sort of land predator even . something like a nile monitor if it had . the opportunity to head up into a tree. and eat it out like this it would i . don't think there's a whole lot of meat . on you though is there a whole lot of . feathers though what's very unique about . this species is they have the largest . ear holes oh i see you out of any all . species incredible hearing . [music]. look at how big those eyes are . yeah it's very cute you see just . blinking at me now as we know all . species are nocturnal and they have an . incredibly efficient vision in the dark. so tiny is a female now when they lay a . clutch of eggs it's over between two and . four eggs and the mother and the father . both take care of the babies oftentimes . the mother will stay in the nest while . the father goes out and hunts bringing . that food back to the nest for the . mother and once the chicks hatch they . then also reap the benefits of that prey . i got an idea you know what i've got . right over here can heal worms no not at . cookies these are considered cookies for. an owl though but these little tiny . norms and let's see this is me feeding a . teeny tiny hobble delicious right the . bonding with a tiny now how about that . okay let's eat . ouch no that's my finger that is the . knot oh mom not good i love about these . owls specifically tiny can you turn like . this for the camera just a little bit . there you go see how they can turn their . head 180 degrees in all directions and . look at these ear tufts makes it look . just like a miniature great hornet oh so . beautiful so how is it that we're . getting to hang out with tiny today well . tiny is actually at a rehabilitation . center right now and tiny is really good . at raising other cowlitz so she has been . responsible for raising several . different species of owls in her little . owl box and she is one really good . mother and that's one thing to note . about this species specifically is that . they are very caring of their young . i guess not even just the young of their . own species but other all species as . well he's a little foster mama but tiny . is an owl that is permantly in captivity . at this point but she is a good . ambassador and mother for all bird . species age 60 miller's and fingers oh . well this was pretty cool visiting south . africa and while we did see some big . animals like elephants we also managed . to feature one teeny tiny owl i'm coyote . peterson be brave stay wild we'll see on . the next adventure . oh she pooped all over my jacket i mean . she likes you tiny oh it smells like . rotten eggs i find a group from a tiny . bird i bleeding i'm pooped on this just . seems like a typical breaking trail . episode. where's oh yeah . all right tiny i think that's the end of . the episode she's had enough broke my . heart . pooped all over me south africa is . considered a hot spot for birding with . hundreds of species constantly migrating . through or in many cases permanently . calling the eastern cape home seeing . ostrich in the wild was certainly. something i will never forget . reminiscent of their prehistoric . relatives it's thrilling to imagine them . as living dinosaurs but when it comes to . feathered memories i will always . remember my time spent with the tiniest . owl i've ever seen to learn more about . the owls of south africa make sure to . visit the caring owls website . 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