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With the new 'Ant-Man and The Wasp' movie debuting in theaters, I coincidentally discover a wasp-like insect in my fire ant kingdom, which opens up a world of mind-blowing discovery! In this episode, I talk about how ants and wasps are related, their modern evolutionary missing link, ant genetics, and make an incredible discovery about one of my ant colonies! This episode was shot in Ultra HD 4K resolution, except for flashback footage. Hope you enjoy this week's ant video! Ant love forever!
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Caption: Oh man now i know this may come as a . surprise but i happen to be a huge fan . of the ant-man franchise i know nobody . would have guessed but this week marvel . released its big highly anticipated . movie ant-man and the wasp needless to . say i'm excited to watch it but ac . family get this you won't believe this . but like a miraculous celebratory sign . from mother nature herself a few nights . ago i spotted this wasp like insect . flying around the lights of the silva de . fuego kingdom to my colony of fire ants . called the fire nation . how peculiar and exciting but what is . this wasp where did it come from well . guys it will all blow your mind i can't . wait to show you all the incredible . things about this wasp like insect and . the exciting revelations i uncovered . this week about one of the ant colonies . in this antony who's the real ant-man . while all right today i am and i'm about . to show you for the first time on this . channel in full 4k resolution how ants . and wasps converge in the real world . welcome everyone to the ants canada and . channel . [music]. please subscribe to my channel . welcome to enjoy so first things first . what is this wasp like insect if you . were new to the world of ants you might . say that it's a type of skinny wasp it . is very wasp light in appearance and . indeed there are wasps that do resemble . this creature i managed to catch two of . them and place them into a snap cap file . for closer inspection have a look at . them one of them seemed to be on its way . to dying and the other just wanted out . ac family it may surprise some of you to . know that these are not wasps but are in . fact ants yes male ants to be exact . all male ants of nearly every ant. species resemble a wasp in some way or . form it may be surprising to those new . to the ant world especially for those . who thought anthony ant man's loyal . steed was male despite the name anthony . is a female queen elate anyway listen to . this the reason why male ants resemble . wasps is because wasps and ants actually . share a common ancestor in their . evolutionary history at one point in . time ants were solitary wasps much like . the wasps we have today and somehow down . the line of prehistory evolved to form . social colonies and soon colony members . that didn't have wings which would later . become worker ants but somehow as ants . began to diversify in species the male. cast in nearly all ant species somehow . remained wasp like so today . male ants still carry that ancient shape . and look of its wasp like ancestor in. fact all ants wasps and bees are closely. related all belonging to the same order . of insects known as hymenoptera . characterized by a special waist segment . all these insects in the order possess . so the fact that these male ants were . flying around my end room meant one . thing . nuptial flight these male ants were sent . out of their nest to mate and something . told me these ant men didn't come from . the outside they were reproductive . members of one of the ant colonies in . the anteroom hole boy it was time to do . some detective work and find out which . colony these ants belong to and more . importantly which kingdom was beginning . to have its nuptial flight in my aunt . room and because of the fact that one of . the male's was already on its way to the . grave it was a possible sign that it had . already made it alright so let's look at . the facts i knew these males did not . belong to the fire nation because the . fire ant male elites look different . they're much darker in color and smaller . plus their nuptial flight season had . already finished . these males certainly couldn't be from . the new polly raucous ants on el dragón . island because the colony was too young . to be producing male elates already plus . there were none seen when they moved in. last week and they couldn't be from the . dark nights my super colony of black . crazy ants because these males were much . too big the wrong color and the entire . dark knight setup was completely . enclosed so there was no possible way a . male could fly out and escape so i . immediately considered that this was a. male elate sent out by the golden empire . my yellow crazy ants because well the . males were a bright yellowish orange. color just like the ants of the golden . empire but i looked back on some old . footage and discovered that the males of . the species had elbowed antennae these. ant men didn't their antennae were. straight and lacked that joint which . only left us with two possible ant . kingdoms the black panthers our daya . comma asian bullet ant colony living in . the shire or their neighboring young . carpenter ant colony inhabiting the. grove right off the bat i highly . suspected these males did not come from . the carpenter ant colony because they . seemed a bit large for the species and i . also felt the carpenter ant colony was . also still too young to be producing . mail or queen elates at this point in so . ac family that leaves us with one . kingdom . the black panthers ironic that these . wasp emails came from the black panthers . in light of their name also being . another recent marvel franchise and . checking back on some old footage sent . in by one of uac family for use in a . past video these indeed or die akuma and . males wow and so my friends it's time to . enter the shire but beware these lands . have transformed since the last time we . were here and have taken on a wild life . of its own the shire is no longer a prim . and properly sectioned garden it is now . a thickly forested wilderness and boy is . it alive various plants and grasses have . sprouted seemingly out of nowhere all . over the territories taking advantage of . the shires available rich virgin soils . and brilliant sunlight in fact the new . vegetation has been so prolific i've had . to do some clear-cutting myself just to . keep them under control and look who . else has been super prolific in these . lands masses of spring tales . you name the spring cleaners have since . taken over the shire feasting on . decaying material like this leftover . watermelon slice there are also a big . fan of molds and fungi as you can see . the spring cleaners are always the first. to hop onto a mini mushroom whoa well . look who's come to chastise the spring . cleaners it's a black panther worker and . like a fiercely armed sabretooth warrior . she lunges at the score like spring . cleaners to get out of her way as she . rummages through the carry now although . it does seem the black panthers find the . spring cleaners to be an annoyance they . are indeed essential to the shire as . they help decompose black panther . leftovers and they're great editor this . here used to be a watermelon slice but . has now been reduced to soil fertilizer . to give the plants a nutrient boost i . find as long as the spring cleaners stay . out of the black panthers way they're . good because they see family are you. ready for this take a look at this black . panthers. are feasting on a fresh cockroach. carcass like lionesses tearing up a kill . isn't that just incredible the new 4k . camera captures such incredible detail. you can see swarms of spring cleaners. waiting anxiously in the periphery . wanting to get at the meat but keeping . their distance in fear of the black . panthers who shoo them away and look at . those mites feeding discreetly from the . kill wow seeing what the world is like . with this amount of magnification and . clarity suddenly makes the microworld . seem like a scary and almost prehistoric . place don't you think it seems in the . shire the black panthers are at the top . of the hierarchy but when their numbers . are low the spring cleaners and mites . summon up the bravery to move in and . mooch off fresh black panther food as . you can see here this black panther is . missing an antenna kind of like having . one on but it makes her super aggravated . and extra selfish she makes no. hesitation to lunge at the spring . cleaners that get too close . [music]. but not all black panthers are in . monster mode a lot of them are in house . chores mode this black panther is. disposing of some trash she wanders to a . location far from the nest to deposit it . in the colony's garbage site the black . panthers are quite clean and disciplined . with where they dispose of their garbage . after all it attracts those pesky spring . cleaners and here is suitable some food . for the spring cleaners but far from the . nest the spring cleaners love to get at . all the little bits of food the black . panthers miss i see them like prolific . rodents nibbling at cartilage of . leftover chicken wings but guys get this . the spring cleaners aren't the only . opportunists in the shire when macro . food isn't available the black panthers . will stop micro meals ie the spring . cleaners for a tasty bite-sized treat. in fact the black panthers love to hunt . and eat springtails almost like it's a . favorite pastime watch them hunt the . spring tails down it's not easy . [music]. they're not called spring tails for. nothing the spring tails have an . abdominal tail like appendage called a. furcula that is folded beneath their . body and releases like a spring at will . allowing them to spring away in times of. danger like when black panthers are . lunging at them even when two black . panthers team up it still doesn't make . catching the spring tails easy . i've only been lucky enough to catch the . ants capturing a spring tail just a few . times. and each time i feel it was completely . by fluke. and finally some of the black panthers . are preoccupied with construction . i caught a worker bringing back pieces . of debris to the nest and watched as . they arranged the pieces around the . opening of the nest and even brought . some inside in fact it seems these past . few days they've been quite busy with . nest building ac

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