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Tiny Donkey Is Pretty Sure He's Actually A Dog | This tiny donkey’s so small he lives in the house β€” he even knows how to go outside with his dog siblings to pee! For more video of Tiny Tim, check him out on YouTube: http://thedo.do/tinytim.
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Did you fellow. repel off get it . [music]. viii has a lot of traits that are not a . donkey trade like he wags his tail like . a dog . you like dishes over the dishwasher when . you're loading it drink out of the. toilet he catches her to confuse little . man when i found tiny tim in the barn i . thought it was actually a rabbit he was . so small to give you an idea how small . he was this was the size he was like the. size of a little stuffed animal tiny tim . should have weighed probably 50 to 60 . pounds at birth and he weighed less than . 10 when i had taken him to the bat they . had found out that his liver wasn't . functioning properly the vet didn't know . whether tiny tim would even survive i . decided that i would give him the best . chance i could by bringing tiny in the . house and nursing him feeding him by . bottle we started out feeding them every . 20 minutes with a syringe 24 hours a day . did that for a week and then it went . from that to every 40 minutes and then . every hour thank you . yes yes you are a good boy i initially . hoped that we could reintroduce him . outside but because of his size he would . definitely be killed even by a real . small donkey or a very small hole worse . i started to house-train up just kind of. let him outside when the dogs were going . out and from then on as soon as you said . he's wanting to he's been with us 24/7 . for over eight months he's like a little . child when i was away a couple days come . home and he greeted me and he was . circling me and honking and going on. like really excited with my husband he . he seems to be his pillow fight partner . pillows have definitely been his passion. and started last summer he would grab . the pillows off the lawn furniture and . throw them in the pool i know who got . those cushions off did you do it yes . don't do that . because best days told you was 22 . pillows in the pool in one day he's . crazy. the more you laughed out of her morning . shows off right to the warmer . [music]. you. .
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