Tiny Tortoise Dodges Traffic!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote saves a tiny Tortoise trying to dodge traffic!
Get ready to meet South Africa’s beautiful Leopard Tortoise!

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HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africa’s wildlife! - http://bit.ly/RPAwildlife
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Caption: Terrel watch out look at you look at you . always your little legs going there you . did you see support. no matter where the brave wilderness. team and i have traveled we are always . on the lookout for turbos in fact i have . caught or worked with a turtle in every . location we have visited aside from . alaska and that's only because there are . no turtles in alaska south africa is not . exactly the environment where you would. expect to find a photic turtle species . and while they do have a few it's the . land dwelling tortoises that are far. more plentiful did you really see a . tortoise yeah huh i just randomly film . in a driving b-roll shot you saw. tortoise what kind i think it might be a . little leopard tortoise right there oh . yeah sweet okay how about that forget a . b-roll shot and we have seen a little . tiny leopard tortoise look at you watch . out. look at you look at you buddy . look guys way too close to the road it's . a leopard tortoise either just crossed . or is attempting to cross you said this . camera right down there for you i see . you i see you i want to be very very . gentle picking him up because i do not . want him to pee which is a defensive . mechanism of these tortoises there we go . look at you oh he's very warm out here . soaking up heat from the side of the . road and also the sun see there's cars . sinking by it's a very dangerous place . for a tortoise where do they get the . name leopard tortoise just look at the . design of the carapace looks just like . the fur of a leopard now this is the . actually believe it or not the largest . tortoise species here in south africa . this one is considered tiny they can . weigh as much as 80 pounds these are . giants look at that domed carapace i . know you're scared buddy little stumpy . legs and a very cute face if it decides . to show us its face that's so cool our . first official tortoise of the trip wow . actually pretty heavy it's a very very . dense animal they get all their moisture . from the food that they eat and they're . out here feasting on oh you're gonna . come out for us who's thinking about it . the grasses leaves succulents and . occasionally will even take insects and . other small little animals if the . opportunity presents itself and actually . leopard tortoises love to eat hyena poop. that hyena poop is high in calcium which . helps keeps these tortoises shells and . their platelets strong you notice when. it tucks into its shell it has armored . front legs you see that all of these . legs are covered with very dense scales . and that keeps it protected now they . don't have many predators but a tortoise . of this size could be eaten by something . like a hyena their jaws are strong . enough to crush through the shell but . once this turtle reaches its adult stage . the. only threat that it has is humans and. this roadway is a perfect example many . tortoises are unfortunately struck by. cars and while they are rather speedy . for a species not faster than a car so . what we're going to do is just safely . move this little tortoise off into the . underbrush here in the exact same. direction that it was traveling and . hopefully in the future it will avoid . crossing roadways there you go now . you're coming out of your shell for us . how cute are you that is so cool. here's one thing i love about the . leopard tortoise look at these sharp . keels at the back and you'll notice how . it branches down over those hind legs. just another defense mechanism against . any potential predator they have an . unhinged shell maybe thinking to . yourself well it kind of looks like a . box turtle let me tip it up for you . there you see the plastron not hinged at . all but slightly curves up which allows. for the legs to perfectly tuck in . covered in dense scales and they pull . those legs in to block the face just . like that you see that now nothing can . get to it even me sticking my hand in . there what he doesn't want to do is try . to bite if you bite something then your . head gets extended out and you stand the . chance of being eaten so it's all about . tucking into your shell as we know . turtles and tortoises throughout the . course of their life grow with the shell. sometimes people think well the turtles . hop from shell to shell no they do not . other than the gopher tortoise and the . galapagos tortoise this is only the . third tortoise species that we have . featured on the brave wilderness channel . as we learn from the galapagos tortoise . episode. technically all tortoises are turtles . always here little eggs go in there let . me give you some support . whoo that car was going fast . i'll get your heart racing hit me . nervous what are you doing out here bud . little tortoise you know that it's not . safe to cross the road right how about . that no matter what location we visit i . always manage to get a turtle in front . of the cameras i'm coyote peterson be . brave stay wild. you'll see on the next adventure all . right buddy the leopard tortoise is one. of south africa's most iconic reptiles . yet their existence is constantly a . threat due to the presence of man-made . structures such as roads sadly many of . these beautiful animals lose their lives . to car strike every year and it's not . just the roads in south africa but . roadways systems around the world if you . see one of our hard shell friends . crossing the road and choose to be a . good turtle samaritan by helping it . quickly cross your kindness may ensure . that a teeny tiny turtle grows up to be . a wise old elder of the reptile kingdom. if you want to learn more about helping. turtles cross the road make sure to go . back and watch the episode of dragon . tales where i show you the safe way to . move a snapping turtle without losing . your fingers and don't forget subscribe . so you can join me in the crew on our . next location see you look this way and . you see a swamp or a pond or a lake you . think yourself well there's water over . there shouldn't i put the turtle back in . the water the turtle knows exactly what . it's doing it is made the decision to go . this way because it's likely a female . headed to lay her eggs . .

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