Tree Boa Photoshoot!

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In this episode of On Location, Wildlife Biologist Mario catches a Tree Boa in the rafters of our jungle outpost!
What’s even more exciting, is in this video you will not only get to see one amazing snake but you will also get to learn some photography “tricks of the trade” with Mario as he conducts a jungle photoshoot with this incredible reptile!
Get ready to learn how to take some epic photographs!
A winning comment will be selected next Friday by Mario himself to receive a signed print from this Tree Boa photoshoot. Please tell us why you should win!
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Caption: Oh that's a bulla you don't want him to . get any service hey guys he's come back . he's come back okay oh my god oh there . he is. watch out watch out oh man we got him . my name is baker now this is risky marc . this is the strike zone right here oh . you know these buildings always provide . a lot of areas for animals to hide in . you never know what you're gonna find . around a building so we're always . searching especially for insects great . here's uh here's a orb-weaver a little . [music]. 100 steak what right there oh man oh . that's a boa said a boa i think that's a . tree boa let's get it out there what do . you need uh well he's in a tight spot so . snake hook would be great and let's make . that gummy go get mark literally within . like 30 seconds of being here at the . jungle hut and we found a tree bow mark . mario on a tree boa curl up in these . pipes up in the rafters out here oh yeah . he wants snake hook in a bag yeah just. get your camera going all right come out . here better shine this is awesome all . right got the snake hook and the bag . it's definitely not fairly its right . they don't climb no yeah i could tell by. the coils but of course it's not it's up . high the greater see that . [music]. oh yeah i'm sure it's a boa yeah i think . so i mean yeah fairly nice yeah yeah . it's not venomous though right yeah it's . up here in the rafters that's kind of . typical of tree bullets and arboreal . animals are gonna climb up and it was . probably hunting here at night you know . the bats and like all the insects and. stuff that are attracted to this area . all right let's maybe try to take out . some of these pipes . all right so these are the ones that . he's kind of on all right check it out . [music]. oh i see its face its face is right here. you don't want him to get any further . hey guys he's come back come back okay . oh my god there he is watch out watch . out oh man we got him watch your head on . the top of the thing there wow that's a . lot bigger than i thought it was gonna . be oh man he's gorgeous that's amazing . hi buddy look at that this is this is uh . this is an annual ated tree bowl . actually right by the shed oh man that. is so cool all right well this gives us . an opportunity for you to get a great . photograph with a boa yeah boy oh we . should we should show people how you get . your photographs oh yeah cool yeah this . will be a great specimen we could take . him to the jungle and actually get some . shots in a natural setting and then we . could release them they're actually nice. [music]. and i think what i'm looking for is i . want to show the arborio nature of this . snake so i want to have some type of. vine or branch that we could actually. put the snake on and it could dangle . down showing its classic ambush position . so you know ideally branch a vine and . then some nice background maybe like a . stream or something which this looks . pretty good right here down there that's . a potential but i think it'd be pretty . hard to get down there could be the vine . right there what do you think yeah looks . good to me i'm a camera assist today so . i've got the snake i've got the light . you want me to get that snake out of the . bag yeah yeah let me get my camera . camera get ready okay close your some of . that stuff i'll do that yeah let's get . your gear out here something that you . use. so. [laughter]. [music]. primary camera that i'm going to use . today is canon 60d this is an older . model one of the first canons that has . this little articulated screen and this . is really helpful for the type of shots . that i like to get i like to get . different perspectives wide angle and . using this i can kind of get right up to . the animal and kind of focus my spot of . interest and take the picture for this . guy getting in the middle of like that . hey buddy. that's good b-roll right there no that's . not how this works now i often use a . speedlight for fill in flash indices so . yeah i would have to say it you know . i've known you as long as photographer . for quite a while and to me. this is the most unique element of your . style so explain that flash yeah so i . often use a flash during the day and it . seems counter and - it is but during the . day you often get shadows because of the . sun or harsh light and when there is . harsh light i'll use this as a fill-in . flash and that will actually pop the . animal reduce some of the shadows . without making it too overwhelming now . what's gonna be a little different today . is i've got you guys with me normally i . go out and kind of do the photography on . my own but today i'll have coyote . helping me out and he's gonna be holding. a light fixture which will actually . maybe prevent me from using the flash so . that might be my lights my fill in light . we'll see all right let's go - i'm ready . let's check it out tomorrow what's the . first thing you think about when you . find. you're setting what's the first step. well it all depends on the situation . right it all depends on the environment . many times we encounter a snake or a rep . tower or subject that i photograph it's . already in the perfect in-situ . environment right and situ means as is . right it's just kind of in the . environment i don't have to actually . manipulate the animal other times like . this situation where we actually . captured a snake we're gonna relocate it . into a safer area i could actually pick . the location and have more liberties in . terms of what i want so for this i want . to really showcase the arboreal nature . of this snake right so this snake is . highly a boreal we all found in the . rafters and then i want to look at the . background and see if it's an . interesting background i don't want it . to be too cluttered so lots of factors . that i consider when i'm picking a spot . right all right . let's take a few paths before you bring . an animal in it depends if i am bringing . an animal into the set as i'm gonna call . it then i'm gonna take as many pictures. as i can to get the proper exposure then . i'll bring the animal but if it's a . situation animal is already there then i . have to try to get a really spot-on so . that i don't you know stress out the . animal any further. [music]. okay got it i think so we're ready for . the star yeah . coyote i'm here no not you today buddy . oh that's right it's the snake i get the . day off. oh all right let's see let's see how he . behaved. that's definitely a really cool snake i . might need the makeup . yeah. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. alright that was that was gonna be good . okay now i'm gonna need you to come on . this side me yep okay i'm gonna do slow . movement so we don't disturb the snake . now there's a lot of patience when you. work with all life and you do . photography yes you know mark you know . we do videography as well now he's he's. kind of he's behaving pretty well so far . and that that's what i want right there . i want this i want this classic look . right here see it's all about trying to . get the natural clothes to you know you . want to pose that's kind of natural to . the snake yeah that's suppose i want i. get . that was good that perfect worry i . suppose right there. [music]. wow i'm not sure is gonna get it better . than that that's pretty cool that was . epic. now how many photographs do you take . mario like it and something like this to . get the one you're after there's . hundreds of shots that are not ideal . that are not kind of what i anticipate . if you are with me taking photos you . have to be patient right see that that's . right there we loo that beautiful get it . and something that you might be noticing . i'm kind of fiddling my hands a lot is. i'm changing the focus point so . basically and i hear a lot of clicks . yeah yeah i think he just one photo is . time laurie no not at all i'm doing . continuous shutter. great job with the light so yeah i'm . pretty happy so far let's take a look at . one of the fattest throw it up on screen . for everybody to see but i want let's . take a look of your tour here check that . out so we're we're isolating the subject . beautiful right nice natural-looking . light on the snake too that the led . really take it out right at the camera . did it really . yeah this bit the lens no way . actually let me get it only get a shot . of that alright guys this is the shot . absolutely . when i'm looking for it this space is . just right at me . now this is risky mark . but this is a strike zone right here . right resistance. good light good light. oh look at that shot oh man that . stopping i think it's getting a little . angsty they need to better wrap this up . here yeah i got some of these i'm losing . control. snake okay coming i can't reach off the . edge of this you're gonna have to grab . hold. [music]. oh lori got the baby it definitely paid . hey that was a that was kind of i . deserve that i mean let's face it i've . been kind of handling the snake and. focusing on the pictures so that was a . little bite it wasn't a bad bite not a . bad boy. not a bad bite just a little warning a . little warning cat all right guys i . think i got some epic shots and thank . you coyote for helping me to wrangle the . snake and to provide some light mark . thank you for taking the time to get . this little video course i hope everyone . at home has learned something i hope so . too. so what we're gonna do is we're gonna . take some of the best shots and we're . gonna put them into video and let us . know what you think in the comments . section below . woo hoo i got an idea what's up best . comment gets a signed print oh like that . idea . an official mario algae khoa autograph . and photo man the pressures on i hope . you guys like the images and this was . awesome i've been wanting to find any . snake on this trip and then it's an . annual ated tree boa how cool is that . got a really nice environmental shot of . them gave me a little bite that's okay . it was a love bite and i think we're. done with the photo session so now we . could now you got to give us the outro . and we got to let the steak go sounds . good alright ready let's see if i could . do this alright guys be brave . stay wild we'll see you in the next . location let's go . hey coyote pack i've got some great news . we are doing two live shows in australia . one in melbourne and one in sydney the . tickets are on sale now and for everyone . in the united states get excited because . a west coast tour is coming in early . 2018 don't forget subscribe so you can . join me in the crew on our next big . adventure . i'm hi refuted be brave . [applause]. .

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