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A war has been waged against one of the most notorious pest ants in the entire world: pharaoh ants! Today we embark on a mission to eliminate a colony of pharaoh ants that have broken into my home and into our ant farm terrarium, where they endanger our pet ants, the Titans (Marauder ants, Carebara diversa). Watch how I deal with the pests in a way that is eco-friendly and pesticide-free.
What we discover about pharaoh ants in this video will blow your mind, and just a hint: the ending will surprise you! Enjoy!
Special thanks to Alex Wild of http://www.alexanderwild.com who allowed us to use his beautiful images of pharaoh ants. Be sure to visit his website to order prints of his nature photographs.
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Caption: Oh man a great-aunt war has become a . battle against one of the most feared . and hated ants in the entire world . today we declare war on feral fiends . in last week's video we discovered that . two alien ant colonies had broken into . our garden of eden the name given to the . giant terrarium that is home to our . beloved marauder and colony which you . guys have named the titans the first . invaders were some cowardly black. crazies that had set up camp somewhere . in the garden of eden but they appeared . to respect the authority of our titans . so we weren't too concerned the other . invaders however were a super army of. small but menacing pharaoh ants with . many queens whom we caught stealing and . monopolizing all food meant to feed our. titans this sweet kc family we wage war . against these feral ants who you believe . pose an immediate threat and my grand . plan to eliminate them from the garden . of eden involves some cool traps and a . line of death we also make two . incredible discoveries about these . pharaoh ants and of course this wouldn't . be an ant canada video without a plot . twist so keep on watching until the end . for the surprise ending put on your . armor ac family and let's go into battle . with these pharaoh ant invaders from the . outside and show them they cannot and . will not destroy our titans in this . nerve wrenching episode of the ants. canada pancham. please subscribe to my channel and hit . the bell icon welcome to the ac family . tired of nature channels not showing . nature shows just watch this channel . enjoy the events that took place last . week in the garden of eden. were an eye-opener our resident marauder . ants some newly residing black crazy . ants and intruding feral ants three . different ant species meeting in a . single place. the ultimate drama that ensued from this . meeting blew me away if you haven't seen . last week's video you can watch it here . basically through the epic clash of . these three and clans we discovered that . ants going to war didn't necessarily . mean ants killing each other to the . death no surprisingly we saw that ant . wars could consist of alpha ants . grappling with weaker ants as we saw in . last week's episode when our majestic . titans rushed in to claim their rightful . cockroach meal from the black crazy ants . but what i found the most alarming were . the pharoah ants they moved in and out . of the terrarium freely despite the . presence of a baby powder barrier this . colony had many queens and aggressive . workers proving to be a powerful force . they possess the ferocity to even take . food from our titans and that's when you . spoke ac family i asked you last week . what you felt about our new ant . neighbors and so many of you expressed . that although you felt the black crazy . ants weren't much of a threat to our . titans at the moment you insisted that . the pharoah ants were and had to be . dealt with immediately i don't blame you . guys for feeling so strongly feral ants . whose name possibly arises from the . mistaken idea that it was one of the . plagues of ancient egypt have become a . major pest of residences commercial . bakeries factories buildings and. hospitals worldwide. they're a true metropolitan int having . invaded nearly all parts of the world by . way of human activities likely the. transport of goods on which they . secretly hid right nobody knows for sure . where pharaoh ants originated from but . it is suspected they came from africa . although they are tropical and they . still manage to thrive in colder . climates in the us and europe by living . inside heated buildings they've also . been known to be carriers of harmful . microbes like salmonella and e-coli . there's no doubt pharaoh ants are tough . resourceful and big trouble in a little . package and it seems this super colony . of feral ants has had their eye on the . garden of eden. every time i place food in the garden of . eden to feed the titans the pharaoh ants . come swarming instantly slipping . stealthily in and out of the terrarium . with ease despite the presence of a baby . powder barrier claiming the food before . the titans could ever get to it. they also defend this food aggressively . one night i watched as the pharaoh ants . ate all the chicken wing bones i placed . into the garden of eden chicken wing . scraps were always one of the titans . favorite food but now no titan was seen . in sight only the pharaoh ants feasting . while the black crazy ants hovered. around too afraid to get close but . wanting to suddenly something caught my. eye. they're ac family look it was a pile of . dead titans. oh no have you been attacked and killed . by the pharaoh ants and dumped here this . was the final straw . the pharaoh ants needed to be eradicated . for the safety of our titans in fact i . realized that the safety of all our ants . in this ant room were at stake who's to . say that the pharaoh ants wouldn't also . choose to invade the hacienda eldorado . the kingdom of our golden empire or the . connected vilas of our dark knights . perhaps even our most aggressive fire . ants the fire nation were not safe from . these feral ant raids . you guys called for it an ac family i . fully support your call to action it was . time to go to war a war against these . ruthless feral ants we need it to save . our titans okay so are you ready for . this here was my plan phase 1 locate the . site of the colony i needed to know . where the pharaoh ants were stationed . for sure they had moved into my place . recently from the outside highly nomadic . and known to form extremely long . foraging trails feral ants covers some . amazing distance when they travel i . followed the trail of feral hands and it . took me up the glass across this bracket . to the west side of the garden of eden . down the glass and across this. entanglement of wires from here the ants . formed a trail up my curtain across the . air-conditioning unit crossing this . shelf along the doorway of my bathroom . [music]. [music]. down this long stretch of wall . up this door frame and surprisingly into . the cavern of darkness a hole which . leads through my drywall accommodating . the tube of our dark nights my goodness . the pharaoh ants were living between my . walls all right now for phase two the . line of death. stopping all food provisions into the . garden of eden for a couple of days cost . for only a few pharaoh ants to be seen . wandering inside . i needed there to be as little pharaoh . ants as possible before using my secret . weapon now i've never featured the . secret weapon on this channel before . because i've never needed it until now . ac family behold diatomaceous earth . chalk i've used it to effectively battle . cockroaches in the past and it has never . failed me not once this powerful stuff . is composed of microscopic fossilized . remains of plankton called diatoms under . a microscope these diatoms look like . shards of glass and ac family get this . once these particles of diatomaceous . earth get onto an insect it punctures . them absorbing vital lipids in their. exoskeleton and the insect dies of. dehydration what's totally amazing is . that diatomaceous earth is actually. non-toxic there is no potential buildup . of tolerance like there is to poisons . because the method of killing is . physical not chemical in fact you've . probably eaten this stuff before perhaps . even today they add diatomaceous earth . to a multitude of grain-based foods like . cereal oats bread flour rice and muffins . in order to kill beetles which typically . infest grain-based foods but warning. don't eat this pest rock because . companies can blend in other materials . into it which could be harmful if . ingested for those of you who have been . following this channel for a while now . you know that i make it a rule to never . kill ants even if they're pests but i . feel this could be classified as a dire . situation requiring some extreme . measures because the safety of all our . pet ants is in jeopardy . i proceeded to outline the periphery of . the terrarium with the chalk i made sure . to go all the way around to the back i . also made sure to chalk the wires of the . lighting no ants could now cross these. chalked areas in survived another thing . to note though was that this chalk . barrier was only effective for a couple . of days because the moisture in the . human air of manila where i live . renders the diatomaceous earth chalk. ineffective after a while this chalk . needs to stay dry in order to work and . now for the most critical phase ac . family setting of the traps i prepared a . pair of acrylic containers each with . holes on opposing sides in one hole i . fixated a piece of poly vinyl tubing the . tubing of one of these containers was. placed against the wall near one of the . feral ants foraging trails and the . tubing to the other pressed up against . the adjacent truck and now to add our. bait in our first trap a delicious . cockroach irresistible to any . prospective feral ant and in the second. trap perfectly suited to our alien ant . invaders mars chocolate i made sure to . wipe the tweezers along the outside of . the tube to get the smell of the bait . all over it also i had to place the . covers on these traps so the smell of . our bait would fill the inside we needed . our traps to smell tantalizing next we. required some messenger pigeons . informant farrow ant workers to squeal . and tell the colony of the tasty food . inside our traps with a cotton ball i . gently collected a few worker ants and . threw them into the traps along with the . bait the idea was to get these ants to . find the food and excitedly run back. home to tell the rest of the colony to . come and eat . and look it seems the ants were acting . exactly as planned . having discovered our bait and feeding . on it they will soon make their way back . to the colony leaving

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