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Welcome to the video you've all been . waiting for this is watering my . tarantulas part 3 and that was just for . the intro now let's get to the real . watering okay so let's start off this . video with the main star of the two . previous watering videos and there of . course is going to be this girl over . here that's right it's myself a gobo . slash hepl palma minix the thailand . black so as you can see there is not . much webbing done compared to the other. two videos it is because i just added . more substrate for her so in a couple . days it should be all webbed up and look . at that she'll really move towards a . water dish perfect but i've got a . feeling that she's gonna be pretty well . behaved today oh okay why why this is . the third video and you still not . learned how to calm down are you serious . girl just let me grab the water dish for . once will you please thank you really . you gotta tap it now wow i'm telling you . guys this girl is just insane . you see i added more substrate for you . so you can get a softer ground and this . is how you thank me stop it are you come . on leave the water dish alone there . drink your water oh my goodness you're . gonna get your licks squished when i put . on the cover so move it down alright you . know the only good part of you being . like this is that everyone on this . channel loves you are you happy about . that glad that's out of the way now we . have my little breakfast wahine but the . colorations i don't know guys comment . down below let's just do what we came . here to do behave okay please thank you . beautiful though kilo brakus and our . sony burmese mustard this one's also . well known for her attitude as you can . see but this one isn't as bad as miss . thailand black but hey gotta love your . old world huh mono central possible for . e which is like in there so this one i . don't need tongs i mean who needs . tongues tongues for the week a phone of . hell mercy money costa rican zebra whoa . okay behave yourself . i don't have to worry about this girl . grimaced or rosia chilean rose hair grow . what are you doing you couldn't be . sticking on walls like that it'll let me . take your water dish no no no don't come . out you're hungry aren't you here you go . yeah here here's a cricket i know you're . hungry are you not hungry . yeah you are i know that you are. sriracha george darling the rear horn . the boom thanks for behaving i'm sure . you guys know who this is mrs. lord have . mercy from oh god noland . oh god no have mercy on me . don't you dare already turning around to . kill me let me take your water dish . are you serious why don't you guys just. let me take your water dish so i can . clean your water go away and why you . guys got a web up your water dish you . see what's happening to your web what . are you doing what is your problem . you want a cricket or something these. guys never calm down . moving on sorry koeppel maru brony tent . this is the pan am irate room here's . something that's always fat even if she . doesn't eat this is mine i do care of . princess the brazilian red and she . continues to eat even when she's fat . welcome to the lair of lord have mercy . number two i think i'll give this one a . cricket first to keep her occupy a . cricket to keep her occupied so she will. leave me alone . please leave me alone i swear these old . world's just make your heart go yeah you . know it too huh you better stayed in let . me feel your water crazy this was for . your dorsal so i'm not too afraid this . is the you plaster escapa stratus the . pink zebra beauty well okay so he look . like he's getting cultured what was that . even i don't know man . but i'm glad she's over there okay i . spoke too soon okay calm down . now let me take your water dish come on . you over there go back to sleep my . goodness come back to sleep anyways this . is the dark earth tiger why'd you have . to come be a busybody and go back to . sleep go back to sleep crazy . next up we've got the account discourage. nikki lata this is the brazilian whytnee . come on let go let go okay move yes . you're welcome. my history crate is gigas enclosure . she's down there thank god this is . another one they can see one of a foot . right there. here's another it can't discourage you. nikki lata . the brazilian white knee last eudora . clukey bahia scarlet there's some nice . fresh beverage for you enjoy here's the . sriracha jars mishali the great or . straight horned baboon and you go to web . up your water dish hmm that's right back . off why don't you ever use that next . level down there like i built two levels . for you and you just sit on top you're . supposed to be a borrower go down . this is mine and otra pepe the brazilian . giant blonde she's usually very foot. responsive so as you can see just a . slight movement and she goes for it . typical non-jews are you serious she . just kicked that piece of moss out of . the enclosure you two gotta learn how to . calm down you're a new world behave like . one damn girl . whoa what is your problem here take back . your moss this is the accantus quaritch . a corner . also known as the believe in pink i've . got a feeling that this videos gonna be . pretty long sorry guys . i mean we're already done with this . shell as well as the ones over here now . we're just left with this table over . here i'm not gonna be including the ones . upstairs because those are mainly . arboreal and you won't be able to hear . water being poured in but anyways here's . my phone oh pal mikkel cody's the . arizona blonde she's always out in the . open never uses a hide it's quite a nice . height no idea why she doesn't use it . down there is a pampy display youma the . brazilian pink blue let's get this out. poured it back fill it up and we are . done here's the devas panted loris the . guatemalan tiger rum . no you're really small come on think . you're so big go drink your water this . is my smaller form para el cody's i'm . filming because i've got a feeling that . she'll go into her hide yep . as i mentioned well you've got a good . look of her there she is . shooing her button it is this is tara no . killers lugar d the fort hall baboon . here's the pumpkin patch tarantula this . is the one that is on my profile display. picture king the boone pail anubias . mutinous. since we don't always see her let's just. give her a cricket shall we and there. she is in here somewhere over there can . you see the legs . yep that is my skeleton tarantula this . is the orphanage species marzuki this . one is from the philippines no don't go . away come out by the way can you see the . legs yeah it's not clear but this is my . hetero skoda immaculata the total . starburst baboon this one only comes on . when it's at night so that was a bit . loud. anyways wow talk about covering your . water dish up with webb seriously why do . you do this i don't see the pleasure in . it how do you want me to fill your water . dish now you want me to like cut the . yeah that's right bolt away so now you . wanted me to like cut it open like this . okay . you asked for it you what is that what . on earth is this that's nasty man i have . no idea what that is . ah yep that's getting out of here the . hell was that man anyways. oh no it's dirty just get this out i . don't care about your web it's for your. own good their web all destroyed i'm not . gonna say sorry to you because it's for . your own good. stop webbing up your water dish and this. won't happen again in here it's my . thailand golden fringe well in the hole . over there can you see there's her back . legs and her abdomens right there . not very clear cuz as always my phone . doesn't focus down holds these guys like . it a little bit damp so . kahshanna bruna peace the dwarf pink . lake look at this girl already being . like this as soon as i opened the . enclosure she's so mad til she flipped . upside down wow this is not gonna be a . very good idea but would you like some . water here you go you can drink it from . your mouth now check out of thanks guys . crazy cobalt blue so guys that will be . it for today's watering video if you . liked it feel free to thumbs this video . up if you don't you're also free to . thumbs it down. you asked for a part three watering . video you got a part three watering . video leave a comment down below what . you think about this one and let me know . which is the best so far 1st 2nd or 3rd . if you guys would like to check out the . social media everything is linked in the . description below as well as my patron . if you'd like to support me through . there if there are new patrons that i . haven't mentioned yet in a previous . video i will list them on the screen . right now so those names who are on the . screen right now thank you all so much . for your support you have no idea how . much it means to me . it really really helps me out and i . really truly appreciate it thank you so . much so i guess that will be it for this . video any other videos you like to see . me do feel free to leave a comment down . below and yeah i guess i'll see you guys . in the next video. take care . .

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