We DISCOVERED Ancient Cave Paintings!

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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the team discover ancient cave paintings while exploring in South Africa!
Well known for its historical significant in early human culture, South Africa is home to some of the most important artifacts on the planet.
Will the team's discovery add to this rich culture of human history?
Get ready to find out!
HUGE THANKS to the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their website to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africaโ€™s wildlife! - http://bit.ly/RPAwildlife

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Caption: There's the clintons black dude look at . this. there's cave paintings we are literally. sitting at the foot of history right now . the taints kloof game reserve is a . breathtaking expanse of south african. wilderness an adventure lovers . playground that is laced with a network . of interconnected . the reserve stretches across 13 hectares . and is nestled amongst the rocky. mountain sides of the eastern cape today . we are heading out on a true indiana . jones themed mission according to lv . williams . founder of the reserve protection agency . there are a series of ancient cave . paintings hidden deep within the belly . obtains glue of course albee has seen . these paintings before as he has . personally scoured every inch of this . wild place however he has challenged us . to see if we can find what he calls a . true needle in the haystack of history . on around all right katie we're about . the self on the adventure what are we . doing well just before us there's a road . that looks off-road despite the fact . it's been bulldoze but wait until you . see how far we get into the back country . of south africa and what we're searching. for is a series of lost caves my lost . caves what i mean our caves that have . not been explored in hundreds of years . supposedly there are some ancient cave . paintings in there we're gonna try to . find them and get him on camera i have a . feeling that this is gonna be one epic . adventure. south africa is an ancient land and it . is believed that humans have inhabited . this area for over 100 thousand years . the paintings we see are certainly not . that ancient but they are believed to be . several hundred years old . which definitely makes them worth the . search we traveled up and over the steep . mountainsides down into the valleys and . across several flowing stream systems . before we finally got to a place where . the road ran out oh it's a bumpy ride. and that is as far as the road is going . to take us now over your shoulder here . mark is a massive cliff face and i was . told that if we follow this line into . the canyon eventually we will find dark . stains up on the rocks we find those . stains it means that we are close to the . cave paintings so let's head that . direction and see what we can find . the underbrush was incredibly dense and . moving through with packs and camera . here was nearly impossible eventually we . made our way down to a stream system . which we could follow more easily than. fighting the tangles of branches so . we're looking . [music]. yeah i'm gonna have to bust out the main . camera to get shots down i don't know if . you'd see that the gopro further . distinct dark marks right there on the . rocks definitely stand out more than . anything else we've seen so far let's . get a little bit more in i got a better . view okay it felt like we were getting . close and despite the inclement weather . we decided to press forward across . another stream and up a steep embankment . when right before our very eyes the flat . rock face that i'll be described as . being unmistakable was towering above us . [music]. anything that's more distinct than those . black marks all right well this might be . the black stains and the rock that we . were looking for . let's hunker down underneath these trees . stay out of the rain and get the main . camera set up . i think we're close guys mark has gotten . the main camera . i still ran in there and i gotta get . these shots i think we're right on it . guys i'm rollin okay . so right up through here it looks like . we have a little cave type area . definitely have distinct black markings . on the side of the rocks and hopefully . this is where the cave paintings are. located are we gonna go up through all . these spiky plants and hopefully that's . where they're at all right here we go . ready dude look at this . whoa there's cave paintings is that them . this has got to be them look at this . you've got like a little human-like . figures here there and there look at . this one . that looks definitely a male okay you . know notice the male part and then over . here you've got what looks like a teepee . here's some sort of sheet there what do . you got down there mario gold you know . this is probably where they would gather . and like make a fire and cook their food . and stuff and then hang out then for fun . they probably would kind of draw right . and by day we're talking about . indigenous peoples and these cave . drawings i guess we keep calling the . cave drawing but it's is more of an . overhang than it is a cave hundreds . maybe even thousands of years old we are . literally sitting at the foot of history . right now yeah this is crazy . let's look around at the walls and see . what other things we can find are all . the red spots paintings technically i . mean like if you come over here you can . see like there's like a shape in there . oh yeah that definitely is a shape look . at that right there. see that's not natural that's like looks . like that would have been the head of . human here's an arm that comes down and. it's body since she's got set an angle . like that . right here looks like it in there me . that definitely looks humanoid to me . tiny why all the way down there i mean i . wonder how deep this would have . originally gone i mean how much sediment . has fallen down in this area think of . what can be buried down beneath all this . soil so you can you can definitely see . like this a whole area the redness on . the rock yeah . it's distinct to this area if you look . like over here for example there is no . red wonder where these parts at sometime . part of a larger painting right and it . just sort of dissolved and disintegrated . like leave it look right here you could . see there's a clear line mm-hmm see that . there's a there's a clear line there so . what if that was like a horse or an . elephant maybe that's an elephant hey oh . no oh it does looks like either a tail . or perhaps a trunk and maybe a leg like . that right there this is super cool and . you may be wanting yourselves well . coyote how would somebody draw on a rock. wall and have it last for this long and . my guess would be they here point your . camera down here all of this red rock . was likely broken apart and then they . would use something like sap or animal . fat to draw on the walls and it's just. lasted for all that time it is . completely stained the rock first time . this art has ever been no first people i . ever these are the first cameras to ever . film and what we're gonna do now is . photograph these to document them what. i'm gonna do is use my hand for scale . mark why don't you get off the high . quality camera give this camera to mario . and we'll get some photographs of them . and take them back to the research team . so i'm good let's do it all right all . right. to take some great photographs this . indigenous artwork and share with our . friends back in town it's really cool is . this is actually a really important for . the culture in this region to document . these rare artifacts definitely will . help add to the cultural history of this . region of south africa pretty cool huh . yeah i think it is tip you can clearly . see that there's a leg there's either a . truck or a tail mm-hmm can't like tell . what happened back here i mean there's . so many years it could be hundreds if . not thousands of years of erosion that's . been hammering the artwork that's here. so we're really actually fortunate to be . able to see what we can can see some. that have disappeared almost completely . at this point this looks like a little . man that's running on hillsides they're . clearly man-made but there is a little . interpretation required to identify what . these are be interesting to see once we . take the photographs back if someone. back in town can help us more clearly . identify not only what we're looking at . but the time period which they were made . right got it all right you're ready for . the long trek back i sure am it took us . two hours to get here that means it's . gonna take at least two hours to get . back but this certainly was epic coming . across indigenous paintings out here in . the backcountry of south africa i'm . coyote peterson be brave stay wild we'll. see on the next location getting to . explore the wild and ancient mountains . of the teen sleuth game reserve was an . adventure i will always remember as a . team our goal usually centers around . finding and presenting animals so to . search for relics such as cave paintings . was a nice change of pace these faint . images represent a history to this land . that dates back hundreds of years and to . have seen them with my own two eyes . was a sight i will never forget if you . enjoyed exploring for cave paintings. make sure to go back and watch the . episode where the brave wilderness team. and i kayak to a deserted island and . found ourselves lost in the abandoned. fort gorges and don't forget subscribe . so you can join me in the crew on our . next location . .

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