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Good morning steven the bearded man from. australia which like he's australian . good morning kitty cats from friends . because oh . scottish cats oh who's oh look we're . getting fed oh gods boom a i'm so sorry . to tell you mate but you're not allowed . any food you're gonna get your bollocks . chopped off instead okay it's a freezing . cold morning england the cat's like one . i had to go and get the cat passport . because it like literally tracks every . sort of y operation anything vaccine . nevada anything sell for what i forgot . that you would have kept bollocks for an . extra like week something so it's time . ago you ready you ready where pets come . first tell you is that testicles don't . know what's more traumatizing coming . here to get their testicles removed or . luna not enjoying being in there with . gatsby gatsby this is great adventure . and she's just like i just want to sit . here and be quiet p. m. you know and to . find out how much the fuck bugger is put . on i got i guarantee like 400 he's going . upon oh oh keep my free damn does be . your father he doesn't want to admit . that he's fight is running away to point . free free i'm sure you'll like 1. 7 yeah . you fuck shit you've put on just less . than a full kill your fuck bugger . i told you you had no neck we only feed . him still wide think i saw che add a . sort of thing but this guy always tries . and steals her nose next food you know . come on come on use boot most cats hate . coming to the party was it issues yeah . he's just like a way to adventure well . she she knows he's got no brain cells. where she knows something's going down . alright i'll see you later okay you're . gonna be a change man you just stop . pissing on myself or and stuff and i get . back it really actually check no is it . like an immediate change temperament . changes like because i think when he . peed in my cinnamon dear today i'm . pretty sure that was like . yeah cuz it's like a quits yes vp luna . see you later okay yeah oh i've never . seen a look so sad even though she . permanent looks sad because there is all . the time. meanwhile this guy does not care and . it's like it okay bye now i was . expecting to wait there for like half an . hour for it to be doing something i . thought it'd be like a people that quick . procedure but come back in like five . hours or something bloody hell but gods . me should be a changed man and luna well . she's just still gonna be a sassy . bastard so oh my god really grumpy cat a . selection they made so much money off . this sad looking cat why couldn't moon a . look really sad well actually lyn looks . at all the time so i was leave it to . that she's just sassy she's just like a . little yeah you're my bitch anyway get . some cat food and stuff like that and . head home it is looking beautiful now . that's either a cop cat or something or . other because why the friggin hell is it . got the world's biggest satellite . antenna on the roof. i'm so confused get mcdonald's breakfast. because i've not had one for ages fresh . air in this room it's just been a fest . of just gaming dirtiness and i've loved . every second of it however i've just had . some interesting news this is a weird . one but the vet just rang me and he said . hey not like they spoke at me for like . two minutes straight telling me that hey . your car you know getting them spayed . today droits go ahead with a spin we can . go for a scan when i get a scan we can . do the check because what we need to do . a check on and i like the entire time . was what we need to get a check done on. your cat to make sure whether or not the . lumps in her belly are just poop just . poop all the kittens now so people might . be like like oh shit you've got kittens . tom you got to keep the kids now the . problem is gadsby living a brother and . sister who not be keeping any kittens no . matter what if they have him like they . i'd made the call to get rid of them and . they said that he's so early on that . they're tiny tiny and he could be. kittens and he could be people i know . some people might be a but no it's like . i'd live it all that sort of stuff but . listen we don't need any more cat so you . don't really give any way any cats or . anything like that it's just not the . scenario we want to be in we have got . the cat's neutered as soon as possible . throughout their life like they were . like bring him into surgery cows like . will do let me know they were like oh . wait this has already bringing in got a . new word because the fear was that they . might start making each other now what . i'd say is gatsby literally have not one . stage ever acted like their their minds . mate with each other never caught him . doing it never caught luna walking . around like like tear my dad's catwalk . try going me fuck me fuck me be like . really it was really weird she just . walked around asking to be fucked all. the time it it was one of the most . surreal experiences i've ever witnessed . of an animal. whereas luna just keeps herself to. herself and he's not interested in . gatsby at all he's fat he has no neck . why i can't be interested in that no . neck bastard anyway i looked super tired . by the motifs that have all about two . hours sleep but yeah the vets wrangle . parnassus me not and i did and they said . would you like us to continue with . neutering gadsby and luna and obviously . gatsby yes muna yes but they're gonna be . cautious and let me know at the very . last minute whether or no it never . whether or not it is poop particles or . whether or not it is actually curtains . so it's kind of sad because i didn't. want to have this phone call i know this . is a long talk but i was thinking i just . wasn't expecting that phone call but i . know it's the right decision . so yeah weird one today very well hop up . in the bay got potatoes not joking yes i . do. literally . trying to be a good boyfriend today . taking care of the cats going to see . live you're at work for lunch break . scene as though i stayed up all night . playing video games so she didn't stop . over in my house so i'm taking her . jacket potato with tuna mayo and we're . gonna have lunch together because i'm . too like that and if you're gonna judge . me. who's left right what the heck . look what is this you're you is this all . your work monday the six of the other . handbag very nice learning objective to . learn facts about angles where's your . dog that's a dog that's a dog your . favorite place no that's not your . favorite place then the crumpet place . hey the show gouge oh follows your . favorite place would you okay whatever . you say date when you sat down what'd . you say tell you as well so they're not . let's breathe so she was like the way . she she may have been complicated on the . phone until i broke you down said it . could even be poo bought you don't think . it's poo it could be babies and they. were like we can pay an extra 80 quid to. scan it and at this point i was like . they're just trying to get extra money . out of us i know it's like peso on but i . was like they're just trying to get more . money out of us but that but then there . was libor i don't recommend a scan . because we know we don't know if it . would it would probably tell different . people baby because if we say it's so . small so the decision is is like did it. continue on with a spray which is kameny . word i spoke to gail and we both agree . yes . if there's babies and there'd be removed . they'll be fighting like not even see . could potentially be pregnant booking. no-neck busted some kids are strangling . each other in the playground i don't . know he's a kid at that age i think you . feel like you're an adult but then when . you're you hear it from a distance when . you're older they were stronger with. each other in the playground well you . kids doing sell it on a 1b warren rust . not bloody playground fights and then . mature me decided to just let the kids. know to subscribe to i don't understand . and a shout out to anyone else you . spreads the word of subscribing to life . of tom on youtube who's the the smartest . kid perished what there's a harris y and . harris a ooh these kids absolutely . killing it what does he get 12 books oh . it's a reading book read 25 books . where'd you get a prize oh my god . star wars lunchbox that kid wins . oh no this kid wins this kid wins the . incredible yes . avengers perfect just an fyi i had an . action man lunchbox if you had anything . other than that then you were not on my . level leave a comment down below what . lunchbox you had lydia and all the . teachers are trying to work meanwhile . i'm the dj . [music]. this is how you like useful i am to the . school random but legitimately fell . asleep in two chairs killed together in . a ball but two hours libya was doing . like some work back here hour and a half . sleep so i was just like i need to pass . the hello. so i went in there for 20 minutes knit . light nap before i went and picked up . the cat i fell asleep two hours at least . i was in the head teachers office though . so i have to go pick up the kittens i do . not know the outcome we lunar so what . the way it's a time to collect the . kittens in a bunch of way myself lady . over here says 180 oh god yeah you well . well shut over now is a last time i was . in america about you and i have to go . away my son was 155 163 god i'm putting . on the pounds. alright so i'm enjoying the good news . luckily she was not pregnant so that's . great that's exactly what we weren't . here wasn't pregnant . it was just poop what a fall scare but . you know what i'm glad i'm glad she's . okay with a little baby i've been so . upset. look at her be like i'm so ready but . she's okay thank goodness everything . went dead smooth just got give luna some . like medicine in her mouth every five . days okay hey guys no you okay he's like . what
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