What Bathing My Husky Looks Like!

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My husky Gohan need a bath pretty bad.. #Roadto1million
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[music]. we are at the park it is a beautiful day . outside. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. and of course gohan found some muddy . grass and now his paws are all full of. mud i want to show you guys . gohan stake him and look how good it is . so go hannes all the way over there good . [music]. go on. you tired buddy give me fun daddy works . alright so goins at that point where . he's about to be done he's ran a lot . he's played a lot so we're gonna go home . we got to give you a shower you poor boy . eat tired buddy let me go home so gohan . over here got to run a bunch you got to . roll him some grass all right so i'm . gonna go head home and give gohan a bath . because you guys absolutely love that . but i don't blame you guys because when . going gets a bath he's extremely cute so . i'm gonna bring the gopro out and i'm . gonna be fun so let's go it is time for . going to drink some water . just a very quick tip for you guys . watching at home who have a dog don't . forget guys it's summertime. always make sure your dog has water some . shade make sure you guys rest from time . to time so you don't overheat your dog. and also try to stay away when it's the . hottest so for example i like to take . going out in the morning in the . afternoon when it's the hottest i don't . really take them out too much and then . once it starts getting cooler. i'll take going on out and especially at . night we love night walks go home . let's go come on alright guys so we're . back home i'm gonna get going on a . shower you know so bad it's time to give . you a shower but say yeah go on is very . dirty see going on is so dirty you don't . even see the white on him that much . [music]. [music]. we're so going ons ready i got this . bucket and towel it's time and by the . way this is gonna be your first time . ever giving go on a bath in a bathtub . alright so i'm gonna go ahead and switch . over to the gopro because it's . waterproof. fun fact by the way guys this used to be . our setup when i first started so when i . used to make gohan's videos back then . this was our setup except this camera . was a lot older but it's pretty much the . same setup it's a gopro and this joby . stand which is very loose by the way . it's old now we're on the gopro and this . right here is my current setup you guys . can see it's very more professional and. better than the gopro so yeah we've come . a long way right and also i don't have . occured it and i know gohan is going to . shape so that's gonna be bad but we'll . figure i think he knows what's going on . now. oh yes i've had everything ready so this . right here is some flame vinegar this is . a natural flea killer i just use a . little bit that add you shampoo and then . of course add some water and then you . just mix it by the way i'm gonna link . everything i use down below in the . description you guys always ask me what . i use so i'm gonna link everything i use . down below all right . [music]. so bad right all right go hans coat is . all wet so now it's time to add the . shampoo careful with those eyes right so . i like to do that in man i just grow him . she's not so bad right this scrub is . awesome look at all the hair it collects . not only does a scrub is coke good but . it also takes off a bunch of hair from . his coke if i scrub though i'm pretty . good there's a bunch of the hair . everywhere. somehow that sprint's going off over . here alright i don't know if you guys . could see how dirty that water is that's . pretty much how dirty gone was that's . all the dirt coming off pretty crazy . power going on let's dry you up it looks . cleaner already all right guys look at . this whole mess and then this i got to . clean up later look at all of this . [music]. look at this good boy right here it's . clean boiling are you so clean you get . that gohan spleen that coat news guys . [music]. all right so it looks like gohan is . gonna knock out right here alright so i . came to the conclusion that i think . gohan is done for the day . alright no worries going on you could . just stay there enjoy the rest of your . day . [music]. .
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