What The Fluff Challenge With My Husky Gohan!

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Gohan The Husky attempts the "what the fluff challenge" LOL what was your favorite part?
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You should do with a blood challenge. with your alright say no harm so step . one is to get going on the couch so . let's do that. [music]. good boy it could get on all right so we . got going on top now so i'm gonna set . the camera down for a little bit not to . make it too obvious just going on you're . smarter than you think . all dogs are smarter than you think so . he might know what's going on so i'm . just gonna let go on chill here for a . little bit and then we'll start . [music]. gosei . so already you found me did i go missing . huh i go missing too you where'd it go i . teleport gohan things i teleported . where'd it go huh . oh so now you're just gonna lay down on . the blanket huh i just checked the video . and that was pretty funny on goin so far . at first it did look like gohan was a . bit confused some seconds passed by he . looked around and then he finally . decided to come and look for me so i'd . say that this challenge did work and so . many of you guys have requested for us . to try this so i'm glad we did it . also make sure to subscribe to our . second channel we have a new video being . posted today so make sure you check that . out we already have two videos on that . channel so if you haven't checked it out . go do so i'll link them down below and . that second channel is going to be a . bunch of random going on videos and . short videos i don't want to share with . you guys so that's gonna be fun . so we're gonna wrap the video here you . guys and you po . [music]. [music]. .
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