What’s inside a Face Changing Unicorn?

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(suspenseful music). (clap). - here's the deal guys. we have a very fun toy. that we saw on facebook. it went viral. it's a really interesting video. (screaming). first i wanna ask you, do. you think that's gonna be. a good holiday gift . it's so cute. you wanna see him. hold on, one second. first we gotta show you its trick--. ready. - now i'm scared. - whoa!. - look at that face. they didn't have the same. reaction as the little kid. on the facebook viral video. - look, it's like so. innocent and then sweet. and then all of sudden baah!. (daniel laughs). - [daniel] what if it. like a christmas present. and you go this, what would you think . - i would like it!. - [daniel] you would. - uh huh, i could scare my friends!. it would be so funny to. see my friends fall over,. because they get scared super easy. - okay, this is not the. reaction i expected!. they love it and it's so cute. so let us know in the comments. do you think it's cute . do you love it . but for now, i think we. need to take the thing apart. and explore it a little bit more. maybe it's creepier without the fur on it. the fiesty pets. that's what they're called. teddy bear, a unicorn. i don't, what is this one . a fox . what does the fox say, do you know . - ding, ding, ding,. ding, da ding, ding ding-. ding, ding, da ding. - that's probably one. - ding, ding, da ding. - of my favorite. - ding, ding, da ding. - youtube videos ever. - okay, and what's this guy . - what does the fox say . this guy, he actually has a name. his name is carl the snarl. (roaring). (instrumental of oh christmas tree). - if you think this unicorn is cute,. even though it has its. bad behavior sometimes. these teeth really are sharp. - they actually do hurt. - yeah, can we cut the fur off of it . - do you know what i wanna. do first with this unicorn . - what's that . - is i wanna cut off the tail, okay,. then i wanna cut off all. of this little mane hail. mane hail. - yeah, the mane hail is the worst. (knife scraping). - see, look at. look how much hair you just cut off. - why are we doing this . - how do you feel about yourself . - what do you wanna do. next, cut off his unicorn . - no, not yet. - why are we giving him a haircut . that doesn't tell us anything . - 'cause i feel like it!. maybe we should chop out its eye. - boo!. (crunching). - oh no, no, no, no, no, no!. well it appears he has a. mild scratch on his chide. of his face. - ohh, don't take that out of my face!. alright, we're getting close. - oh, yikes. - wow. - that was kind of easy. - this is how you cut. a face off a unicorn. this is a unicorn, a faceless unicorn. this thing is gonna haunt us lincoln. that's super creepy. sorry, mr. unicorn. - [lincoln] okay, that's pretty funny. - here is the unicorn, all. the stuffing is out of it. - all of it. - this is how much we got in it. - don't drop that. - [daniel] remember the. teddy bear that we exploded,. how much stuffing was in that thing. - oh that was so much. - [daniel] it took us. so long to clean it up. (explosion). alright this is what we're looking at. we have these two buttons on the side. it's interesting the eyebrow's like that,. make me think of something sad. - yeah!. - [daniel] eyebrows like. that, furrowed eyebrows. they call 'em, furrowed brow or whatever. - like that!. - [daniel] yeah, that makes you seem mad,. like i'm sure you guys. probably all know that,. but i think it's an interesting thing. even if you just took. away the scary mouth. mad, sad, mad, sad, mad, sad. inside of the mouth, you. can see he actually has. a little bit of a tongue. some good sized teeth that are hard. it looks like this part just comes open. yes, there it is. let's open up this box,. see what's inside of it. the bottom jaw, with the. teeth, and some nice paint. on the tongue, well done!. - [male voiceover] good job!. - [daniel] this top part with the nose,. it does not actually chomp or anything,. just these teeth come down. they go up and down, up and down. (pounding). feel like these guys. are just staring at him,. like mad, like we're. destroying their family. - okay that's really creepy. - his eye came off, it's right here. i got it. so inside of this guy is just plastic. whenever i push this you can look inside. you can see the plastic. it would just go back and forth. push on the metal, that. would make it clamp down. do i look angrier if i. twist it and it's like that. and like sadder like that . does it make any difference . - i don't know. - alright what do you guys think . do i look sad and then angry . yeah, it's all about. the eyes and the teeth. (roaring). we have a new thing. we have the amazon influencer page,. where we have a page with. amazon that has everything. that we've ever cut open,. that we put on there. if this is sold on amazon,. we will put it on there. and so you can save the page. it's amazon. com/shop/whatsinside. and it'll always. have our things that. we've cut open on there. and if you wanna have. your own kind of page,. you can get. amazon just opened this up. it's called the amazon influencer program. and you can create your own name. so like, ours is what's inside. you can click on the. link in the description,. and you can get there. let us know what you think. which one of these do you like the most . ? bye good bye ?. - oh not the song again. ? good bye ?. - not the song again!. ? good bye ?. - not the song again lincoln!. - arrgh!. - [daniel] alright. - giving it a little haircut. - [male voiceover] good job!. .
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