Why I Deleted the Video About My Monitor ( Reupload)

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Explaining where my video went about my new monitor lizard. Reupload at 9:59
Thank you for your understanding and all your kindness during this stressful situation! I love this community and how we can all come together to love animals.
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And the crickets in this room are going . to be extremely obnoxious during this . video i don't even know if i could put . music like background music or anything . because of the how loud the crickets are . it's gonna be too much background noise . so i am sorry for the cricket tossed on . a million degrees in here sorry for the . crickets and yeah what else can i . apologize about today oh yeah why i . deleted my last video it's been a minute . i you know came back and said oh i'm . gonna get back in the groove of things . and then i deleted my second video that . i had made i did it pretty quick so . maybe it was up for about an hour and . then it was gone and this is what . happened it's it's a mess but i figured . it all out now and i'm comfortable . talking about it so here we are i had . been a bit of a bad place mentally you . know was not feeling the best not my . happiest most positive and my friend was . also in a bad place not super happy not . super positive but she was eight months . pregnant she was just always sad and . down and just not having the best time . with her pregnancy . she had come up with an idea i had been . training her about animals and teaching . her through my animals how to take care. of animals how many times did i just say . animals i don't know i have been . training her to learn about animals and . during this time she became really she . she started to really enjoy taking care . of reptiles and she said i really want . to have one with my apartment complex . well let me have a reptile can we go to . the store and i pick out one for me and . if you know how to take care of it can . you teach me and eventually you know i . can take care of it as equal as you take . care of it so you're kind of gonna co . own an animal i was completely okay with . co owning an animal especially because . it was gonna cheer her up and make her . feel better and have something to focus . and put her attention on and so i guess . i really didn't put much thought into . this and this is kind of where the . mistake began and we decided we'd film a . video where she got to pick out any pet . in a store and we'd take it home and . take care of it now generally of course . i would never ever recommend impulse . buying i would ever. recommend going to a store and letting . your friend pick out an animal who are . you but in my situation where i have the . money and the means to take care of . pretty much any animal she was going to . have the auctions to pick i felt like it . was an ok and safe safe zone for me and . for the animal in which we'd be taking . home well the store and i had a huge . miscommunication and basically i was . under the impression that we had chosen . a black throat monitor and that we had . taken at home and we were gonna raise it . and put it in this you know nice giant 7 . by 7 foot enclosure if not bigger when . it was an adult we were gonna build it i. had a whole team i'd contacted already . they were gonna build it whenever it got . to that size and i had everything ready . for a black throat monitor well after we . got the black throat monitor i had . brought it home and set up his enclosure . and i had gone out to i had a lot of . stuff to do out of town so i taught my . friend the basic needs of her black. through monitor and i left town for a . few weeks now i did have other people . coming and taking care of all my animals . making sure all my animals were okay and . safe people who really knew what they . were doing and she was of course taking . after the black throat monitor and the . other people were making sure of course . that he was in good health and otherwise . left him alone really now i came back . home and posted a video revealing this . guy and it turns out that me and the . store miscommunicated so much that he . was actually a roughneck monitor so . again i think my desire to make my . friend happy kind of made a lapse in my . judgment in this monitor and not . realizing that it wasn't the monitor . that the store had i thought told me it . was then the whole thing started where . roughneck monitors they come from. somewhat tropical humid moist hate that . word' areas of asia while black throat . monitors do not and black bear monitors. don't like to swim while roughneck . monitors do roughneck monitors like to. climb a lot black throat monitors don't . there are a lot of differences in these . two subspecies of monitor and that's of . course where i freaked out and had to . take down the video because i had just . told people i had an animal . i actually did not have i was very upset . with a story first because of the . miscommunication i had no clue how they . had somehow provided me with all the . wrong info on an animal and you know . they taught me everything how to take . care of a black throat monitor they . didn't teach me how to take care of a . roughneck but then the biggest issue is . that most roughneck monitors are . wild-caught so i immediately wanted to . find him a new place to live i wanted . him to go to a wildlife rescue facility. or somewhere where he can live his life . like a wild monitor since he's a wild . monitor and that in itself sparked a lot . of criticism because i do have a wild . cup crab and a lot of my saltwater fish . are wild caught so people started to . call me hypocritical but the thing is is . now going forward i've decided i don't . want wild caught animals before i had . some kind of leeway where some were okay . and somewhere in my mind and but now i'm . at this point where i really just don't . want to own wild caught animals going . forward doesn't mean i'm going to get . rid of the ones that have already you . know become a very well-adjusted to . captivity but a baby roughneck monitor . it was so young and it's just so new to. captivity that i felt like no he should . not be here and we should find him a new . home so i have since spoken with the . store and the person who sold me at . specifically and they swear on all that . is holy that they incubated the eggs . themselves grew them from babies that he . gave me his favorite one that he's so . attached to it and that it is not wild . caught i'm really torn because i don't . know i have no way of knowing for sure . if it's wild caught or captive bred but . he has become so good with me he . recognizes me he eats from my hand he . likes to be out and he likes to sit on . me he's very very tolerant of me being . around him he likes she does not seem to . dislike captivity he does not seem to be . like pacing around his cage trying to . get out trying to run away looking . stressed he doesn't seem to have all the . markers of a stressed out wild caught . animal so when that being said i'm still . talking to wildlife rescues that . specialize and exotics but at this point . it seems like there is a good chance i'm . going to be keeping this little guy we . have completely changed his care up to . fit what he needs. and i really really have grown attached . to him and i feel like he is very good . with me as well anyway with all of that . being said i'm still talking to people . about rehoming him potentially and i . have talked with the guy who sold me the . monitor and i have talked with everyone . online and heard everyone's opinions and . i'm still deciding for myself exactly . what's best for him i'm obviously not . gonna just rush him away or make him. stay here a whole year before deciding . what to do with them try to figure this . out in the moment but i wanted to . explain why the video went down i'm . going to include the video at the end of . this video. right after i shut up and stop talking . but i needed to add this to my video and . add a very important disclaimer that . this was a video that i did that was . suited specifically for my lifestyle and . specifically for my special opportunity . that i have in life where i could take . care of these animals and not have to . worry about anything else . and make my money doing so basically . what i'm saying is do not take from this . if you're watching and you're a younger . kid or if you're an old man doesn't . matter who you are don't take from this . that it's a good idea to go to the store . and buy a random animal kind of in this . case it's a do as i say not what i do i . don't know if i butchered that quote or . not i am sorry to anyone that i let down . by you know of course impulse buying an . animal and i'm sorry to anyone i let . down by spreading some form of. misinformation in the last video i have . learned from this and i'm going to . continue to grow and i am not letting it . get me down and i'm not letting the mean . awful hate comments that come from it . get me down there is a line between . being concerned and being hateful and if . you're sending the hateful stuff i've . stopped worrying about it and i've . decided i'm just gonna keep doing my . thing and i'm gonna keep posting videos . that may or may not be perfect one thing . i do want to say is special about this. channel in comparison to some other . channels is i do think a lot of the . times i am learning with you guys it is . just an open forum to enjoy and love . animals but yes there are times where i . don't. have everything a hundred percent right . and that's okay because then i can make . videos on my progress and i can help you . guys learn from my mistakes if i do make . them but of course i don't want to . continuously be making mistakes i want . that to be a pretty unusual circumstance . like i don't want this to be something . that i'm doing every week like oops . brought another animal home and i don't. know how to take care of it no not . trying to do that the monitor now is . doing really good he is going to need a . taller enclosure soon here because he is . a roughneck monitor so they do actually . like to climb a lot so we are gonna make . his enclosure taller and the nessie . grows we're gonna k
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