You’ll NEVER guess how I caught this lizard!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote makes the craziest lizard catch of his life when he scales a 30ft tree after a huge Sand Monitor!
Monitor lizards are far and away the largest lizards on earth and a variety of their species can be found all across the globe. In Australia these reptilian giants are also known as Goannas, and Coyote Peterson has been dreaming of coming face-to-face with one since he was just a childโ€ฆneedless to say, this adventure is one thatโ€™s heโ€™s been preparing for his entire life!
Get ready to see โ€œYouโ€™re never guess how I caught this lizard!โ€
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Caption: Got it that might be your must have to . catch of all time . for anyone the dreams of adventure. there's arguably no greater place on our . planet than the australian outback this . vastly remote stretch of wilderness is . the perfect place to encounter some of . the country's most recognizable animal . species and if you are fanatic of . reptiles this is your dream come true on . this expedition we are travelling nearly . 300 miles from the sprawling city of . brisbane and out toward the sparsely . populated town of me and aras from there . we'll venture further into the bush with . the hopes of tracking down one of its . largest reptilian inhabitants the . monitor lizard these ancient looking . reptiles are rather common however . they're elusive nature coupled with . perfectly designed camouflage can make . them incredibly difficult to find to aid . in this epic quest we have teamed up . with two of the country's top reptilian . enthusiasts blocky gilding and max . jackson who own and operate australian . wildlife encounters know these wild . stretches of remote territory better . than anyone and their expertise when it . comes to locating monitor lizards is . unprecedented working under their . special permits we have one collective. goal in mind do whatever it takes to . track down and safely catch one of these . phantom-like lizards . [music]. because one divide begins keep you eyes . at so max when it comes to searching for . monitors what is the tell-tale sign that. we're in the right area i mean what are . we looking for right now sandman doesn't . the yellow spotted one does he looking . for that type of soil that's not - or . get a bit sandy they can think they're . buyers and basically as long as they've . got a place where they can shelter . during winter and during night time i . know they're great in this heat i really . really love active in the monitor lizard. is an iconic reptile that has long been . on my wish list of animals to feature on . the brave wilderness channel and this . would be the first time in my life where . that wish stood a chance of coming true . when i spring out of the car to catch . monitor i'm gonna need both hands so . we're gonna try to get the initial catch . shot for my shoulder instead of the . hand-held camera i just know that if i'm . fumbling around with a gopro i stand a . better chance of actually being bit let . me tell you what you don't want to. happen when working with a monitor for . those razor-sharp teeth to slice into. your arm. sent you to the hospital if you will be . getting stitches so we're going to the . shoulder cam on this one guys all right . man you ready let's do it . monitor time. bond right there yep right back there up . on that edge sick eyes okay . definitely monitor right . he tells you jump in here . man what happened coyote well this off . small monitor another one about that big . i mean lightning quick we drove past it . actually stayed on the road and as we . got close put its head up whoosh just . like that got down into a burrow not a . chance of catching that one . [music]. did i forget to mention that monitor . lizards are incredibly speedy in fact . for their size these lizards are one of . the fastest reptiles in australia and. after witnessing the speed of our first . target i soon began to realize that . catching a monitor lizard was going to . be a lot more difficult than i had . previously imagined late afternoon was . creeping in as sharp beams of sunlight . cut through the trees with a blinding . effect i could feel the window of lizard . catching opportunity beginning to close . yet my hold on hope remains strong . yeah right there with their swing oksana . all right so i'm ready go boost . longstaff . okay guys you've got a monitor just in . front of the vehicle here can approach . slow right now he's just holding his . ground. in a flash the lizard sprang into action . keeping up with a monitor lizard as it . speeds through tangled branches and . briar patches is virtually impossible . and it was only a matter of time before . one of two things happens either the . reptile would dive into a burrow and . disappear out of reach or you would . retreat high up into a tree which is . exactly what this one day i see it i see . it it's right here up the tree here as i . peered up the trunk of the towering tree. before me only one thought came to my . mind . catch that lizard so as i have done . before about a second of hesitation i . began to scramble up the tree careful . yeah. might make a jump. this is the end of that branch that your . left hands on is at the end of that. branch. yeah i've got him it is locked on the . end of his bridge got him nice catch . - that might be your messed up . attachable wrong question so we're gonna . clip back down hold on i gotta put it in . my pocket just kidding hi buddy . alright guys i've caught the monitor . that's just a matter we get back down . out of this tree with it in my hands he . says a bit of a precarious scenario . right here. [music]. a bit of a scrape on my my man berries . they're not a problem but i've got the . lizard. [music]. my god. [music]. yeah and that is how you climb a tree to . catch a monitor out of the range here oh . man that was amazing i told you guys i . was going all in to catch one of these . lizards wow that's the sand monitor . right there the goulds sand monitor the . quintessential go in let me catch my . breath guys wow man one more high-five . that may be the fastest i have ever . climbed the tree without branches and . the thing that really helped me when . there was all of the grippy bark on the . side of that tree and the general arced . angle and my arms are ripped up but it. was absolutely worth it to catch this . reptile this is a sand monitor commonly . known as a goanna. and it is an ancient looking creature i . have dreamed about being able to get one. of these reptiles up close with cameras . now they do get significantly bigger. than this but . you can't really top a catch of that . magnitude wow . i just have to take a second to absorb . in the beauty of this reptile look at . that skin. little tiny scales in all that speckled. patterning now i know in the past i've . compared some lizard species to . dinosaurs and as we know dinosaurs . evolved into birds and a lot of times . you guys called but coyote lizards . aren't really dinosaurs no they are not . but they are so similar in design just . look at the head of that creature i feel . like i am looking at a velociraptor . right now that long neck and those . intelligent eyes and i'll tell you what. these creatures are intelligent almost . problem-solving intelligent now all . monitor lizard species have a forked . tongue that forked tongue helps them. navigate their environment and also to . find and detect their prey and when it . comes back into their mouth similar to a . gila monster they have what's called a . jacobson's organ in the roof of their . skull and as the tongue runs over that. organ it tells them almost like a little . computer your food is this way or your . food is that way or something is getting . closed in your environment that you . should flee from typically you won't. find sand monitors climbing trees there . are terrestrial species but in an . instance like that where it's evading a . predator if a tree is the best way to . escape that's exactly where it is going . to go wow look at those front four limbs . can you guys see those claws razor-sharp . almost like the talons of a bird of prey . and they have grappled onto my arms in . several different places i'm actually . really happy that i wasn't sliced up . more than i have been. these creatures are voracious predators . they will eat pretty much anything they . will eat small rodents they will eat . insects arachnids other lizards eggs and . they will even eat dead animals so a lot . of times you will see these lizards out . on the roadsides feeding on dead . carcasses whether it be an emu or a . kangaroo that is fair game for a . creature like this to just dig into . those guts and have a feast and this is . one healthy lizard let me turn it . upright like this for you so you can see . its back and it is just holding on to me . about as tight as i am holding on . to it look at that locked in place and . there is so much muscle structure in the . tail and the center of this animal's . body this is a male a young one they can . grow substantially longer than this i . would say it's about three feet length . from the tip of its nose to the tip of . its tail. look at that coloration you see all the . yellow speckling along the sides of the . legs and then that yellow tip of the . tail. that's one way that you can easily . distinguish this monitor as compared to. some of the other species that are out . here in the bush excellent eyesight . under the light of day excellent hearing . incredible speed this is an apex . predator when it comes to the reptiles . that can be found here in australia so . cool guys can you believe that we . actually caught a monitor i am beside . myself right now and we have been . working long and hard today the sun is . getting low in the sky it couldn't be . the more perfect scenario to get this . reptile up close for the cameras well i . can't believe you guys i give you high . fives right now but i need both hands on . the lizard to make sure that doesn't . spin around and give me a bite but this . truly is one of the reptiles we hope to . get in front of the cameras here in . australia and we finally did it i'm . coyote peterson be brave stay wild we'll . see on the next adventure man would a . catch. we faced many challenges and several . frustrating defeats in our quest to . bring this reptile up close for the . cameras yet it was a combination of . patience teamwork and sheer . determination that ultimately paid off . [music]. and there it goes man the same goanna . thank you australia the san monitor . proudly stands as one of the greatest. animal encounters of my career and i . consider myself fortunate to have had . such an epic conclusion to the tale of . my time spent in the land of lizards . if you thought catching a sand monitor . was epic make sure to go back and watch . another outstanding encounter where we . got the spectacled caiman up close for . the cameras and don't forget subscribe . so you can join me in the crew on this . season of breaking trail . .

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