10 Great Games That Were Ruined By an Announcer

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What other games were ruined by terrible announcing?
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Being a sports announcer is one of the coolest jobs out there. You’re paid six to 7 figures to call the biggest sporting events on national television. And heck, you can make an epic sports moment even more great if you can call it properly.
Unfortunately, some of the best sports moments of all-time were ruined by terrible commentary. I’m DeQwan Young, and today we present 10 times where the announcer ruined a great game.
And a big shoutout to JasonPorchVideos for suggesting this idea to us!
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Video Editor Host: DeQwan Young
Written By: Alex Hoegler
Have a nice day. i'm the kwan-yuen and today we present . 10 times really announcer ruin a great . game subscribe to the channel and let's . see if we can get this video to a . million likes also join us in the . comments below and let us know what . announcer call ruined the game for you . and a big shout out to jason ports . videos for suggesting this idea to being . a sports announcer is one of the coolest . jobs out there you're paid a lot of . money to call the biggest sporting . events on national television and hello . you can make an epic sports moment even . more great if you can call it properly . unfortunately some of the best sports . moments of all time we're ruined by . terrible commentary looking at you joe. buck number 10 dig by tao you converse . syracuse at 95 you kind of sarek who's . faced off and what was to be an exciting . college basketball game in 1995 nobody. could really pay attention to the play . on the court though that's because dig . by tao was too busy trying to hog the . spotlight to himself. [applause]. storms kiyotaka the capitol's . late 6:15 . [applause]. don't say that they'll hear your brisket . [applause]. it's awesome baby number nine jim nantz . the 2012 afc championship game the 2012 . afc championship game was a pretty hyped . up battle it was the rematch of the . previous year's title game it was ray . lewis and it's baltimore ravens against . the new england patriots judging by his . voice it seems as though jim nance . wanted louis's retirement party to end . their ninth iceberg man hit up her a . touchdown then scored a touchdown . against the patriots in september scored . against him last year in the afc . championship game and he's in the end . zone again tonight . [applause]. crazy fries. number eight joe buck the 2002 energy . temperature the tampa bay buccaneers in . philadelphia eagles met in the 2002 nfc . championships one of the top three . biggest nfl games of the season brian . mitchell started things off with a bang . but joe buck seemed more worried about . putting you guys asleep . bitch up . down to the 25 third goal . cutthroat johnson touchdown tampa bay . it's first and goal . [applause]. [music]. touchdown the field. and the tampa bay . to the super bowl you need a cup of joe . there yo number set all announcers . patrick kane stanley cup clinton the . 2010 stanley cup finals featured the. chicago blackhawks and philadelphia . flight the blackhawks were looking to . win their first championship at 49 years . so the announcers had to be on their. best behavior unfortunately this weird . goal by patrick kane confused all enough . we were deprived of a historic call as a . result taken by campbell . here's campbell handing on the cane. again ahead we saw no light we saw no . signal and we're not sure if they've set . us his jim hughson . [applause]. you're chicago's radio a note okaynow . juking his way to the right lower left . corner she's gone oh let's turn wide my . leighton loose puck in the crease and . now into the net discard it you can't . blame them you just wish they could have . trusted cain's instincts number six pat . summerall the 1998 nfc wild-card game . much respect to the late pat summerall . for having one of the most storied . broadcasting career as ever he didn't . seem to be that keen on calling an nfl . playoff game for the ages though brett . favre's green bay packers for steve . young stan francisco 49ers in the 1998 . nfc wild-card game into the endzone . touchdown. [applause]. it's like in the bidet. the touchdown . say antonio freeman . back and fires of the . pass his pop ions oh and he's made the . catch old guy probably didn't get much . sleep tonight before number five . jim nantz super bowl 44 jim nantz is . definitely one of the most legendary . announcements ever but for some reason . he really just seems bored . [applause]. in the second quarter second and goal . this time they've got the cats one of . the most iconic moments in nfl history . took place this dead sea . [applause]. number four joe buck game seven of the . 2001 world series nothing better than a . game seven of a championship series take . the new york yankees and arizona . diamondbacks who met in the 2001 fall . classic game seven was the thriller for . the ages but joe buck had absolutely. zero interest in being williams holds at . second and it's two on . to tie it one . soriano in the deep left field . he's on tuck 2 . spencer right . and the senate candidates turn for . arizona grace with his third hit . two on one out and. [applause]. just tired. [applause]. number three brent musburger the 2013 . bcs national championship the college . football national championship game is . one of the biggest sporting events of . the year it's also the first it was . alabama versus the notre dame fighting . irish in 2013 but everybody can only. remember brent musburger love for . katherine webb the girlfriend. quarterback aj mccarron you see that a . lovely lady there she does go to offer i . won't look at that but she also this . alabama and that's aj mccarron's . girlfriend okay . and right there on the right is dee deep . honor that's aj's mom wow i'm telling. you quarterbacks you get all the good . looking but i it's a more beautiful . woman wow he's aj's doing some things . right down to a uri youngster in alabama . start getting the football out and throw . it around . well to be fair she did look good . number two pat summerall super bowl 36 . super bowl 36 featured kurt warner and . the greatest show on turf the st. louis . rams and on the other side it was tom . brady leading the new england patriots . it was the super bowl for the ages but . pat summerall didn't treat it that way . there's brady back . [music]. a minute 37 lat . very important city makes it . number one job up super bowl 42 david . tyree made the greatest catch in super . bowl history is this how did joe buff . feel about that pressure from thomas off. the energy line man . stays on his feet airs it out down the . field by tightly ward out of his mind . and when the giants ended the patriots . season . grady steps up throws downfield broken . up pretty obvious choice for number one . i'm to kwan-yuen signing off as always . thanks for watching i will see you guys . next time . [music]. you. .
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