Why Did these Stars of March Madness Fail in the NBA?
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Hey guys i'm currently in my parents . house and i really think filming like . this you know a vlog style kind of thing. is just better for the facecam it's only . for the facecam just bear with me if . we're being honest i forgot all of my . you know recording equipment and lights . and everything like that but i still . really wanted to get a video up for you . guys today and i thought it was a really . fun one so today we are looking at for . march madness heroes who in the nba . weren't exactly the best players and . some of them became absolute scrubs so . hope you enjoy the video and make sure . to subscribe because obviously i'm not . doing well financially because i'm back . in my parents house just kidding that . was a joke enjoy the video number four . ends in number three bobby hurley and . jay williams now i have a hard time . labeling either of these guys is true . bus just because both of them had freak . accidents that cost them their full nba . careers riley was involved in a car . accident where he was thrown from a car . and lucky to be alive and jay williams . suffered a motorcycle accident that . severed a main nerve in his elect so if . neither of these things have happened . there's no telling what these men could . have done on an nba basketball instead . though let's talk about why people . thought they could have been so special. growing up in jersey city while playing . for one of if not the greatest . highschool basketball coaches to ever . live bob hurley at bobby hurley's dad . bobby quickly developed a massive chip . on his shoulder and it always . on the court the man was truly one of . the toughest point guards to ever play. and there was absolutely nothing he . would not do to win a basketball game so . combine this massive chip with a desire. to prove everyone wrong and to show them . that he did have what it takes to become . a real nba prospect and to be honest . those who knew him were not really . surprised when he became a college. basketball megastar and seriously that's . when he was the man was incredible in . his time playing for duke literally . became a first-team all-american was a . two-time national champion and still . remains the all-time leader for assists . in an ncaa career with 1076 but to me . even adding up all of this things that . could make it seem like bobby hurley . could be a future all-star the biggest . proof came in scrimmages he participated . in with some of the all-time nba legends . in particular when the 1992 dream team . was getting ready for the olympics they . decided to scrimmage a team of college . stars in order to play against some . great competition this was not a dream . team that was not taking things . seriously and they wanted to destroy . these kids but somehow it didn't happen . in fact these college all-stars went on . to beat one of the greatest basketball . teams ever assembled and when looking at . the main reason as to why that happened . it's simply been said that magic johnson . could not guard a bobby hurley time and . time again hurley . get a pass off a rebound and take off . down the court and then either set up a . teammate for an easy dunk or kick it out . to an open shoot as these college stars . began to rack up more and more points . the dream team tried their hardest to . slow things down but they just cut it by . the end of the game the college stars. had won and players like magic johnson. were predicting that bobby hurley was . going to be a legitimate star and to . chris mullin even said bobby hurley was. dominant unfortunately injuries kept. that from happening but at least he's . having a pretty solid coaching career . right now as for jay williams while we . do not have a dream team story like that . for him we do know that he was college . basketball's national player of the year . after averaging 21 point 3 points 5. 3 . assists and 2. 2 steals a game in . and he also was the nabc player of the . year in 2001 and just so happened to he . due to the national championship now jay . did get a full season of nba basketball . in before this injury and he did average . less than 10 points a game but there are . a ton of rookie point guards who . struggled to adjust to the nba game and . many were still very confident that jay . williams was going to be an all-star the . reason for this was that as a hyper fast . and athletic point guard there were many . times jay was seen as simply unstoppable . and some have gone as far as to say that . he is one of the greatest squaring . guards that college basketball has ever. seen unfortunately his playing career . did not leave us with all-star . appearances and championship rings it . did leave us with a major warning story. because as jay himself puts it. my rookie season is where i've all don't . we all have skin contracts that were not . supposed to do isn't that life though . here's the thing i never had money . before so all of a sudden someone gives . me a lot of money and are like hey go . fly with it which to me is pretty . understanding i don't know what it's . like to suddenly become a millionaire . basically overnight people make mistakes . when they're put in that kind of . situation i mean let's be honest . jahlil okafor was recently out here . fighting people in the streets and . driving his car a hundred miles per hour . over a bridge but he ended up fine jay . williams did make a bad decision but he . also had some horribly bad luck number . two . shabazz napier the 2011 uconn huskies . are one of the most incredible stories . in college basketball history as leading . into the ncaa tournament a uconn had . made big east basketball history by . winning and incredible five games in a . 5at days to win the big east tournament . then they went on to win another six in . a row to win the national championship . but while these 11 wins in a row are . certainly remarkable the craziest thing . to me is that it happened again just . three years later and there's a chance . that the 2014 championship might be more . impressive than 2011 the reason for this . is that in 2014 at uconn almost lost in . the first round before winning in . overtime and eventually winning of five . more games in a row the other huge . factor here is that in 2011 uconn had . and by walker a player who would . eventually become an nba all-star sure . not every nba all-star ends up winning a . championship but when you have a one-man . show like what canberra and shabazz did. you normally expect big things from . these guys which is right after shabazz . shocked the world and led the seventh . seeded uconn huskies all the way to a . championship when many including zip . bron james thought big things were . coming for this man . in fact lebron tweeted out my favorite . player in the draft. hashtag napier and was kind of directly . responsible for the heat making the . decision to trade up for shabazz in the . draft because miami was hopeful that if . they got players like that for lebron . he'd end up staying that did not work . because as we all know the bron ended up . leaving miami that summer anyway and so. the heat will stuck with shabazz who. clearly just did not work out in my end . as a rookie and napier would average . just 5. 1 points per game . after spending a lot of time in the g. league and then he was traded to the . orlando magic after just one a season . currently shabazz is having the best . season of his career with around nine . points and two assists a night for the . trailblazers but as a 26 year old he is . just clearly not the player that many . envisioned when they saw him carry a. team to an nc double a championship and . number one sean may i feel like sean may . need. be on this list because in terms of just . personal memories alone i can vividly . remember shan mei destroying illinois as. he led the north carolina tarheels to . the national championship that game . stands out so much in my head because to . put it simply shan mei was an absolute . monster when his team needed him the . most against illinois it may score 26 . points grabbed 10 rebounds and shot 10 . for 11 from the field and taking a step . back here just in general shan mei was . eight beasts for the entire nc double-a . tournament as in the last three games he . averaged a combined 25 point seven . points and nine point seven rebounds and . one point three blocks in a game of . course mei was named the 2005 final for . most outstanding player and because of . the ridiculous performances he put up he . also jumped up the draft for that year . and became the number 13 overall pick . then unfortunately a pretty much . everything in his basketball life went . wrong in college shaun was able to get . easy baskets around the rim due to his. large figure and the fact that he wasn't. playing against the best athletes in the . world this was and no longer the case . and when you combine that with a serious . injury that needed serious surgery you . had the recipe for complete and utter . disaster as to nobody's surprise in his . time away from basketball the already . large shaun may put on several pounds . this was actually so serious that it led . to english admit headlines stating . sacramento kings patient thousand . dollars to exercise yeah the kings . actually put a clause in shaun mays . contract that said if he slimmed down to. a certain weight. give him an extra $100,000 so you can . see why a home and being career was not . exactly in the cards for shaun may but . at least in the eyes of north carolina . fans everywhere they will always. remember him as the big man that won . them a national championship and thank . you for watching selfie mike is back i . hope you guys are hype for march madness . because i know i am man this is one of . my favorite times of the year and if you . did enjoy the video make sure to . subscribe we do videos every monday . wednesday and friday well that's the . plan but you know sometimes things like . this happen and that's just life i guess . if you're already subscribed thank you . much for supporting your awesome you . know that and as always have an awesome . day i hope i never have to film like . this again music . i do. .
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