Amanda Nunes talks Ronda Rousey win at UFC 207 post fight presser

Ronda Rousey was the first UFC women’s bantamweight champion, but Friday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Amanda Nunes may have started her journey to become the longest reigning titleholder ever, as she knocked Rousey out in under a minute, notching the first successful defense of the title she won in July.
With the win, which lifted her record to 14-4, the 28-year-old Nunes becomes the first fighter to successfully defend the women’s 135-pound title since Rousey did it against Bethe Correia in August of 2015. A little over three months later, Rousey lost the belt via knockout to Holly Holm, who lost the title to Miesha Tate, who was dethroned by Nunes.
After her win Nunes spoke to the press about her win over Rousey and various other topics.
Or . little that this is a course was . incredible when you tonight . i don't you were confident that you were . going to win but did you envision it . being this dominant where you would just . completely story really open . yeah yeah it will be time i know isn't . easy and training like that like . alliance and i know you can have these . fissures beginning the fight letting . that get you to be able to each angle of . keeping here i know is a gas can make . brunch nota and having to write were you . surprised that she seemed willing to to . punch with you a little bit at least to . start because i think a lot of us . thought she would be working very hard . to get the clinch and not try to strike . with you at all i know she's gonna . strangle stacey kiki you guys have also . g told her she had a good restraint and . i oceans and attracted to be with me but . winds gc and xbox kinect whole bunch . diagnosis and especially when we should . it look like you may have heard from the . very first punch did you get the sense . that she was hurt right away to do . something you're my clique i'm going to . go ahead and finish this now . yeah i saw a different punchy and in a . beautiful thing to google it already . long you seem to be kind of okay with . the way things were promoted and the . fact that she wasn't out there but as . soon as the fight was over it looked . like you talk to data you know you . certainly we're excited . so were you a little bit frustrated and . upset that making you . you get the attention that you deserve . before now obviously know i was . completely okay with everything when i . ascii despite anna i know it's gonna be . like that everywhere the first day i . asked i'm gonna be like that but the . moment i supposed to do that in the . morning when i capitalized in she's . going down deep in the morning . the woman has a voice like you know . whoever i want something and you very . clearly you train for ronda rousey from . day one so i mean you've reached your . goals you've done everything you set out . what's next 30 i wanna you know faculty . team and then press it will be to my . family would go back to reduce my people . and i don't know 1,000 my potent up next . now i would enjoy a we head over to your . left. congratulation force on the make sure . you did you say anything to rhonda in . the octagon because she was out there . pretty quickly did you get a chance to. say anything to her. yeah definitely like you do with his . porch thanks so much . well now we can you know and they die . nice and maybe do something else pretty . keep doing that why she's a meeting that . already what you want . thank you for hurting himself and . because it going to each other forever . and she have to die because she thought . that was gonna get a anymore after the . fight was over seem like you went to her . corner and you kinda just the work was . that directed at her coach. yeah because he/she she she's a boxer . you know he likes to stay in her head . and make they'll be even though i don't . know why you think that she had a great . to doe hill and she can like go for the . floor away and ease of the video but he . wasn't so crazy after all these bolts . and then like take our redesigned right . hold out and firing their debut striking . and he's the only thing i want to have . been looking like to see what about your . last comment do you think that's it for. rhonda think she retires you thats it . for ya and see what we should turn back . she can't take anymore if you wanted a . rematch of the same thing because she . can take my brush and i'm just kind of . curious to hear you talk about your . you're considering get whatever . valentina chico state now ronda rousey . how good this is your baby and . everything my career i ways they could . also fast you easier and then i'm very . happy . and over here i'll see this you have to . go fight some three huge cards being . valentina and mission around it but the . hutt's on much quicker each time . why do you think you've been able to. finish the final script no training hard . and thinking i wait for the right moment . coming in the next couple possessions i . think my straight to help me lock this . is a natural thing you know and i think . yeah i think it might rain and i connect . emotionally yes can be the last weekend . lau expressed a bit of remorse almost . that you retire in some way maybe you're . retiring rhonda tonight so how do you . feel about potentially retiring to . legends of zimmerman yeah you can easily . eat you know they checked for solving . and is the right time to sculpting . you and then what you actually think . about the winner of giuliana & january . but should be next . yeah doesn't matter to me whatever the . next we way . thank you amanda a to your left / you . you came into this fight as the champion . but of course you were a few fighters . removed from the woman would be brought . rousey and and started the layout you . feel like this was an important question . to answer to fight. rhonda for you even though you were . already the champions to be able to have . that definitive 50 victory against . rhonda tickle ya longer too goodnight i . want to wait and face be2 have tool you . know ask you for a p/b think you helped . these rosie's it with me . he's had my ask that we of course did . not get to see you do a lot of media. because ron it wasn't doing media but . already the first tweet from your. twitter account make a lot of news here . on the internet are we going to maybe . see more of your personality come out so . you do more media now that you've got . this picture of rhonda's that's . something you look forward to doing . they don't know and they don't be shy . and let you know i'm very good we . terminated but you have to do my job and . x-rays you guys but i'm okay not as . people well and i just keep it like that . and have to go . it's not probably lastly it was a very . short fight we knew you were coming in . as the striker she is the judo player we . didn't really get a chance to see you to . clench up very much but was that . something that you would had trained for . potentially knowing you would try to. avoid flinches with her is that . something you were more prepared to do a . divided going a lot longer . yeah i think i have you been so . dangerous hand-to-hands and immediately . she i love you finish the fight without . me but easy we even the equation we . going to do it for between these would . all i can i see my whole interview . during one of your life . we interesting book is your meeting . everybody every i told you guys actually . that's right amber that's obvious when . you see the parent your verses arouse . you get three million and you getting at . least guarantee 200,000 at the end of . the day. can you provide any clarification on how. much money we actually get to spite you . can get a lot of money . picnic i'm gonna find ollie next stop . weeks i noticed that a lot . you're satisfied with ya what's the most . you've ever got yeah sure . a scooter because you're next review of . my life you know to keep doing it keep . defending about in my head to be held by . getting money to you know i need money . to keep my creative think what is this . final ah the person despite allow you to . do by all any big plans . yeah my whole my head and give them away . ready to go in a lot of things no help . people to help you a lot to go to my . whole career to speak any english style . 30 90 years old have a lot of people you . know any i want to go back in the other . people's thank you . congratulations . one . well . phaser into the character with with . barbara lee we want our family and the . other pieces with you do that which you . can go ahead and include esl-4 why he . wasn't. [music]. what i'm something discourse that as the . adventure . [music]. not to you . otherwise it's gonna be all that he glad . you could make a part of me you do about . these let's hear it . so much later with your water ki e think . there was noise and relieved lol please . ok oh usa of us pasta me with good he is . you want to talk to you and i here we'll . go to festivals your voice okay . total capacity because you too excited . happy to see know your body which class . that you need 15 20 kerry wood he might . be right there . what about as you build your price you . can do is you didn't meet acp easy he . goes to school with michelle told me he . was a few years ago school because i . don't oversell. we met up with . zebras you will be my downfall the . point-of-care we bring shoulder up i you . know got a lot of noise every week . shamma ii wasn't like i don't take the . other than game scheduled at your waist . only shows that was almost going up to . depreciate guy you go by this got it up . your congratulations i noticed before . they announced the official winner is . that you were talking to dana white and. you were kind of animated your hands a . lot. you tell us where to set them to safety . meeting and thanks so much which is more . important to you because i asked and . thanks to ask you fight and he he get to . me through you believe in me and happy . to write and tell you think and i know . you were a little critical the promotion . are you confident that you are going to. be promoted or from here on out i think . so i want to see i don't know maybe a . little for me it doesn't matter i will . keep doing you know what does any part . of you feel bad for rhonda after . everything she's been through and you . didn't know she was also sad occasions . there is there a part of you i saw you . hug her for a while to feel at all heard . it'll be because i think like she's in . situations people pressure that you're . watching you don't think you know what . you think people pressure hanging could . be doing days without i don't know i . feel better it will be . that's not what i think you know it . would be no you have to keep moving . forward in doing things after that . exciting but i do believe that old bag . yeah and if she does retire that means . in 2016 along the vantage point division . will have lost historically it's two . biggest draws now you're the champion . interview points it's like having a lot . of money are you are you worried that . there are gonna be big fights like be . sure like odd their god enki don't have . a lot of d50 now feel getting in dc . right and no though everything now a lot . of international talk about running . around in asia you know because i have a . lot of talent edu people have to see it . changing change people's minds have to . be able to hold each other this write-up . lk they're trying to develop help as you . do the job of the children have to be . anything about that . thinking i was gonna change a lot of . things the final question for me . he tells the story i know your nickname . is the lioness but where did you find . this amazing mass getting the idea of . wearing it to the weigh-ins that iconic . photo now i mean can you just tell us . how it all kind of unfolded yes myspace . video she had i tried to find you so . much for looking for so long and look . like a couple of hours before the wings . he like texts me that's fine but he . seems great buy this for me i like that . one and one walking away in three-piece . she believed me and was nice and my . nickname is the lions because when i . started my career as a team did right . there are starting it always actual . items and i'm the only gal training at a . time and they everybody just cash only . lights and i take the name and then now . is a virus chocolate another very . important is about 140 but you had . little too little biggest event of the . year 207 and both times you have the . crowd against you doing . it's now time to take the belt rocio . have some of the longer people while . your champion . yeah i always take the belt is you but i . like to say to you . usc open involve my career he favors you . original fight because they're . struggling there . you know nobody look at me and then . people responsible for anything i have . to be pretty like fast and then when i . come to usa everything changed when i . can recommend starting to the next level . and i will go to brazil you know thanks . well i longer you will see in i will . keep both like in interest please . because he's going to you was a coaching . change my life thank you so much busy . amanda here just what went through your . head when i was not doing any type of . media and do you think that and bring on . the fight and also i you will give an . advice to run our little piece was good . because of all weekend i folks you only . one we can only keep you falsified and . then when i find out you're going to. need yes thank you always follow because . i enjoy a little bit thanks you because . you're having to go and was nice in the . neck . they're inviting today tell a voice with . because a lot of people see her a lot of . people to hear she has a lot of things i . don't always like giving them back by . like that you know is everybody where . she are now these people we had it with . these things you know . media why she like know your hands are . you guys are only standing and then . we'll be speaking have very bad . i . there there . master . that's it . you know . [music]. i like that . then get a problem advance . .
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